Marion County, Kentucky

Family Group Sheets


Descendants of William Manson "Manse" Thomas

Contributed By: Bob Gootee


Generation No. 1


1.  WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4 THOMAS  (JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 24 Apr 1833 in Washington Co, Ky, and died 18 May 1916 in St Marys, Marion Co, Ky.  He married SYNTHIA MARGARET "ANN" MCLAIN 05 Jul 1857 in Marion Co, Ky, daughter of SAMUEL MCCLAIN and KEZIAH MARTIN.  She was born 08 Feb 1835 in Marion Co, Ky, and died 22 Mar 1914 in Marion Co, Ky.


Children of WILLIAM THOMAS and SYNTHIA MCLAIN are: This information has been updated here 12/08/2008 by Bonnie Clark

2.                i.       ANNIE C5 THOMAS, b. Holy Cross, Ky.

                  ii.       NANCY M "NANNIE" THOMAS, b. Holy Cross, Ky; m. FNU TAYLOR.

3.              iii.       JAMES MONROE THOMAS, b. Feb 1852, Holy Cross, Ky.

4.              iv.       SYDNEY MARY THOMAS, b. 05 Apr 1858, Marion Co, Ky; d. 04 Jul 1925, Oklahoma.

5.               v.       SALOMA (ISA)BELLE THOMAS, b. 14 Jan 1860; d. 31 May 1919, Meade Co, Ky.

                 vi.       ISABELLA THOMAS, b. Feb 1860, Holy Cross, Ky; d. Bef. 1916.

6.             vii.       WILLIAM MARCUS THOMAS, b. 02 Nov 1863, Holy Cross, Ky; d. 08 Sep 1932, Marion Co, Ky.

7.            viii.       FRANCES LOUISA "LULU" THOMAS, b. 09 Sep 1865, Holy Cross, Ky; d. 26 Aug 1930, Louisville, Ky.

8.               ix.       LENA MANSE THOMAS, b. 06 Oct 1869, Holy Cross, Ky; d. 19 Jun 1938, Jefferson Co, Ky.

9.                x.       THOMAS LEE THOMAS, b. 03 Aug 1871, Holy Cross, Ky; d. 13 Apr 1965.

10.             xi.       KATHERINE FLORENCE "KATE" THOMAS, b. 22 Jan 1874, Holy Cross, Ky; d. 13 May 1918.



Generation No. 2




Children of ANNIE THOMAS and FNU DEVERS are:

                   i.       MARY E6 DEVERS.

                  ii.       ELSIE DEVERS.

                 iii.       WILLIAM D DEVERS.



3.  JAMES MONROE5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born Feb 1852 in Holy Cross, Ky.  He married MARY IDA MATTINGLY 04 Nov 1884.  She was born Jun 1865.



                   i.       BETTY L6 THOMAS, b. Mar 1886.

                  ii.       THURMAN THOMAS, b. Sep 1888.

                 iii.       GEORGE THOMAS, b. Nov 1890.

                 iv.       ROBERT THOMAS, b. Oct 1895.

                  v.       CARL M THOMAS, b. Sep 1898.



4.  SYDNEY MARY5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 05 Apr 1858 in Marion Co, Ky, and died 04 Jul 1925 in Oklahoma.  She married GEORGE WELFORD GOOTEE 16 Feb 1874 in Holy Cross, Marion Co, Ky, son of JOSEPH GOOTEE and ROSE FIELDS.  He was born 26 Feb 1846 in Nelson Co, Ky, and died 06 Jun 1927 in Oklahoma.



                   i.       SARAH J6 GOOTEE, b. ABT  1875; d. Bef. 1967.

                  ii.       JOSEPH MANSON "MANSE" GOOTEE, b. 08 Sep 1875, Kentucky per; d. 1947, Detroit, Mi; m. ANN E DRURY; b. 29 Sep 1876, Kentucky; d. 02 Nov 1952, Michigan.

                 iii.       THOMAS EDWARD GOOTEE, b. 12 Apr 1876, Gethsemane, Ky; d. 21 Oct 1967, Gethsemane, Ky; m. MARY ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" COOMES; d. Aft. 1961.

                 iv.       HENRY CLAY GOOTEE, b. ABT  1877; d. 24 Oct 1935, San Antonio, Tx; m. MARY VIRGINIA "VERGIE" GOOTEE, Apr 1928, St Patricks Church, San Antonio, Tx; b. 05 Jun 1896; d. 26 Jan 1972, Bexar Co, Tx Texas Vital Records.

                  v.       MARY DELIA "SIS" GOOTEE, b. 04 Feb 1878, Marion Co, Ky; m. (1) J B "JIM" WALLACE; m. (2) RICHARD PIUS "DICK" WARREN, 29 Sep 1896, Chicago, Ky; b. 03 Oct 1866, Marion Co, Ky; d. 08 Mar 1909, Kentucky.

                 vi.       MARY SILOMA (SALOME) ISABEL GOOTEE, b. 30 Aug 1879, Marion Co, Ky; d. 20 Nov 1944, Waunette, Ok; m. JAMES KENDRICK "J K" WARREN, 25 Apr 1899; b. 13 Sep 1868, Chicago, Marion Co, Ky; d. 29 Feb 1964, Tecumseh, Ok.

                vii.       AGNES MATTIE GOOTEE, b. 15 Jan 1881, Loretto, Ky; d. 28 Jan 1973, Marion Co, Ky; m. JOHN BERNARD LEAKE, 31 Jan 1905, Marion Co, Ky.

               viii.       WALTER GOOTEE, b. Nov 1882, Kentucky.

                  ix.       ANNA "ANNIE" CORDELIA GOOTEE, b. 30 Nov 1884, Georgetown, Ok; d. 18 Jul 1923, Georgetown, Ok.

                   x.       RICHARD MONROE GOOTEE, b. 27 Jul 1886, Kentucky.

                  xi.       ANDREW DAMON GOOTEE, b. 27 Jun 1892, Kentucky; d. 25 Jan 1936, Georgetown, Ok; m. FAYE SULLIVAN, ABT  1917, Oklahoma; b. 1894, Oklahoma; d. Nov 1949, Oklahoma City, Ok.

                 xii.       MARY ELIZABETH (LYDIA) GOOTEE, b. 12 Dec 1894, Loretto, Ky; d. 11 Oct 1955, Norman, Ok; m. LEO ROBERT RICHSTATTER, 08 Jan 1913; b. 01 Sep 1887, St Marys Mission, Ks; d. 21 Jul 1972, Oklahoma City, Ok.

                xiii.       MARGARET "MAGGY" GOOTEE, b. Jan 1897, Kentucky.

                xiv.       ROY JOSEPH GOOTEE, b. 03 Apr 1898, Kentucky; d. 19 Jan 1973, Maud, Pottawatomie Co, Ok; m. IVA BURROWS, ABT  1925, Oklahoma; b. 20 Aug 1899, Oklahoma; d. 07 Aug 1987, Oklahoma.

                 xv.       GEORGE ORA (ORY) GOOTEE, b. 29 Jul 1908, Georgetown, Ok; d. 09 Feb 1923, Georgetown, Ok; m. ? CRADDOCK, Denver, Co; b. Denver, Co; d. Denver Co.



5.  SALOMA (ISA)BELLE5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 14 Jan 1860, and died 31 May 1919 in Meade Co, Ky.  She married JOHN GREEN ROBY 15 Feb 1881 in Marion Co, Ky.  He was born 18 Jul 1850 in Marion Co, Ky, and died 01 Apr 1922 in Meade Co, Ky.


Children of SALOMA THOMAS and JOHN ROBY are:

                   i.       JOHN WILLIAM6 ROBY, b. 12 Jan 1882; d. 19 Nov 1883, Nelson Co, Ky.

                  ii.       JOHN WILLIAM ROBY. II, b. 27 May 1885, Marion Co, Ky; d. 21 Apr 1937; m. LILLIE CAIN, 19 Dec 1914.

                 iii.       ROBERT LAURENCE ROBY, b. 06 Feb 1887, Marion Co, Ky; d. 10 Apr 1949, Meade Co, Ky; m. ETHRA BOARD; b. 21 Feb 1891; d. 23 Nov 1974, California.

                 iv.       SALLIE XAVIER ROBY, b. 03 May 1888, Marion Co, Ky; d. 04 May 1968.

                  v.       LILLIAN MAE ROBY, b. 07 Oct 1890; d. 13 Feb 1980, Louisville, Ky.

                 vi.       FLORENCE CLEVIE ROBY, b. 28 Nov 1893; d. Dec 1985; m. JOSEPH WRIGHT, Apr 1922; b. 02 Feb 1881; d. Aug 1964.

                vii.       CARL EUGENE ROBY, b. 26 May 1895; d. 22 Mar 1965; m. ROSE BAYENS; b. 1887; d. 1989.

               viii.       CYNTHIA CAROLINE "CARRIE" ROBY, b. 09 Feb 1897, Meade Co, Ky; d. 20 Jan 1992, Meade Co, Ky; m. CHARLES THOMAS SIPES, 11 Feb 1917, St Martins Church, Flaherty, Ky; b. 22 Jul 1893, Meade Co, Ky; d. 13 Jul 1972, Jefferson Co, Ky.

                  ix.       MARY BEULAH INEZ ROBY, b. 27 Aug 1899; d. 05 Mar 1986; m. STANLEY R SEARCEY, 15 Aug 1923; b. 07 Jul 1901; d. 18 Nov 1973.



6.  WILLIAM MARCUS5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 02 Nov 1863 in Holy Cross, Ky, and died 08 Sep 1932 in Marion Co, Ky.  He married JULIA BELLE MATTINGLY 09 Nov 1886 in St Charles Church.  She was born May 1867, and died 1969.



                   i.       WILLIAM D6 THOMAS, b. Oct 1887.

                  ii.       MINNIE F THOMAS, b. Jan 1888; d. 1974, Jefferson Co, Ky.

                 iii.       ANNA L THOMAS, b. Jan 1890; d. 1976, Jefferson Co, Ky.

                 iv.       CYNTHIA MAY THOMAS, b. Oct 1893; d. 1957, Jefferson Co, Ky.

                  v.       SAMUEL LEE THOMAS, b. Jul 1895; d. 1971, Jefferson Co, Ky.

                 vi.       MARCUS COLEMAN THOMAS, b. Jan 1898.



7.  FRANCES LOUISA "LULU"5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 09 Sep 1865 in Holy Cross, Ky, and died 26 Aug 1930 in Louisville, Ky.  She married JOSEPH THOMAS GOOTEE 18 Sep 1883 in Holy Cross, Ky, son of JOSEPH GOOTEE and ROSE FIELDS.  He was born Dec 1855 in Kentucky, and died 23 Mar 1931 in Jefferson Co, Ky.



                   i.       JOSEPH WALLACE (D) "GEORGE"6 GOOTEE, b. Oct 1884, Marion Co, Ky; d. 21 Apr 1954, Jefferson Co, Ky; m. CATHERINE"KATE" A MATTINGLY, ABT  1915, Kentucky; b. ABT  1891, Washington Co, Ky; d. 23 Mar 1974, Jefferson Co, Ky.

                  ii.       CYNTHIA M GOOTEE, b. 08 May 1883, Marion Co, Ky; d. 07 Oct 1918, Marion Co, Ky; m. WILLIAM T DAVIS.

                 iii.       SALLY MARY GOOTEE, b. 08 Aug 1888, Kentucky; d. 09 Jul 1957, Los Angeles, Ca; m. (1) DAMON O'DANIEL; m. (2) WILLIAM SEANEY.

                 iv.       JOHN (JAMES) WALTER GOOTEE, b. 31 Jul 1891, Lebanon, KY; d. 16 May 1958, Louisville, Ky; m. HALLIE PEARL CASKEY, ABT  1914, Kentucky; b. 26 Nov 1895, Lebanon, Ky; d. 27 Nov 1961, Jefferson Co, Ky - Ky Death Index 1911-2000.

                  v.       THOMAS LEE GOOTEE, SR, b. 29 Mar 1893, Lebanon, Marion Co, Ky; d. 16 Aug 1951, Lebanon, Marion Co, Ky; m. MARY GENEVIEVE "JENNIE" MATTINGLY, 13 Oct 1914; b. 10 Feb 1898, Lebanon, Marion Co, Ky; d. 05 Dec 1983, Lebanon, Marion Co, Ky.

                 vi.       JOSEPH THOMAS GOOTEE, b. Sep 1895, Lebanon, Ky.

                vii.       JOSEPH IVO GOOTEE, b. 05 Sep 1895, Kentucky; d. 11 Feb 1972, Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky; m. MARY XAVIER MATTINGLY; b. 27 Apr 1892, Kentucky; d. 06 Sep 1989, Louisville, Ky.

               viii.       NANNIE ROSE GOOTEE, b. Sep 1897, Kentucky; m. LOUIS SMITH.

                  ix.       MARY ALINE GOOTEE, b. Nov 1899, Kentucky; m. (1) VIRGIL WALKER; m. (2) EBB RICHMOND, 29 Jun 1915, Marion Co, Ky; b. ABT  1892, Marion Co, Ky.

                   x.       MAY WILLIE GOOTEE, b. 1901, Marion Co, Ky.

                  xi.       WILLIAM JOSEPH GOOTEE, b. 28 Feb 1902, Breckenridge Co, Ky; d. 12 Apr 1972, Falls of Rough, Breckenridge Co, Ky; m. ETHEL VIRGINIA ARMES, 28 Jun; b. 28 Oct 1905; d. 07 Apr 1979, Breckenridge Co, Ky- Ky Death Index 1911-2000.

                 xii.       EDITH GOOTEE, b. ABT  1905, Marion Co, Ky; m. FRANK MILLEK.

                xiii.       HERBERT JOSEPH GOOTEE, SR, b. 27 Sep 1907, Lebanon, Marion Co, Ky; d. 24 Apr 1953, Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky - Ky Death Index 1911-2000; m. MARYLEE ESTELLE RICHMOND, ABT  1931; b. ABT  1916, Lebanon, Marion Co, Ky; d. 25 Nov 2000, Britthaven of S. Louisville, Ky.

                xiv.       BERNADINE MARY GOOTEE, b. 1909.

                 xv.       BERNARD JOSEPH GOOTEE, b. 1909; d. 10 Jun 1943, Jefferson Co, Ky; m. MARY LOTTIE NUCKLES, 1928; b. 04 Oct 1913, Kentucky; d. 01 Oct 1987, Jefferson Co, Ky.



8.  LENA MANSE5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 06 Oct 1869 in Holy Cross, Ky, and died 19 Jun 1938 in Jefferson Co, Ky.  She married JOHN H GOOTEE 12 Jul 1892 in Marion Co, Kentucky, son of JOSEPH GOOTEE and ROSE FIELDS.  He was born 13 Jun 1857 in Marion Co, Ky, and died 18 Feb 1906 in San Francisco, Ca.


Children of LENA THOMAS and JOHN GOOTEE are:

                   i.       CATHERINE CORA6 GOOTEE, b. 24 Oct 1892, Loretto, Ky; d. Feb 1983; m. WILLIAM ZACHARY WHEATLEY, 15 Apr 1912.

                  ii.       NORA BELLE GOOTEE, b. 03 Sep 1895, Loretto, Marion Co, Ky; d. 08 Jul 1977, Marion Co, Ky; m. FRANKLIN LEONARD WHEATLEY, Nov 1915, Kenton Co, Kentucky; b. 26 Jul 1895, Washington City, Ky; d. 13 Aug 1968, Marion City, Ky.

                 iii.       ROBERT HALISEY GOOTEE, b. 20 Jan 1897, Loretta, Ky; d. 05 Sep 1979, Jefferson Co, Ky; m. CORA JANE HILL, 1923, Kentucky; b. 30 Jun 1904, Kentucky; d. 24 Jul 1994, Louisville, Jefferson Co, Ky.



9.  THOMAS LEE5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 03 Aug 1871 in Holy Cross, Ky, and died 13 Apr 1965.  He married ELLA DEVERS.  She was born 1897, and died 1979.


Children of THOMAS THOMAS and ELLA DEVERS are:

                   i.       MARY V6 THOMAS, b. 30 Jul 1926, Marion Co, Ky.

                  ii.       JOSEPH P THOMAS, b. 01 Dec 1928, Marion Co, Ky.

                 iii.       JOSEPH E THOMAS, b. Marion Co, Ky.

                 iv.       UNKNOWN THOMAS, b. 22 May 1937, Marion Co, Ky; d. 23 May 1937, Marion Co, Ky.

                  v.       UNKNOWN THOMAS.



10.  KATHERINE FLORENCE "KATE"5 THOMAS (WILLIAM MANSON "MANSE"4, JAMES3, NOTLEY2, ANTHONY BUCKNER1) was born 22 Jan 1874 in Holy Cross, Ky, and died 13 May 1918.  She married JOSEPH KENDRICK CISSELL 1900, son of JOHN CISSELL and CATHERINE DOWNS.  He was born 18 Jun 1876, and died 16 Oct 1940.



                   i.    S C6 CISSELL, b. ABT  1901.

                  ii.       MAG G CISSELL, b. ABT  1903.

                 iii.       MARY A CISSELL, b. ABT  1906.

                 iv.    W L CISSELL, b. ABT  1908.