Marion County

Marriage Records - 1858

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

GROOM        AGE       BRIDE                 AGE       DATE      REVEREND

A---a-, John 25/single Eliza Hutchan (b-Ire) 21/single 09/07/1858  Rev J Hutchins

---aloy, Peter 24/single Louisa Murphy      21/single 01/17/1858 Rev A A Audd

----dun, John  21/single Sarah McCune (b-Ire) 21/single 09/07/1858 Rev Clarkston

Abell, Richard P 23/single Elizabeth W---land 19/single 00/07/1858

Alvey, Jesse 22/single Celia A Penrick 20/single  01/12/1858

Berry, - J 32/widow Nancy H Phillips 28/single 03/16/1858

Boone, J E 18/single Mary C Wimsatt 16/single 04/14/1858

Clark, James W --/widow Zerelda Ferguson 26/single 09/20/1858 Rev Bradoe

Dugan, Thomas R 23/single Eliza A Mattingly 18/single 09/07/1858

Elder, Pius 40/widow Jane Russell 32/single 07/10/1858

Gardiner, James W 22/single Virginia Becker 18/single 11/22/1858

Hamilton, Edward 23/single Elizabeth Mudd 16/single 05/04/1858

Hardesty, William 21/single C Thomas 23/single 11/02/1858

Harris, John (b-MO) 23/single Harriett A Brewer 18/single 10/03/1858 Rev A A

Hayden, Benedict J 22/single Malinda Abell 18/single 09/07/1858

Hayse, Prur 22/single Lucretia Deavon 18/single 07/13/1858 W H Mitchen

Hinton, Thomas 21/single Nancy Morris 18/single 09/05/1858

Isaacs, Laska 34/single Martha J Cruz 28/single 11/01/1858

Johnston, James W 23/single Eliza A Mays 18/single 08?/30/1858 Rev McDaniel

Martin, T 26/single Catherine? Yates 18/single 07/12/1858

Mattingly, Alexander O 22/single Mary Ford 18/single 11/02/1858

Mattingly, D C 25/single Isabella Bean? 21/single 12/30/1858

Mattingly, James 20/single Margaret Willett 27/single 12/12/1858

Mattingly, Raphael 22/single Cordelia A Russell 16/single 02/20/1858

Molohon, Alexander 32/single Emily Wheatley 21/single 08/24/1858

Morris, Joseph 27/single Elizabeth Hall 18/single 02/09/1858

Naime, John S 29/single Mary Purdy 27/single 09/12/1858 Rev P Cleland

O’Bryan, Henry 23/single Susan Hagan 20/single 08/12/1858

O’Bryan, John 26/single Mary A Clayton 22/single 09/10/1858

Perry, A J  33/widow Nancy H Phillips 28/single 07/20/1858 Rev M Burke

Rein, James 29/single Lucian Heart 28/single 11/02/1858 Rev J Hutchins

Russell, Thomas 20/single Melvina mattingly 19/single 11/16/1858

Sally, John 20/single Mary J Railey 22/single 12/27/1858

Simpson, George W 26/single Susan A Bullock 21/single 10/05/1858

Stahn, George 35/widow Mary E O’Neal 22/single 07/25/1858

Vancleave, Joshua 23/single Lucy A Knott 23/single 09/14/1858

Vandike, William 29/single Sarah S Weatherford 15/single 02/11/1858 Rev John

Wats, Stephan 28/single Emily Wayne 23/single 11/04/1858

Wayman, James J 21/single Margaret Hardesty 24/single 05/08/1858 G Weatherford

Wheeler, Calvin 24/single Elizabeth Sapp 26/single 08/31/1858

Whitehome, John 48/widow Eliza Hayse 48/widow 04/01/1858 Rev Colgan

Williams, Washington 21/single Sarah E mattingly 17/single 11/12/1858

Williams, William S 22/single Elizabeth A His-- 21/single 08/31/1858 Rev Colgan

Wimsatt, James R 20/single Harriett S Hagan 16/single 06/22/1858




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