Marion County Birth Records


The following Birth Records were Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor (

1894 Marion County, Kentucky births. Seem to be in pretty good shape,
again if there are any mistakes on my part please let me know, Vickie

PARENTS OF CHILD                    DATE        CHILD’S NAME      SEX RACE

Abell, C R & Mary E Blair           06/05/1894  Eugene Abell         M W
Adkins, Lafe & Geneveve Warren      09/20/1894  Martin J Adkins      M W
Ayers, James & Josie Caulk          07/26/1894  Emmer Ayers          F W
Ballard, Felix L & Mahala Bright    07/10/1894  Arthur Ballard       M W
Beaven, G K & Mary C Vancleave      09/19/1894  Mary S Beaven        F W
Beaven, Thomas A & Lillie Mudd      08/20/1894  John C Beaven        M W
Blair, James & Lida Ferriell        07/17/1894  James A Blair        M W
Boarman, F N & Annie Hughes         08/31/1894  Carrol Boarman       M W
Boarman, W J & Nannie M             12/15/1894  Mary E Boarman       F W
Brady, James & Belle Ferriell       06/21/1894  Georgie M Brady      F W
Buckler, William & Mary L Lancaster 07/22/1894  Mary P Buckler       F W
Bullard, C M & Altha Johnson        09/25/1894  Fabran Bullard       M W
Burris, J M & Rebecca Scott         08/15/1894  Maggie B Burris      F W
Cambron, Emanuel & Katie Buckler    04/14/1894  James A Cambron      M W
Cissell, John A & Janie Miles       10/01/1894  Infant Cissell       F W
Cissell, J K & Jennie Ballard       08/25/1894  Mary B Cissell       F W
Clements, John H & Catherine Greenwell 06/13/1894 Mary B Clements    F W
Courtie, Felix & Lizzie Elmore      08/08/1894  Ellen Courtie        F W
Cowherd, Charles & Eliza Abell      09/05/1894  Joseph Coward        M W
Cravens, J A & A V Cravens          02/26/1894  Mary A Cravens       F W
Cross, John D & Mollie Blair        03/15/1894  Mary E Cross         F W
Cundiff, John & Mallissa Geamed     03/27/1894  E Thomas Cundiff     M W
Dant, J R & Sallie Downs            11/01/1894  Simon W Dant         M W
Dant, T S & Bell Green              04/15/1894  Bettie Dant          F W
Dant, W W & Mattie Ferriell         11/09/1894  Noland Dant          M W
Delienl, B J & Mary Delienl         06/28/1894  Raymon Delienl       M W
Downs, C W & Katie Cross            08/12/1894  Mary L Downs         F W
Downs, G V & Allice Brady           05/15/1894  Mary J Downs         F W
Fenwick, William & Catherine nally  06/18/1894  Mary L Fenwick       F W
Ferriell, Richard & Sullie Mattingly 07/11/1894 Edward C Ferriell    M W
Ferriell, Thomas E & Hafe Peak      04/10/1894  Allen Ferriell       M W
Ferriell, W D & Ida B               04/20/1894  Edith M Ferriell     F W
Ferriell, W R & Sullie Mattingly    03/25/1894  John W Ferriell      M W
Greenwell, Abel & Hellena Wotson    09/16/1894  Lum Greenwell        M W
Greenwell, Wesley & Kate Miles      02/02/1894  William R Greenwell  M W
Hall, George & Manda McDurmott      01/24/1894  Winnie Hall          F W
Hamilton, George & Mary F Hamilton  09/17/1894  James A Hamilton     M W
Hardesty, W R & Amanda Eadlin       06/01/1894  George Hardesty      M W
Harris, J W & Maggie Harris         08/15/1894  Norah L Harris       F W
Helton, Lum & Caroline Farris       03/02/1894  R M Helton           F W
Hill, Clem & Julia Whitfield        04/25/1894  Josaphine F Hill     F W
Howard, James & Corah Howard        06/07/1894  Charles H Howard     M W
Hutchins, James & Julia O’Daniel    01/15/1894  Celia A Hutchins     F W
Jackson, John & Mary L Jackson      09/08/1894  Thomas C Jackson     M W
Lamkin, James H & Julia Lucas       05/10/1894  Mary E Lamkin        F W
Lamkin, W A & Susie McCauley        06/06/1894  Lenard Lamkin        M W
Martin, Henry & Mary Martin         02/22/1894  Nick L Martin        M W
Martin, John Thomas & Mollie Gland  09/22/1894  Norah A Martin       F W
Mattingly, James E & Julia Ballard  09/01/1894  Margaret M Mattingly F W
Mattingly, Ned & Lou Cissell        05/17/1894  Mary E Mattingly     F W
Mattingly, R M & Malinda Mattingly  07/13/1894  Emmer Mattingly      F W
Mattingly, W F & Sallie M Thompson  03/11/1894  Mary E Mattingly     F W
McAtee, Walter & Ellan Elder        01/17/1894  Virginia McAtee      F W
McCauley, Frank B & Crissie Wimsatt 02/27/1894  C L McCauley         M W
McCauley, Joseph & Julia Wimsatt    06/14/1894  Joseph McCauley      M W
McZuilbon, Henry & Phyebe Mattingly 05/02/1894  Ben L McZuilbon      M W
Miles, Frank & Margret Roby         06/05/1894  Julia M Miles        F W
Miles, Gariot & Bell Cambron        04/14/1894  Thomas Miles         M W
Miles, Lewis & Belle Ray            03/14/1894  Mary L Miles         F W
Miller, J W & Ida Spalding          04/25/1894  Jessie R Miller      M W
Mills, Joseph & Cassie Mills        06/26/1894  Joseph A Mills       M W
Mills, Joseph & Lena Gater          06/20/1894  Mare D Mills         F W
Mills, J W & Margret Grenwell       06/20/1894  Trecie A Mills       F W
Morgan, John & Harriett Thompson    09/23/1894  Mary L Morgan        F W
Mudd, Frank L & Sary E ----         01/03/1894  Frank Mudd           M W
Myers, W B & Mary L Whitecock       03/14/1894  Sury E Myers         F W
Parrott, S J & Janie ----           05/01/1894  Herbert Parrott      M W
Peterson, Cary & Nannie Hickerson   03/18/1894  Weslie M Peterson    M W
Peterson, Mell & Bell Smock         04/05/1894  Albert Peterson      M W
Raferty, Thomas & Maggie Raferty    08/04/1894  Joseph Raferty       M W
Roby, Bert & Mary E Mattingly       08/17/1894  James E Roby         M W
Simons, D P & Fannie Ballard        12/01/1894  Walter Simons        M W
Simms, John M & Kate Clayton        10/05/1894  Mary B Simms         F W
Simms, Lum & Trecia Newton          01/08/1894  Asia Simms           F W
Smith, R H & E J Smith              06/13/1894  Mollie P Smith       F W
Smith, Robert I & Anner Tolbert     12/17/1894  Susan B Smith        F W
Smith, T Miles & Puidy O’Daniel     09/05/1894  Martha E Smith       F W
Smith, W S & Emmer  ----            11/01/1894  Robert M Smith       M W
Smith, W T & Jennie Gates           06/20/1894  Thadius Smith        M W
Spalding, W M & S V Mattingly       06/15/1894  Marion W Spalding    F W
Sullivan, Joseph & Addie Abell      08/25/1894  Josie E Sullivan     F W
Taylor, R W & Birtie Miller         06/12/1894  Julia W Taylor       F W
Thomas, David & Alice Mattingly     07/31/1894  Joseph R Thomas      M W
Thompson, E F & Emma Thompson       12/05/1894  Margaret Thompson    F W
Thompson, J R & Mary Craven         09/08/1894  Lizzie P Thompson    F W
Thompson, John R & Trecia Hamilton  02/01/1894  Irvine Thompson      F W
Thompson, John R & Trecia Hamilton  02/01/1894  Ruth Thompson        F W
Thompson, T A & Appolona Mattingly  06/18/1894  Margaret E Thompson  F W
Vessells, Thomas & Nancy Nally      02/05/1894  Lucian Vessells      F W
Wade, J C & Amanda Abell            07/10/1894  James C Wade         M W
Warren, J B & Georgie Thompson      02/25/1894  Nannie M Warren      F W
Wimsatt, Jim & Jeneveve Buckler     03/15/1894  J R Wimsatt          M W
Whitcock, Robert L & Sarah Nelson   07/01/1894  Ray M Whitcock       M W
Whitfield, Joseph & C A Harp        --/04/1894  W H Whitfield        M W
Whitfield, W H & Kate Thompson      07/06/1894  Mary L Whitfield     F W



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