Marion County Death Records

- 1858-

The following Death Records wereTranscribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

All of these people were black in color
and were slaves. They all resided in Marion County, Born in Marion County,
Died in Marion County.

Name of Deceased Age S Status   Date        Cause of Death Owners Names

Beaven, George*    1 mo M Single  09/15/1858  irecipelus      Charles Beaven
Beaven, James*     5 mos M Single 09/15/1858  irecipelus      John Beaven
Beaven, Jerry*     8 yrs M Single 08/28/1858  consumption     Ben F Beaven
Bickett, William*  6 yrs M Single 08/15/1858  worms           Mary Bickett
Brown, Martha*    25 yrs F Single 10/19/1858  consumption     John W Brown
Burk, Edward*      3 mos M Single 03/20/1858  whooping cough  Richard Burk
Carter, Catherine* 3 dys F Single 09/17/1858  dropsey         H H Carter
Clark, Heroduis*   9 mos M Single 07/29/1858  worms           William Clark
Clark, James*      1 mo M Single  10/15/1858  worms           William Clark
Crowdus, Wesley*   7 yrs M Single 09/20/1858  flux            W W Crowdus
Edelen, Les*       5 yrs M Single 12/17/1858  scarlett fever  Ben Edelen
Edelen, Rosmen*    3 yrs M Single 12/18/1858  scarlett fever  Ben Edelen
Everhart, Margaret* 15 yrs F Single 10/15/1858 cold           Dan Everhart
Glazebrooks, Nathan* 2 yrs M Single 12/10/1858 worms      Stephen Glazebrooks
Goods, Hellen*      2 yrs F Single 06/02/1858  infomation lungs Fleming Goods
Goods, Stepen*     24 yrs M Single 11/15/1858  consumption      Fleming Goods
Hamilton, Dennis*  23 yrs M Married 12/22/1858 consumption   Richard Hamilton
Hocker, Mary*      46 yrs F Married 03/10/1858 dropsey       Samuel Hocker
Hourigan, Frances* 33 yrs M Married 08/01/1858 dropsey       David Hourigan
Hourigan, Sarah*    8 mos F Single 11/29/1858  sudden        James Hourigan
Hourigan, Victoria* 3 yrs F Single 07/15/1858  whooping cough David Hourigan
Ingram, James*      8 yrs M Single 08/15/1858  flux           John Ingram
Jarboe, Henry*      9 yrs M Single 05/01/1858  dropsey        William Jarboe
Jarboe, Joseph*    48 yrs M Married 05/29/1858 sudden         William Jarboe
Jarboe, William*    6 mos M Single  04/10/1858 dropsey        James A Jarboe
Mattingly, Catherine* 19 yrs F Single 03/10/1858 dropsey     Edward Mattingly
Mattingly, Henry* 19 yrs M Married 06/05/1858 cancer         Bartin Mattingly
Maxwell, Jane*    10 mo F Single   03/15/1858 croup          D S Maxwell
McElroy, Auaker* 6 mos M Single 09/01/1858 scarlett fever    Harvey McElroy
McElroy, Martha* 6 yrs F Single 09/01/1858 flux              Harvey McElroy
Phillips, Abraham* 2 yrs M Single 12/06/1858 flux            George Phillips
Phillips, Adaline* 28 yrs F Single 12/10/1858 flux           George Phillips
Phillips, Clay*     1 yr M Single 08/10/1858 flux            George Phillips
Phillips, Jane*     2 yrs F Single 05/06/1858 flux           George Phillips
Phillips, Margaret* 6 yrs F Single 09/01/1858 flux           George Phillips
Phillips, Norrise* 14 yrs F Single 10/14/1858 flux           George Phillips
Phillips, Rachael*  2 yrs F Single 12/08/1858 flux           George Phillips
Ray, Benel* 68 yrs M Married       01/08/1858 dropsey        Foster Ray
Riney, Charles* 18 yrs M Single    08/01/1858 scarlett fever Jesse T Riney
Riney, Isabell* 18 yrs F Single    08/01/1858 scarlett fever Jesse T Riney
Riney, Sthom*   14 yrs M Single    08/01/1858 scarlett fever Jesse T Riney
Rupell, John*    1 mo  M Single    02/12/1858 dropsey        John Rupell
Smith, Martha*  27 yrs F Married   03/16/1858 flux           Thomas Smith
Spalding, Eliza* 7 mos F Single    08/15/1858 flux           Samuel Spalding
Spalding, Fred* 27 yrs M Married   05/01/1858 pneumonia      Samuel Spalding
Spalding, Ralph* 3 yrs M Single    09/20/1858 eatus durt     Ben Spalding
Spalding, Thomas* 1 yr M Single    07/06/1858 flux           W T Spalding
Spalding, Thomas* 50 yrs M Married 10/12/1858 consumption    Ben Spalding
Thomas, Eliza Jane* 3 yrs F Single 10/10/1858 burnt          John Thomas
Thompson, Lewis* 66 yrs M Married  08/25/1858 dropsey        Mary Thompson
Tucker, Ann* 18 yrs F Single       10/12/1858 pneumonia      Zac Tucker
Tucker, James* 8 mos M Single      11/01/1858 pneumonia      Zac Tucker
Tucker, James* 8 yrs M Single      08/01/1858 scarlett fever James H Tucker
Violett, Washington* 48 yrs M Single 09/20/1858 eatus durt   St Clair Violett
Young, Felix* 17 mo M Single       10/29/1858 pneumonia      John Young




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