Marion County

Marriage Records - 1853

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

1853 Marion County, Kentucky marriages. Again there are not that many, but
here they are. If you see mistakes, let me know, next to a few men in
parenthesis is where they were born. Vickie

GROOM            AGE             BRIDE        AGE                 DATE
Abell, Cornelius 21/single       Isabella Lee 18/single           07/10/1853
Ballard, P 43/widow              Martha Ford 31/widow                   1853
Bell, Robert (Ireland) 40/single Sarah Chandler 35/widow          11/10/1853
Brady, Owen B 27/single          Susan May Mattingly 18/single    11/15/1853
Brown, Frederick 22/single       Marrietta Nash 19/single         09/01/1853
Browning, Charles 38/widow       Mary Ellen Cooper 32/widow       09/29/1853
Capehart, Ignatius 20/single     Ellen Russell 22/single          10/04/1853
Clements, Richard 20/single      Martha J Clements 19/single      04/08/1853
Cooly, William 22/single         Amanda Carpenter 22/single       09/26/1853
Davis, James H 25/single         Nancy E Brenton 18/single        06/16/1853
Dean, Leroy 22/single            Eliza Ann Weatherford 19/single  03/03/1853
Doody, Maurace (Ire) 33/widow    Eliza Jane Montgomery 23/single  09/27/1853
Earls, William 26/single         L F Tharp 18/single              12/13/1853
Edwards, Warren B 45/widow       Elizabeth Wells 23/single        06/27/1853
Graham, Joseph 53/widow          Minerva Shockley 44/widow        10/25/1853
Hardesty, Anthony 23/single      Jane White 20/single             04/26/1853
Hays, John 20/single             Augusta Cox 19/single               11/1853
Kelley, James (Ire) 27/single    Mary Jane Hamilton 25/single     10/29/1853
Lynch, Leonidus W 23/single      Chinesa E Bannister 16/single    07/06/1853
Markles, Samuel 23/single        Martha S Catlin 21/single        09/20/1853
Mays, James W 30/widow           Marian Rollins 20/single         02/17/1853
McCarty, Joseph 51/widow         Teresa Tharp 40/widow            06/14/1853
McCord, John 26/single           Mary Elizabeth Milbourn 24/single 12/04/1853
McDonald, John (Ire) 34/single   Caroline B Roney 29/single       09/30/1853
Merimee, F B  27/widow           Eliza Hamilton 22/single         10/10/1853
Mudd, Charles 32/single          Prescilla C Hamilton 22/single   10/29/1853
Nelson, James 25/single          Nancy Inmond 22/single           12/15/1853
Pike, Charles 24/single          Eliza Wimsatt 18/single          06/07/1853
Pipes, John J 26/single          Isabella Nash 16/single          10/02/1853
Porter, C H  33/single           Ann L Graves 33/single           11/22/1853
Purdy, H 24/single               Lucy Ann Gartin 22/widow         09/20/1853
Railey, Isham 35/widow           Celia Ann Yates 23/single        06/27/1853
Ray, Joseph 22/single            Louisa Fenwick 18/single         06/07/1853
Rhinehart, William H 24/single   Ellen Douglas 22/single          12/14/1853
Richardson, John 21/single       Cordelia Ray 17/single           10/11/1853
Shively, William L 23/single     Theresa E Hayden 15/single       10/04/1853
Smith, Edward 26/single          Elizabeth A Brewer 23/single     01/25/1853
Smith, Melvin 24/single          Sarah P Nash 20/single           09/27/1853
Spalding, Thomas S 19/single     Ann E Mudd 18/single             10/10/1853
Thomas, B J 24/widow             Margaret Ann Mills 23/single     01/25/1853
Walker, John B --/single         Prescilla Bickett 21/single      01/14/1853
Walston, James M 26/single       Catherine Prewitt 21/single      08/10/1853
Wilkerson, Edward 23/single      Nancy Ford 23/single             11/22/1853
Wright, Henry C 22/single        Cordelia Bickett 21/single          09/1853




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