Marion County Cities & Towns

Transcribed from the 1881-82 Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, Vol. III

Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection

Allen County Public Library, 900 Webster Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser


An enterprising town of – late census report – 2,050 inhabitants. It is the county seat of Marion county and is a station on the Knoxville branch of the L. & N. R.R., 67 miles from Louisville. The surroundings of Lebanon are rich agricultural and heavily-timbered lands. It contains 8 churches, 3 colleges, steam flour-mill, furniture factory, 2 weekly newspapers, 2 banks, capital $250,000 and 2 hotels. The Norris House, opened in 1880 is one of the finest hotels on Central Kentucky and is replete with all modern improvements and is justly popular. The Guthrie House as the depot, is under the same good management as heretofore. A very extensive collection and law business is done here by Samuel B. Berry, Esq., who is well known. The dental parlors of P. T. Dedman are located here. Mr. Deadman is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. Daily stages to Springfield, fare 50 cents. Adams Express. Daily mail. Adolph B. Hilpp, postmaster.

Business District

Abell Robert W., blacksmith

Abell Samuel, groceries

Adams E. Lloyd, distillery (8 miles s.)

Adams R. & J. (Richard and James), meats

Baker Wm. H., lawyer

Barbour James P., propr. Times and lawyer

Barr John, carpenter

Belden & Chapline, John D. Belden & Thomas L. Chapline), grocers

Berry Nicholas T., lawyer

Berry Sam B., Attorney at Law and Collection Agent (See adv.)

Bevill John M., tailor

Bickett John H., wagon and plow-maker

Boldrick & McAfee (George D. Boldrick, Chilton F. McAfee), druggists

Bottomley Rev. E. W., (Methodist)

Bowman B. F., constable

Bracken Rev. Thomas A., (Presbyterian)

Bretney J. Wickliff, harness-maker

Bretney & Co., (John R. and Edwin B. Bretney), hardware, tannery, leather, tindings

Bruce Thomas E., groceries

Bryan Thomas L., Contractor and Builder (See adv.)

Burton Robert, judge county court

Calvary Academy, Mother Libretta (4 miles s-w)

Campbell House, Joseph G. Campbell, Propr. Good Accommodations for the Traveling Public. Rates Reduced to $1.50 per day.

Campbell Joseph. Proprietor Campbell House. Good Beds a Specialty. Sample Rooms Connected. Rates Reduced to $1.50 per day.

Cardwell John M., groceries and wholesale liquors

Carlisle John B., dry goods

Caskey Robert A., blacksmith

Clark Robert W., general store

Cleaver David Jr., city marshal

Cleaver George H., physician

Cleaver Paul C., livery and saloon

Clelland Rev. T. H., (Presbyterian)

Clements Edward H., saloon

Cohen & Fuhrmann (Joseph Cohen, Simon Fuhrmann), clothing

Connett Amazon, mnfr. Mattresses and cabinet-maker

Conway W. L. & Bro. (Wm. L. and Berry T.), groceries

Courts Braxton E., saddles and harness

Dedman Philip T., Dentist, Main, opp. Court-house. (See adv.)

DeFraine Rev. P., (Catholic)

Dilahunty Mrs. Catharine, groceries

Edelen Jas H., druggist

Edmonds J. & D. W. (James and David W.), general store

Edmonds Wm. F., general store

Edmonds & Bro (Robert B. and Albert), boots and shoes

England Alfred W., wagon-maker

Endland Thos. E., groceries

England & Barr (Wm. B. England, John Barr), undertakers

England & Goodin (Wm. B. England, Robt. Goodin), hardware

England & Johnston (Robt. A. England, Wm. R. Johnston), groceries

Farahar Patrick, saloon and boarding

Finucan M. D., Proprietor OK Saloon. Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Opp. Norris House, Main

Fogle John D., lawyer

Fowler Wm. F., merchant tailor

Gardner Jas W., groceries

Gilmore Henry D., general store

Goodin & Co. (W. T., R. L., R. Goodin and D. J. Twomey), Dealers in Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco, Main opp. Court-house

Graves Stephen J., painter

Guthrie House, Kelley & Ballard, Proprietors, at Depot

Hardy A. S., jailer

Harrison W. B. & Son (Wm. B. and J. S. Harrison), lawyers

Hays Wm. T. L., auctioneer

Heubsch John, shoemaker

Hill Clement S., lawyer

Hill Edward L., livery stable

Hill Robert G., clerk circuit court

Hilpp & Bro. (Robert F. and J. Louis), bakers and confectioners

Hite Wm. H., saddles and harness

Hogden Robt. T., physician

Hopper Jas W., proprietor Lebanon Standard and lawyer

Hopper Rev. Robert A., (Christian)

Howard Daniel H., dep. Coll. Int. revenue

Howe Jas, blacksmith

Hudson John H., painter

Humkey Henry, carriage-maker

Jarboe & Whorton (Richard Jarboe, Wm. Whorton), coal

Jenkins F. S., W.U. telegraph operator

Johnson Charles A., lawyer

Johnston H. & Son (Harvey and Joseph H. Johnston), hardware

Jones John H., coal and wood

Kelley James A., insurance agent 

Kelley Oliver G., Judge City Court

Kelley & Ballard, (Oliver G. Kelley, George L. Ballard), proprietors Guthrie House ($2 per day). Good livery connected. Depot.

Keogh Christopher, saloon

Kilgore Homer A., jeweler

Kirby James, shoemaker

Kirk James II, collector

Knott W. S., school-commissioner

Knott Wm. T., station agent

Knott & Spalding, (Wm. S. Knott, Samuel T. Spalding), lawyers

Lancaster B. J., assessor

Lancaster Robt. B., distillery (half mile s.)

Lapsley Rev. J. T., (Presbyterian)

Latimer George R., dry goods

Lebanon Gaslight Company, Fletcher Wilson, pres R. E. Kirk, sec’y

Lee Albert, sheriff

McBeth Joshua B., dentist

McChord Robert C., physician

McChord & Belden (John McChord, John D. Belden), lawyers

McDonough Patrick, merchant tailor

McElroy George S., Adams Express agt.

Mackin & Hamilton, (Thomas Mackin, Geo. C. Hamilton), meat market

Marion National Bank: capital $150,000; surplus %22,000. R. H. Rowntree, pres.; N. S. Ray, cashier

Marshall A. Brady, lawyer and justice

Mattingly Walter E., physician

Mattingly & Lanham (Martin Mattingly, F. H. Lanham), furniture and lumber

Meeks Francis, dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Court Square

Merkley Wm. E., flour-mill

Meux Abraham, barber, Norris House

Miller Joseph, painter

Miller Joseph H., restaurant

Mock George S., photographer

Mueller, Wathen & Kobert, (H. Mueller, R. N. Wathen, Chas. Kobert), distillers

National Bank of Lebanon, cap. $100,000; surp. $15,000. Richard M. Spalding pres., R. E. Kirk, cashier

Newcomb E. F., sewing machines

Norris House, John L. Norris, Propr. Also First-class Livery attached, Main

Norris John L., Propr. Norris House and Livery Stable. Main. (See adv.)

Palmer Robt. C. Jr., county attorney

Palmer R. C. & Son (Robt. C. and Marshall K.), physicians

Phillips H. B. & Co. (Hugh B. and James G. Phillips), general store and flour-mill

Phillips James E., saddles and harness

Riggs George, groceries

Rodman Hillary D., druggist

Rowntree & Lisle (Rutherford H. Rowntree, Wm. J. Lisle), lawyers

Rubel John, Mntr. Carriages, Buggies, Phaetons and Spring Wagons, cor. Main & Depot. (See adv.)

Russell & Son (Wm. E. Russell, S. E. Russell), lawyers

Savage Charles, harness-maker

Schwaner Casper, shoemaker

Sea Joseph M., druggist

Severance John, county clerk

Shuck Finley, lawyer

Smith Arthur, painter

Smith Wm. H. & Sons (Wm. H., J. Ralph, Wm. L. and John), distillers and saloon

Spalding L. A. and W. F. & Co. (Leonard A., Wm. F. and Wm R. Apalding), general store

Spalding Theo. B., county commissioner

Spalding & Rubel, insurance

Spencer Wm. H., groceries

Stoy Charles S., jeweler

Thomas John R., lawyer

Thompson Joseph P., lawyer

Twomey & Co. (Dan’l J. Twomey, Robert Goodin and W. T. Goodin), saloon

Vanarsdell & Funk (J. Harvey Vanarsdell, Matt B. Funk), flour-mill (5 miles n-e)

Warren Wm., merchant tailor

Wathen Wm. W., general store

Webb W. Neh., lawyer and insurance agt.

Wilkinson James N., wagon-maker

Yokem Josiah (colored), shoemaker




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