Marion County

Marriage Records - 1894

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

All there was were the Names and Dates.

GROOM                         BRIDE                          DATE

Adams, Thomas                 Marietta Adams                 05/03/1894
Avevitt, Richard              Mary Burress                   09/30/1893
Baker, Joseph                 Lizzie Shelby                  11/30/1893
Booker, James                 Dutch McClutcher               04/20/1894
Burch, Steve                  Mary Brown                     03/26/1894
Clements, George              Mary Ellen Hagan               09/25/1893
Clements, John H              Ella Maxley                    06/18/1894
Colter, George                Lillie Wilson                  10/19/1893
Crowdus, Sang                 Nannie McElroy                 10/19/1893
Dunn, Edward B                Mattie Grundy                  09/16/1893
Edelin, Dan                   Hattie Smith                   05/22/1894
Froman, Mat                   Susie Edelin                   05/05/1894
Griffin, Wilson               Ann Penick                     09/12/1894
Harrison, William H           Adnia Smith                    10/18/1893
Hart, Ed                      Jane Smawley                   03/01/1894
Hart, James                   Lizzie Adams                   04/21/1894
Henderson, Edward             Ella Griffin                   03/06/1894
Jarboe, Thomas                Josie Osborne                  01/05/1894
Lamay, Richard                Lizzie Bell                    11/29/1893
Logan, Mell                   Annie Smawley                  03/01/1894
Maxwell, Thomas               Cora Chandler                  01/24/1894
Phillips, Matthew             Maggie Gartin                  08/02/1894
Pipes, Peter                  Nora Harp                      12/28/1893
Porter, Jiles                 Mary Ellen Thornton            10/28/1893
Porter, Lewis                 Susie Mudd                     02/03/1894
Robenson, John                Ida F Thurman                  07/31/1894
Roberts, John Tyler           Mariah J Smock                 05/14/1894
Smith, George                 Ermine Thurman                 01/17/1894
Wathen, Robert                Rosa Prewitt                   04/24/1894




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