Marion County

Marriage Records - 1893

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

The dates start in mid September of 1893. Where there is place of birth if
there is an M, it stands for Marion County. The columns are Groom, age, his
# of marriages, occupation, his place of birth, his fatherís place of birth,
his motherís place of birth. Brideís name, her age, # of marriages, place of
birth, her fatherís place of birth, her motherís place of birth.  I didnít
include the present residency, or when it says KY I meant another County,
also there is where the marriage took place.  I have all of this information
but it would have taken up too much space, any questions, just ask. 


Allan, Charles P 23/1st Miller M KY KY Mary Malinda Buckman 18/1st M M M

Atkins, L E 52/3rd Farmer TN TN TN Genevia Wayne 20/1st KY --- ---

Blair, James 22/1st Merchant M M M Eliza Ferriell 22/1st M M M 10/17/1893

Bland, John C 22/1st Farmer M M M Nannie Withrow 17/1st M KY M 09/20/1893

Bowman, William M 26/1st Farmer M KY IL Annie B Nally 20/1st M M M 9/19/1893

Bradshaw, Edward 26/1st Farmer M KY MO Ellwood Rush 20/1st M --- KY

Brown, James F 22/1st Farmer KY M KY Luellen Jarboe 21/1st M M M 10/23/1893

Buckler, William 26/2nd Farmer M M M Mary Lizzie Lancaster 20/1st M M KY

Cissel, George R 28/2nd Farmer M M M Cordie Whitfeild 20/1st M M M

Craven, W P 29/1st Farmer M M M Annie Glyen 19/1st M M M 11/15/1893

Devers, James J 33/1st Farmer M M M Fannie Cooley 20/1st M M M 12/21/1893

Dougherty, J T  31/1st Farmer KY KY KY Silesti Russell 16/1st M M M

Drye, John C 29/1st Farmer KY KY KY Nancy Tucker 23/1st M M KY 09/20/1893

Elliott, J T 24/1st Dentist KY KY KY Emily Thomas 22/1st M M M 10/18/1893

Ellison, T E 27/1st Farmer KY KY VA Mary Iva Borders 18/1st KY KY KY

Ewing, D P 20/1st Farmer M M M Martha Ellen Mills 16/1st M M M 10/10/1893

Fenwick, John 28/2nd Farmer M M M Rosie L Kin 28/1st M M M 10/30/1893

Ford, L B 27/1st Merchant KY KY KY Lucy May English 21/1st M --- M

Fries, Asa 24/2nd Farmer IL KY MD Ida Bright 20/1st M M KY 11/21/1893

Goten, Joseph 25/1st Farmer M M M Lula Ellen Davis 21/1st M M M 11/07/1893

Hagan, Ben 42/2nd Farmer KY KY KY Mollie Lanham 36/2nd M M M 12/19/1893

Harmon, Thomas J 21/1st Farmer KY KY KY Mattie D Pirtle 17/1st M KY M

Harp, William H 25/1st Mechanic M M --- Georgie Miles 19/1st M M M

Harris, Will J 27/1st Architect KY KY KY Bette Howley 21/1st KY LA KY

Helpp, Robert Franklin 38/2nd Clerk KY KY KY Catherine Clements 26/1st KY KY
KY 09/26/1893

Hughes, George F 24/1st Farmer M M M Mary A Head 22/1st M KY KY 10/23/1893

Hutchins, George R 23/1st Merchant KY KY KY Manie R Sutton 17/1st M M M

Mann, James M 27/1st Farmer KY KY KY Sarah Teresa Warner 18/1st KY KY KY

Mattingly, George T 23/1st Farmer M M M Sussie M Holthouser 21/st KY KY KY

Mattingly, John R 25/1st Farmer M M M Mary E Whalen 22/1st KY KY KY

McAfee, G H  34/1st Farmer M M M Dorithy Irvene 22/1st KY KY KY 10/19/1893

McCauley, John 35/1st Farmer M M M Francis F Harp 23/1st M KY M 11/07/1893

Milburn, Sam F 26/1st Farmer KY M KY Lillie White 25/1st KY KY KY 12/21/1893

Nally, William Benedict 25/1st Farmer KY KY KY Katie Malone 29/1st M M M

OíBryan, Charles A 23/1st Farmer KY KY KY Annie Mary Bland 17/1st M M M

Pfan, William C 25/1st Druggist IN Ger Ger Nellie Russell 18/1st M KY KY

Sanders, John William 23/1st Farmer KY KY KY Julia Margerson 19/1st M M M

Sapp, William 21/1st Farmer M M M Appilona Benningfeild 15/1st M M M

Sapp, William J 12/1st Farmer M M M Anna Yates 16/1st M M M 11/14/1893

Sinkhorn, J C 29/1st Farmer KY KY KY Annie Pipes 23/1st M M M 12/19/1893

Thomas, David M 47/1st Farmer M MD KY Mrs Margaret Abell 37/2nd M M KY

Vandyke, Thomas 23/1st Farmer M M M Amanda Evans 20/1st M M MO 09/27/1893

Veatch, Henry 24/1st Farmer KY KY M Mary Raley 18/1st M M M 12/27/1893

Wathen, Joseph I 25/1st Farmer KY KY M Florence C Spalding 22/1st M M M

Wise, Oliver 23/1st Farmer M M M Lizzie Jarboe 20/1st M M M 10/24/1893




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