Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records were Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

They quit the Records because of the expenses of the Civil War. They resumed
in 1893, and ceased again in 1895. They seem to be in a lot better shape
than the others so maybe I will get all of them right. But of course if
there are any mistakes call them to my attention, in the race column C
stands for colored. Vickie


Abell, Aloysius & Mary J Spalding    02/20/1893 Martin H Abell          M W
Abell, Oscar & Lillia May Thomas     07/09/1893 Mary L Abell            F W
Abell, Sam & Ida Spalding            05/04/1893 Martha Abell            F W
Abell, Samuel & Catherine Canary     11/18/1893 Mary C Abell            F W
Abell, William & Ann Abell           04/05/1893 Mary D Abell            F C
Abell, W L & Emma Lockett            08/08/1893 Ignatius Abell          M W
Abell, W T & Mary L Hagan            04/21/1893 Mary M Abell            F W
Adams, James E & Cordelia F McCarne  10/06/1893 Ruth Adams              F W
Alford, Ellis & Sophia Glascock      06/10/1893 Andrew Alford           M W
Baldrick, George & Kate To----n      06/07/1893 Columbus C Baldrick     M W
Bain, John & Mary Woodson            03/13/1893 Clara A Bain            F W
Beavin, Robert & --Medley            01/29/1893 Elizabeth Beavin        F C
Bevil, Seth & Emma Miller            01/13/1893 Ann Elizabeth Bevil     F W
Boarman, W J & Nannie M ---          12/15/1893 Mary E Boarman          F W
Boone, Daniel & Mary Nally           08/21/1893 James R Boone           M W
Brady, Joseph & Emma Stayin          07/10/1893 James F Brady           M W
Brown, Edgar & M L Hayse?            06/13/1893 Georgie Brown           F W
Brown, Henry & Sarah Jones           03/03/1893 Harriett Brown          F W
Brown, William & Emma Luckett        12/24/1893 Benedict E Brown        M W
Buckman, George & Mollie Thornton    08/15/1893 Ella C Buckman          F W
Buckman, Robert & Mary Bean          10/08/1893 Mary A Buckman          F W
Bunch, Steve & Mary Spalding         08/10/1893 Charles E Bunch         M C
Burr, John & Annie Fowler?           12/09/1893 Mary C Burr             F W
Calhoun, Woodson & Lucy Hagan        01/10/1893 Mattie Calhoun          F C
Cassidy, J E & Annie M Spalding      09/18/1893 Margaret M Cassidy      F W
Catlin, J M & M Garmon?              08/19/1893 Sada Catlin             F W
Clark, Poly & Janie Lyon             02/04/1893 Cyrel Clark             M W
Colsher, James & Alethia ---         12/24/1893 Phillip Colsher         M W
Cooper, John M & Haggie Johnson      01/01/1893 Thomas H Cooper         M W
Cross, Bill & Annie Mattingly        12/11/1893 Mary F Cross            F W
Crews, Charles & Fannie Morgason     10/08/1893 James S Crews           M W
Cummings J P & Agnis Beavin          09/28/1893 Samuel B Cummings       M W
Dorsey, John & Bell Leachman         08/25/1893 William Dorsey          M W
Dorsey, Thomas & Lula Martin         09/21/1893 Joseph Dorsey           M W
Dunn, William & Martha Brown         09/20/1893 Evans Dunn              M C
Edelin, T & Annie Jones              04/06/1893 Malla Edelin            F C
Elliott, J C & Emily Thomas          10/08/1893 James T Elliott         M W
Ellis, George & Lillie McCormac      11/27/1893 Ridic Ellis             F C
England, W T & Harriett Sapp         11/19/1893 Edmon H England         M W
Ewing, Elisha B & Dorothy A Raley    01/17/1893 Cora M Ewing            F W
Flanagan, J E & Laura C Abell        01/07/1893 Joseph E Flanagan       M W
Ford, L B & Linda? English           08/06/1893 Herchel E Ford          M W
Fowler, Alfred & Susan A Bland       07/17/1893 Charles A Fowler        M W
Fowler, William & Julia Vowels       02/25/1893 Joseph K Fowler         M W
Gates, Tom & Mary D Smith            03/17/1893 Hattie Gates            F C
Gettings, William M & Mary Russell   01/18/1893 Mary B Gettings         F W
Godsley, Brack & Sarah Godley        09/27/1893 Joseph Godsley          M W
Goode, J F & Rosa Rigdon             04/02/1893 John Goode              M W
Goodin, Robert L & A Mary Lee        04/06/1893 Joseph N Goodin         M W
Graves, William & Fannie Burton      08/12/1893 Susan Elizabeth Graves  F C
Hamilton, J W & Nadine Violett       05/15/1893 Clarence Hamilton       M W
Hardesty, A Z & Mary Bickett         10/29/1893 Gilbert Hardesty        M W
Hardesty, George T & Ida Bickett     01/14/1893 Martin Hardesty         M W
Harris, Charles & Bettie Grinstine   11/01/1893 No Name-Dead            F C
Hasscock, J H & Lizzie Hayse         12/01/1893 George J Hasscock       M W
Hayden, Charles & Martha -           01/04/1893 Joseph Hayden           M C
Hayse, Luther & Lon Robman           10/01/1893 No Name-Dead              C
Hendley, Sam & Bell Roller           12/29/1893 William S Hendley       M W
Hiepp, Jesse L & Mary T Goodin       03/25/1893 Henry J Hiepp           M W
Hocker, John & Irene Hamilton        01/11/1893 George H Hocker         M C
Hocker, William & Harriett Abell     05/29/1893 Mary C Hocker           F C
Hoerner, George                      05/28/1893 Rosa E Hoerner          F W
Huddleston, William & Mary Tyer      06/22/1893 Archie Huddleston       M W
Humphrey, W J & Etta Humble          03/16/1893 William J Humphrey      M W
Jarboe, George M & Ann Abell         03/29/1893 Mary R Jarboe           F W
Jarboe, John & Sarah Jones           12/10/1893 Georgin Jarboe          F C
Johnson, Martin & Etta Wathen        03/08/1893 Margarete A Johnson     F W
Johnson, T B & Vick Thompson         11/10/1893 Susan J Johnson         F W
Johnson, W R & Mamie Davis           06/10/1893 Murphey Johnson         M W
Johnson, William & Mollie Hayden     03/05/1893 Benedict L Johnson      M C
Johnston, John H & Minnie Hayden     06/03/1893 Mary E Johnston         F C
Krelb?, Quinn & Mary E Brown         10/15/1893 Jane E                  F W
Kelley, Teresa                       01/14/1893 Maggie B                F C
Kemper, J R & Mary F Calloway        02/11/1893 Rubie C Kemper          F W
Lancaster, Ben & Eliza Shuck         01/02/1893 Alaysius Lancaster      M C
Lee, Sam & Catherine Raley           02/19/1893 George C Lee            M W
Lewis, John T & Kate Harp            01/01/1893 Joseph Lewis            M W
Luckett, Charles & Mary Glewing      08/25/1893 John B Luckett          M W
Luckett, George M & Lizzie Raley     05/16/1893 George H Luckett        M W
Malone, R & Jennie Bybey             05/16/1893 Mary E Malone           F C
Mattingly, Benjamin & Annie -ennison 05/27/1893 Steven Mattingly        M W
Mattingly, John A & Elizabeth Abell  07/03/1893 Mary E Mattingly        F W
Mattingly, J K & Ann Lee             04/12/1893 Ann Mattingly           F W
Mattingly, Phillip & Dines? Thornton 05/01/1893 Phillip Mattingly       M W
Mattingly, Thomas A & M J Lancaster  09/10/1893 Ella Mattingly          F W
Mattingly, Thomas W & Mary E O’Bryan 07/07/1893 Mary T Mattingly        F W
McCleland, William L & Suella Goodin 08/08/1893 Joseph W McCleland      M W
McElroy, B S & Lizzie Gartin         06/20/1893 Mary B McElroy          F W
McElroy, Lizzie                      02/28/1893 James B McElroy         M C
McElroy, Sam G & Alier Abbott        04/10/1893 Zetmidi McElroy         F C
Milborn, Henry & L B Raney           06/24/1893 Pearl Milborn           F W
Milbourn, William & Martha Johnson   12/23/1893 Callista M Milbourn     F W
Mills, Ben & Mary Williams           08/10/1893 Ethel Mills             F W
Mills, Martin & Mary C Thompson      03/04/1893 John H Mills            M W
Mills, W C & Bridget Spalding        04/03/1893 Annette Mills           F W
Minor, John D & Mary A Barton        10/09/1893 James B Minor           M W
Mitchell, Bill & Mary Mitchell       12/22/1893 Infant-Dead             M W
Morgan, Everit & Ella Spalding       09/30/1893 Mary E Morgan           F C
Myer, J A & Minnie Tharp             09/07/1893 James A Myer            M W
Myer, Euriah & Tiffiny Taylor        06/13/1893 Ruth Myer               F W
Newcome, J A & Fannie Masterson      12/26/1893 John C Newcome          M W
Newton, Abe & Maggie Grayham         11/11/1893 Sylvester Newton        M W
Noe, George Chapman & Minnie Cora Wall 07/10/1893 Celistia Noe          F W
Osborn, Raymond & Lavina Jarboe      09/20/1893 David Jarboe            M C
O’Sullivan, Z E & Rosetta Bicken     01/14/1893 James B O’Sullivan      M W
Peterson, John F & Kate Hardesty     11/07/1893 Harris E Peterson       M W
Powell, John & Elizabeth Thomas      02/10/1893 Charles W Powell        M W
Purdy, James & Fanny Jarboe          03/18/1893 Hattie F Purdy          F C
Putnam, F L & Lettie Shackleford     08/14/1893 William S Putnam        M W
Putnam, Nathan & Annie Spalding      11/30/1893 Charles F Putnam        M W
Ray, Hugh & Elizabeth Graves         02/12/1893 Mary E Ray              F C
Raley, B J & Mary Beard              09/03/1893 Annie L Raley           F W
Raley, Robert & Susan Spalding       08/05/1893 Carrie L Raley          F W
Riley, James & Emma Graves?          09/29/1893 James Riney             M C
Riggs, Charles & Ane-- Spalding      08/16/1893 Wilson Riggs            M C
Rinehart, T N & Susan M Bigerly      12/02/1893 James W Rinehart        M W
Roberts, William & Alice Abell       08/24/1893 William R Roberts       M W
Rubel, John & Annie Hifferman        11/06/1893 Annie Rubel             F W
Ryan, Catherine                      01/05/1893 Mary                    F C
Sandusky, Thad & T Clements          07/22/1893 Thaddius Sandusky       M W
Sapp, George W & Amanda C Ewing      01/02/1893 Jas. C Sapp             F W
Sapp, John & Susan Rakes             07/11/1893 Mary Sapp               F W
Shively, Steven & Ella Jarboe        11/25/1893 Abraham Shively         M W
Shuck, Finley & Harriett Hufferman   05/30/1893 Harriett, C Shuck       F W
Smith, Robert I & Anner Tolbert      12/17/1893 Susan B Smith           F W
Snider, Lee & Minnie Iorad           07/24/1893 Clarense Snider         M W
Spalding, Athanalius & Kate Graves   01/26/1893 William Spalding        M C
Spalding, A J & May Spalding         03/27/1893 Richard H Spalding      M W
Spalding, C C & Mary L Laviott       07/08/1893 Charles C Spalding      M W
Spalding, John & Georgia Walston     05/21/1893 Oscar L Spalding        M W
Spalding, J H & Hattie Spalding      10/05/1893 Lina Spalding           F W
Spalding, Samuel T & Laura Hill      06/21/1893 Mary B Spalding         F W
Swan, Ed & Sallie Bracken            04/06/1893 Susie Swan              F C
Swan, Rick & Lillie Bracken          05/10/1893 Mary Swan               F C
Talbot, Charles & Mary Mudd          03/09/1893 Mary F Talbot           F W
Taylor, Moses & Mane J Wadkins       08/11/1893 Edward Taylor           M W
Taylor, William & Jane McElroy       03/27/1893 James M Taylor          M C
Thomas, Alford & Nisa Luckett        09/29/1893 Mark M Thomas           M W
Thomas, J B & Lizzie Spalding        03/01/1893 Joseph S Thomas         M W
Thompson, E F & Emma Thompson        12/05/1893 Margaret Thompson       F W
Thompson, John & Mary Wise           06/14/1893 Mary A Thompson         F W
Thompson, Pleas & Mariah Dudgins     03/11/1893 Mollie Thompson         F C
Thornton, Sam & Alice Henry          02/06/1893 Emma Thornton           F C
Tingate, William & Mattie Rackes     05/10/1893 Joe Tingate             M W
Vancleve, Charles & Rosa Burch       01/15/1893 Catherine Vancleve      F C
Vaughn, Marthew &Jennie Marple       10/22/1893 Claud Vaughn            M W
Vaughn, Tom & Mary Dean              06/21/1893 Ada Vaughn              F W
Veach, Henry & Mary Raley            09/25/1893 Ada Veach               F W
Wathen, Frank & Emma Hill            02/27/1893 Joseph C Wathen         M W
Wathen, James & J Thomas             06/18/1893 Anna P Wathen           F W
Wathen, John B & Fannie Russell      09/27/1893 Susan E Wathen          F W
Wathen, J H & Mary Macken            04/01/1893 James R Wathen          M W
Weber, Theodore & Julia Doody        01/09/1893 James T Weber           M W
Wise, James & Mary Newton            06/10/1893 Susie Wise              F W
Wise, Olla & Lizza Jarboe            05/25/1893 Matilda Wise            F W
Wimsatt, Henry & Julia Davis         04/07/1893 Ellen B Wimsatt         F C
Whitehouse, James & Sarah Crews      05/24/1893 Laura Whitehouse        F W
Wood, John J & Elizabeth Macken      04/11/1893 Elizabeth Wood          F W
Wright, J W & Lillie Deven           06/10/1893 Joseph Wright           M W
Yates, Joseph & Minnie Spalding      11/15/1893 Joseph C Yates          M W



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