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Justin McCarty

Contributed By: Judy Bailey

Born 1757 and died 1825 in Washington Co. Ky. Justin at age 35, marries Mary Graham in Fayette Co. Ky. 1792 at Walnut Hills Baptist Church. (It is unclear if this is Justin's 1st marriage.)
Military service 1: 1776, Enlist as a soldier in the American Revolution somewhere in Pennsylvania. Fought in Battle of Brandywine and Long Island [This being documented before 1824 in Washington Co. Newspaper, found in Pioneer History of Washington Co. Ky. newspaper clippings compiled by Orval W. Baylor.]
Military service 2: 1781, Discharged Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland.
Census 1: 1793, Justin's First [found] Appearance on Ky. Tax List, Washington Co. Ky.
Census 2: 1795, Appears in census.
Elected 1: 1796, Appointed Constable of Washington Co. Ky.
Census 3: 1797, 1 male above 21-1 horse-1 town lot.
Elected 2: 1799, Resigns his office as Constable.
Census 4: 1800, Washington Co. Ky. census.
Census 5: 1810, Washington Co. Ky. census.
Census 6: 1811, Justin is documented, but it was illegible what was written he had.
Census 7: 1812, 1 wht. male above 21 - 1 horse.
Census 8: 1814, Total value of horses $15.00 for 2 horses - property [acreage] was not listed.
Education: 1820, Runs an "ABC School" in Washington Co. Ky..
Military service 3: 1793, Faces Court Martial charges for being delinquint from Capt. Cunningham's Co. Court orders Justin exempted from duty due to inferminities..
Military service 4: Soldier in American Revolutionary War. Served in the Washington Co. Ky. Militia.
Property: Bet. 1810 - 1812, Cartwrights Creek [200 +/- acres].
Appointed as road surveyor to maintain road from his property to Green River Rd.
Appoints: 1824, Hires Attorney Thomas Moore, to collect anything due him for being a soilder in the American Revolutionary War. No record of any monies or pension found to this date..
Will: is written and recorded January 1828, Book D, 1792 - 1853, Washington Co. Ky. Will Book.
Probate: August 1828, Justin's will is probated August 25, 1828.
It is assumed that Justin is related to Issac & Dennis McCarty in Fayette Co. Ky. due to his marrying Mary Graham in Fayette Co. Ky., also possibly related to Thomas McCarty of Jefferson Co. Ky. It is also assumed that Justin is related to David, Samuel and John McCarty of Bourbon Co. Ky. [all 3 on Kentucky Tax Payers list, 1789-1792].
The reason for the probable relationships to the above named McCarty's is Justin's first appearing in Kentucky in Fayette Co., where he marries Mary Graham. Possibly Issac and or Dennis being brothers or uncles to Justin for him to have been there after apperaring from nowhere. Justin is "missing" from 1781 till he shows up in Fayette Co. in 1792. The next year, he and Mary are in Washington Co. The other reason for a possible relationship to the above named, Thomas, Samuel, John and William noted below, is that Justin names his children these same names. These names continue being used in Justin's McCarty line up to present day.
It is highly probable that Justin is related to William McCarty of Barron Co. Ky. who married Polly Hannah Forbis and they had a daughter, Nancy who ends up in Justin's household at a young age. After Justin's death, his son Thomas Samuel, is Bondsman for Nancy's marriage to Harrison Hays marriage date Dec. 12, 1831, Marion Co. Ky.
Justin and Mary's children were:
Mary Polly McCarty, b. 1795, d. January 13, 1894, Morgan, Missouri.

Milburn McCarty, b. June 07, 1797, Washington Co. Kentucky, d. July 05, 1858, Ohio County Kentucky.

William McCarty, b. Abt. 1800, Washington Co. Ky., d. Abt. 1826, Washington Co. Ky..

Joseph McCarty, b. Abt. 1802, Washington Co. Kentucky, d. Bet. 1864 - March 1866, Marion Co. Ky..

Thomas Samuel McCarty, b. 1805, Washington Co. Ky., d. Aft. 1830, Washington County Kentucky.

Sarah McCarty, b. 1806, Washington Co. Ky., d. date unknown.

James McCarty, b. 1811, Washington Co. Ky., d. September 22, 1854, Marion Co. Ky..

Nancy McCarty [?], b. May 06, 1813, d. August 11, 1873, Haysville,Ky. Marion Co. Ky..

Samuel H. McCarty, b. 1816, Washington Co. Ky., d. date unknown.

Collateral names tied to Justin & Mary's childrens marriages include: Milburn, Nelson, Kinnett, Jarboe, Mercer, Thorp, Inman, Simpson, Hayse, Hinds, Hays, and Seamster.

Collateral names tied to Justin and Mary's Grandchildren include: Haynes, Whitely, Howard, Bannon, Miller, Wilborn, Huff, Orr, Brown, Kelly, Gabbert, Sparrow, Coleman, Goode, Cane/Cape, Hobbs, Thorp, Saultsman, Nash, Milburn, Purdom, Harden/Hardin, Walls, Stewart, & Purdom.

Known migration counties and states for this McCarty clan include:

KENTUCKY: Anderson, Marion, Washington, Ohio, Breckinridge, Hancock & Daviess.

INDIANA: DuBoise, Orange, Vanderburg.


[Along with many unknowns]

Samuel H. McCarty son of Justin and Mary Graham McCarty:
From document I found at Washington County Courthouse, 6/24/03:
Samuel McCarty, orphan son of Justin McCarty age 17, bound to John C. Riley, to train in the art of courier and tanner. August 27, 1832.


Elizabeth [Betsy] Milburn, daughter of Mary Polly McCarty & David Milburn:
Elizabeth was indentured out to Nelson Daughtery 7/23/1832, to learn trade of spinner. Washington County Courthouse Record, found 6/24/03.


Jonathon Milburn, son of  Mary Polly McCarty & David Milburn:
Jonathon was indentured out to John C. Riley to learn trade of Tanner, July 23, 1832. Washington County Courthouse Records, found 6/24/03.


David Milburn, son of  Mary Polly McCarty & David Milburn:
David was indentured out to John Riley to learn trade of Tanner July 23, 1832. Washington County Courthouse Records, found 6/24/03.




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