Marion County Birth Records

1921 - 1930

The following Birth Records were generously Contributed by Nancy Trice & Sherri Bradley


Mary Abel - William Abell

Alton L. Adams - Tom C. Anbery

Dorothy Anderson - Susan L. Avrith


Lewis B. Badgett - Thomas W. Ballard

Babie H. Ballow - May C. Belcher

Annie T. Bell - Mary Bickitt

Anthony J. Biggens - Wilham E. Blandford

Catherine R. Blanford - William P. Bowman

Leo Bradly - William F. Brady

Minnie M. Branham - Teresa M. Brockman

Adrian Brokett - William A. Browning

Pearlie M. Brscot - William D. Burdett

Doris K. Burdette - Alexander C. Byrnside


Dan R. Cabell - William A. Cambron

James C. Camico - Charles L. Cecill

Claud Clarkson - Ann G. Colvill

David A. Colvin - Lillie Cotter

George W. Coulter - Ruby L. Craig

Thomas D. Craven - Leo C. Cusick


Edward J. Dailey - Ralph E. Dever

Joseph Harry Dewitt - Katherine H. Dye


Annie L. Edelen - Zelmar L. Elliott

Mabel O. Ellis - William S. Ewing


John F. Fallowell - John T. Flanagan

Margaret P. Fletcher - Virgie Furman


Rachel P. Gabeheart - William G. Glasscock

Billy R. Glasscocks - Mary Grace

Edward Grady - Opal M. Gribbin

Andrew J. Gribbins - Minnie B. Gupton


Kenneth Hadley - William E. Hardin

George A. Harman - Beatrice Haydan

Annie L. Hayden - Julean A. Helen

Hugh B. Helm - Raymond T. Hoagland

Catherine Hocker - Mary V. Hovitt

Joseph L. Howard - Will Hundley

Dona E. Hundly - Joseph L. Hutchson


Samuel Ignatus - Chas T. Isacs


Benjamine P. Jackson - William R. Jenkins

Annie J. Johnson - Richard K. Jull


John E. Kannapell - Mary A. Krammen


Elizabeth Laham - Harlie J. Lanham

James Lanham - William Leake

Albert Lee - Gerald Links

Tonnie Linocks - Susan E. Lucketh

Agnes C. Luckett - William F. Lyvers




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X, Y & Z

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