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Your Name: Joseph  P. Thomas
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Please type your comments: Just found your web site. I was born in Loretto in1928 and attended St Charles grade school till World War 2 came along. There is a lot of information I would to find.
Date: 12/23/2009

Your Name: Mary C. Maier
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Please type your comments: Looks like a lot of hard work has gone into this research.  I appreciate it.  Very nice format!
Date: 10/20/2009

Your Name: Mary Lynne Pruett
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Please type your comments: What a wonderful website!  Good job!
Date: 08/29/2009

Your Name: Brenda Gregory
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Please type your comments: Loved the pic of the Mt. Gilboa scholl sent in by Oliver Hunt. This website was very easy to see and use. thank you.
Date: 06/08/2009

Your Name: Missi Nussbaum
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Please type your comments: I'm researching the family history- Marion county names include Bell and Underwood. I'm specifically looking for information on the 1933 murder of Marion Thomas Bell by Felix Mattingly. I'd love to make contact with others researching this family. Thank you,
Missi Nussbaum (researching Dever, Lambert, Tingle, Hall, Jones, Ford, Terrell, Bell, Underwood, Brewer, Harness, Harris, Braden, and Atherton families in Kentucky.)
Date: 06/04/2009

Your Name: Barbara Hupman Ratliff
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Please type your comments: Your site is very informative. I was
wondering if there is a way to access the names of pastmasters and mail
carriers. I know at least one of my relatives from Marion County, my
grandfather, was a rural route mail carrier. His name was John C.(Cary)
Peterson, Sr. and he lived in the Loretto/Holy Cross area. I want to see
if any other relatives were also in this line of work. I, myself, lived
on a farm in Marion County on Highway 49 between Loretto and Holy Cross
from 1961 until 1971. Thank you for your time.
Date: 05/23/2009

Your Name: Samantha Abercrombie
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Please type your comments: I just spent several hours enjoying a browse of your website.  I've sent you a couple of FGS.  It's not much, but I hope it's a start for someone.
Date: 05/04/2009


Your Name: Lisa Gale (Violette) Yates
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Please type your comments: Great Site!
Date: 02/28/2009

Your Name: Bob Gootee
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Please type your comments: What a nice change. Keep up the good work
Date: 09/18/2008

Your Name: Jim
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Please type your comments: Dear Researchers:
Your new Marion County website coordinator, Suzanne Shephard, is the hardest-working, most dedicated, most experienced coordinator around. She's turned the Adair & Casey County KY sites (among others) into just about  _the_ best county sites in Kentucky, and with your help and support, she can and will do the same for Marion.
Date: 08/24/2008

Your Name: Don Rubarts
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ndrubarts at
Please type your comments: As usual, you have done an excellent job with Marion County. Keep up the good work.
Date: 08/20/2008