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Anthony Samuel Foster

Contributed By: Viola L. Van Orden

I am from the Anthony Samuel Foster line.  They were an old Virginia family. Anthony Foster, Jr. was a soldier in the American Revolution. He married Virginia Rose Coleman in Virginia. After the war he came to Kentucky. He owned several land grants in KY. He and Virginia Rose Coleman had a daughter, Rose, Rosy or Rosannah, who married Francis Ray of Washington/Marion County Ky. They married in Nelson County Ky.

Francis was the son of Nicholas Ray and Susan(ne) Sheckles. Nicholas was a Captain in the American Revolution from the state of Maryland. He and Susanne came to Ky quite early. They settled on property that later was the site of Brown Foreman Distillery. In 2000 I located this cemetery and the many headstones that were lying around on the ground of numerous members of the Ray family. The cemetery was, at that time, in the middle of a soybean field. It was surrounded by a 2 ft. high stone wall. You could read a few names with great difficulty.

A number of years ago a Mr. Lanham listed all of the people buried there. This list can be found in the Marion County Library.

After I visited the cemetery I notified the State Regent of DAR in Ky. of this officer's grave to see if she would see that it was preserved and marked. I do not know if this was done. As I live so far from it I hoped someone locally would see that it was done.

Desecration of any grave is a serious matter but when one finds the grave of a veteran of the American Revolution it is more so. This man risked his life to help establish this country.

It was quite remarkable that this grave was located after such a long time. Susan(ne) and Nicholas Ray were my four times Great Grandparents.

Francis Ray who was married to Rose, Rosy ,Rosannah, Foster donated the land for Stewart's Creek Baptist Church at St. Mary's Ky and they were buried there.. In 2000 my husband and I visited their graves. Their headstone was broken but you could read the information easily. 3 years later I took my sister to see their graves and they couldn't be found. I don't know why the remnants of their headstone were removed but they were. 

Anthony Foster, father of Rosy, Rose or Rosannah Foster, who married Francis Ray, is buried on a farm in Logan County Ky. He and his wife, Virginia Rose Coleman lie in a weed covered, forlorn grave. Another Revolutionary War Soldier who has been forgotten by most of the world.




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