Marion County

Marriage Records - 1894

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

1894 Marion County, Kentucky Marriages. I have but did not include the place
of residence, and I put KY if it was another county other than Marion. The
place of the marriage was also included. The headings include the Groomís
name, age # of marriages, occupation, the Groomís birthplace, his fatherís
birth place, his motherís birth place. The Brideís name, age, # of
marriages, Her birth place, her fatherís birth place, her motherís birth
place, and the date of the marriage.  If KY is put in the birth place
column, it means it was a county of Kentucky other than Marion, I have the
information if you need it, M in this column means Marion County. If it lists
another state, in some instances, it gives the town but I did not list them
because of space. If anyone needs this information let me know and I will be
glad to send it to you, Vickie


Abell, Thomas T 37/1st Saloon Keeper M M M Mary E Cummins 27/1st M Ire M

Adams, Wm Hamilton 47/2nd Farmer KY KY KY Mary Ann Phillips 38/2nd M M M

Ballard, Nicholas G 22/1st Farmer M M M Josephine Beavers 25/1st M M M

Benningfield, James W 21/1st Farmer KY M KY Eva Buckman 20/1st M M M

Blanton, John R 24/1st Farmer KY AL GA Sophia R Mattingly 18/1st M M M

Browning, William 47/1st Farmer & Trader M M M Susie Greenwell 23/1st M M M

Brussells, Joe P 23/1st Farmer M Bel TN Mary Etta Watson 22/1st M M M

Buckman, Demetrius 49/2nd Farmer M M M Sallie A Wayne 35/1st M M M

Cabbell, William F 24/1st Clerk KY KY KY Mary L England 20/1st M M KY

Campbell, Nat C 35/1st Farmer KY VA KY Nannie Kimberlin 23/1st KY KY KY

Carter, William 22/1st Farmer KY KY KY Sarah Francis Webb 18/1st M KY M

Conder, James T 30/1st Farmer KY KY M Ida Lou. Hagan 20/1st M M KY

Cooley, Jackson 42/1st Farmer M M M Lottie Hart 26/1st M M M 0607/1894
Cooley, James 22/1st Farmer M M M Louise H Roe 15/1st M M M 01/25/1894

Divine, Dary C 21/1st Farmer KY KY KY Catherine Feenly 21/1st M Ire KY

Dulton, Green 22/1st Farmer KY KY KY Mollie Wise 23/1st M M M 07/19/1894
Durham, Robert J 63/2nd Farmer KY --- --- Josephine Mills 42/2nd KY --- ---

Ewing, Clem 26/2nd Wagoner M M M Lillie Turner 21/1st M M M 06/27/1894

Flynn, C W 36/1st Harness maker KY Ire Ire Josie Hayden 31/1st KY KY KY

Foster, George 21/1st Farmer KY KY KY Ellen T Montgomery 21/1st KY KY KY

Grubbs, C C 40/3rd Farmer KY VA KY Sarah Cooley 27/2nd M M M 03/22/1894
Hagan, T J 31/1st Farmer M M M Mariah L Logston 21/1st KY KY KY 03/05/1894

Hancock, Oscar 23/1st Farmer KY KY M Annie May Carrico 25/1st M M M

Harding, Mattin 23/1st Farmer M M M Nannie Schroghill 20/1st M M M

Harp, Henry 34/3rd Warehouse hand M M M Annie Cross 34/1st M M M 04/17/1894
Hayden, William Lonza 20/1st Farmer M KY KY Elizabeth Jane Riggs 17/1st M M

M 08/19/1894
Howell, James H 23/1st Lawyer KY KY KY Marguerite Nelson 20/1st KY KY KY

Hutchinson, Edward R 19/1st Farmer M KY KY Nannie B Riggs 17/1st M M M

Kearns, J B 21/1st Farmer M Ire Ire Winnefred Cummins 21/1st M Ire M

Lanham, Westley 25/2nd Farmer KY KY M Hattie Brents 23/1st M M M 08/28/1894

Lucas, Ernest 22/1st Farmer M M M Mattie Fenwick 19/1st M M M 06/26/1894

Mattingly, Kendrick 26/2nd Farmer M M --- Emma Reid 17/1st KY KY KY

Mattingly, J E 34/3rd Farmer M M KY Cyntha Thompson 22/1st M M M 05/30/1894

Mattingly, James E 24/1st Farmer M M M Julia Ballard 18/1st M M M 02/27/1894

Mattingly, Thomas A 21/1st Farmer M M M Sallie F Greenwell 21/1st M M M

McCauley, Thomas W 24/1st Farmer KY M M Mannie Wethington 21/1st M KY M

Milburn, J H 23/1st Farmer KY --- --- Minsui Lee Pirtte 16/1st M KY M

Miles, Fred 22/1st Farmer M M M Dora Smith 18/1st M M M 05/22/1894

Miles, J M 50/3rd Farmer M M M Nannie Smith 50/1st M M M 01/23/1894

Morris, Joseph F 27/1st Farmer M --- --- Martha E McCauley 22/1st M --- ---

Mouser, Otis 26/1st Agt LMRR  M M M Lelia M Kemper 19/1st KY KY KY

Newton, James H 19/1st Farmer KY --- --- Mary Cecia Elmore 18/1st M --- ---

Newton, John M 26/1st Farmer KY KY M Annie Mary Wood 27/1st M KY M

Payne, D L 43/2nd Farmer M Ire TN Synda Wise 29/1st KY KY KY 01/04/1894

Pipes, Robert B 26/2nd Farmer M M KY Ethel Cora Minor 17/1st KY M KY

Prather, William R 47/3rd Cem Keeper KY KY KY Maggie Miles 38/1st M M M

Price, Tawnrey 21/1st Blksmth KY KY KY Mattie Logan 23/2nd KY KY KY

Ray, Foster 20/1st Capitlist M M M Maggie Edmonds 18/1st M M --- 03/21/1894

Rigdon, Andrew J 21/1st Farmer KY KY KY Lucie Bell Alford 14/1st M KY M

Riggs, Kelby Clarence 19/1st Farmer M M M Jennie V Cahoe 17/1st M KY M

Rodgers, W M 32/2nd Farmer KY KY KY Eliza Jane Brown 33/2nd M KY KY

Ryan, John W 24/1st Farmer M M M Josie Mattingly 22/1st M M M 01/30/1894

Schwaner, Casper 39/2nd Shoemaker Ger Ger Ger Mollie Green 39/1st M M M

Smith, Thomas J 45/2nd Farmer M M M Martha E Gootie 36/1st M M KY 04/10/1894

Smothers, Alex 22/1st Farmer M M M Mary Wright 17/1st KY KY KY 05/03/1894

Spurling, John R 36/3 Farmer KY KY KY Kate Yowell 28/1st KY KY KY 05/15/1894

Sullivan J E 23/1st Farmer KY KY KY Marion A Floyd 20/1st M KY KY 02/01/1894

Thompson, John E 25/1st Farmer M M M Maggie D Hall 22/1st M M M 02/05/1894

Trusty, Mat 23/1st Law Milling KY KY KY Martha Goode 21/1st KY KY KY

Turner, Joe Allen 24/1st Farmer M KY KY Nannie Fudder 21/1st KY KY VA

Vandyke, Wallace 50/2nd Carpenter M --- --- Josie Hair 24/1st KY --- ---

Wade, George P 26/1st Farmer KY M KY Jennie V Mattingly 17/1st M M M

Weatherford, P C 26/1st Farmer M M M Alta M Anderson 18/1st M M M 02/21/1894

Webb, J W 23/1st Horse groomer M KY KY Lucy Gordon 29/2nd M KY KY 04/17/1894

Whitehouse, Mark 21/1st Farmer M M M Lucy Isaacs 22/1st M M M 05/22/1894

Williams, John W 29/1st Farmer M --- --- Lizzie Bartly 21/1st M --- ---

Wise, Rod J 22/1st Clerk KY M KY Josie E Graham 22/1st KY KY KY 01/17/1894

Wooldridge, J H 26/1st Farmer KY KY --- Mary E Cooper 21/1st KY --- ---

Wooley, James F 33/1st Farmer KY KY KY Alice Caulk 21/1st KY --- ---

Wright, Charles 55/2nd Farmer VA VA VA Hester Ann Overstreet 46/2nd M M M

Wright, David J 33/2nd Farmer M M M Susan F Walston 23/1st M M M 09/06/1894

Wright, George 24/1st Farmer M M M Susie Evans 18/1st M KY M 01/24/1894




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