Marion County

Marriage Records - 1901

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

1901 Marion County, Kentucky Marriages.  I included Colored marriages also
in this listing, unfortunately it only included the names and the date of
the marriage.  I have but did not include the place of residence, and I put
KY if it was another county other than Marion. The place of the marriage was
also included. The headings include the Groomís name, age # of marriages,
occupation, the Groomís birthplace, his fatherís birth place, his motherís
birth place. The Brideís name, age, # of marriages, Her birth place, her
fatherís birth place, her motherís birth place, and the date of the
marriage.  If KY is put in the birth place column, it means it was a county
of Kentucky other than Marion, I have the information if you need it, M in
this column means Marion County. If it list another state, in some
instances, it gives the town but I did not list them because of space. If
anyone needs this information let me know and I will be glad to send it to
you, Vickie


Abell, S O 26/1st Machinist KS M M Jesse Marie Simms 25/1st M M M 11/26/1901

Alvey, James 24/1st Farmer M M M Mary Prudie Lucas 22/1st M M M 07/16/1901

Anderson, James M 24/1st Distiller M M KY Nannie Martin 29/3rd KY KY KY

Bickett, Leonard O 23/1st Farmer M M M Mary Lillie Lamkins 18/1st M M KY

Blair, William 26/1st Farmer M M M Georgia Brady 21/1st M M M 04/16/1901

Blandford, F P 25/1st Farmer M M M Daisy Head 24/1st M KY M 10/01/1901

Brockman, John 28/1st Farmer KY KY KY Mamie Allen 26/2nd M M M 11/26/1901

Brown, William  Colored    Susie Yuina     10/02/1901

Buckman, Charlie  Colored    Pearlie Hart     03/16/1901

Bullock, John 23/1st Laborer M M M Nannie Miles 23/1st M M M 03/06/1901

Burke, E G 29/1st RR Employe M M M Rosa R Thornton 25/1st M M KY 11/27/1901

Calhoun, Toni  Colored    Katie Palmer     10/30/1901

Canary, Walter 21/1st Painter KY KY KY Maggie Browning 21/1st M M M

Carrico, J B 31/1st Farmer KY KY --- Bridget Miles 21/1st M M M 01/08/1901

Cissell, Charles Lee 22/1st Farmer M M M Mary Joe McCauley 25/1st M M M

Clark, ? 28/1st Farmer KY KY KY Annie Mary Williams 22/1st M M M 10/22/1901

Condor, John M 20/1st Millman KY KY KY Nancy Deeries 18/1st M M M 08/12/1901

Cook, James T 27/1st Farmer KY KY KY Lizzie Abell 22/1st M M KY 04/16/1901

Cooley, Florence 22/1st Farmer M M M Nettie Wells 19/1st M M M 08/15/1901

Cooper, Martin  Colored    Joanne Ray     02/23/1901

Cooper, William 23/1st Farmer M M KY Flora Ewing 17/1st M M M 11/11/1901

Courts, John W  Colored    Eliza McElroy     06/17/1901

Cowherd, Charles  Colored    Belle Crawford     01/23/1901

Cowherd, Simon  Colored    Anna Gettings     12/10/1901

Cox, Mathias 38/3rd Farmer KY KY KY Lizzie Inward 38/3rd M --- ---

Craven, F V            age ? 28/1st Farmer M M M Mary Anne Fenwick 17/1st M
M M 02/12/1901

Crowdus, Will  Colored    Nettie Douglas     09/10/1901

Daugherty, J T 35/2nd Farmer KY KY KY Sallie Russell 17/1st M M KY

Davy?, John  Colored    Ella Perry     09/26/190

Deemer, William Russell 34/1st Attorney NJ PA NJ Sarah J Grundy 23/1st M M
KY 12/19/1901

Displain, Archie 19,1st Farmer KY KY KY Dee Martin 19/1st M M M 09/18/1901

Dombell, John  Colored    Ella Whitlock     02/16/1901

Dunn, Charlie  Colored    Lula May Mattingly     12/07/1901

Dye, C O 24/1st Farmer KY KY M Ida Graham 21/1st KY KY KY 12/12/1901

Edelen, Ed  Colored    Belle Buckler     10/02/1901

Edelen, Hilory  Colored    Eliza Prewitt     04/02/1901

Edwards, Si  Colored    Mary Yowdy     08/20/1901

Ellis, Walter 23/1st Smith KY --- --- Emma Habron 21/1st KY --- ---

England, George B 23/1st Salesman M M M Lillian Rowntree Spaulding 20/1st M
M M 07/24/1901

Ewing, James E 50/2nd Farmer M KY M Alice Merritt 35/2nd M --- ---

Ferriell, Ed 25/1st Laborer M M M Benita Brady 21/1st M M M 09/16/1901

Funk, Ben  Colored    Eva Hughes     07/17/1901

Glasscock, J R 25/1st Farmer M M M Nellie Thornton 21/1st M M KY 02/20/1901

Goodin, W M 24/1st Farmer KY M KY Annie May Livers 24/1st M M M 10/15/1901

Greenwell, William? 33/2nd Cooper KY KY KY Eosie Brady 21/1st M M M

Gribbons, R W 30/1st Farmer KY KY KY Emma Wayne 23/1st M M KY 01/03/1901

Gribbons, Sitas 19/1st Farmer KY M KY Eliza Belle Harmon 21/1st M KY KY

Grundy, Will  Colored    Eunice Buckner     10/31/1901

Hagan, Samuel 22/1st Farmer M M KY Ida B Pipes 21/1st M M KY 12/24/1901

Hagan, Thomas R 24/1st Mechanic M M KY Estelle B Ferrell 21/1st M M KY

Hall, Charlie 22/1st Farmer M VA M Minnie Wells 16/1st M M M 08/15/1901

Hamilton, Felix S 37/2nd Drummer M M M Laura Lee Jarboe 29/1st M M M

Hamilton, George 24/1st Farmer M M M Mary M Browning 23/1st M M M 11/06/1901

Harding, N B 21/1st Farmer M M M Minnie Calvin 22/1st M KY M 09/03/1901

Hayden, David  Colored    Reva Miles     09/21/1901

Hayden, George  Colored    Lillie Florence Smith     10/16/1901

Hayden, Sidney  Colored    Mamie     12/23/1901

Hays, Nelson 24/1st Farmer M M M Emma Dagwell 24/1st M SC GA 01/23/1901

Heaston, John 26/1st Tel Operator KY NY VA Marie Finueau 23/1st M M M

Heasten, Lloyd 2-/1st Farmer KY --- M Lula Belle Tungate 27/1st KY KY KY

Hill, Charlie  Colored    Lizzie Cowherd     05/13/1901

Hoffhims, Ralph Edison 22/1st Teacher OH OH OH Jane Maroella Hubbard 22/1st
KY OH KY 01/05/1901

Homer, W J 40/1st Musician Wis ? ? Minnie L Clark 22/1st KY KY KY 1901

Hughes, R N 44/2nd Farmer M M M Agnes Bowman 26/1st M M M 04/22/1901

Inman, James 27/1st Farmer KY KY KY Stella Harmon 16/1st M KY KY 09/19/1901

Isaacs, J S 44/1st Farmer M M M Kate Houlihan 27/1st M Ire M 01/17/1901

James, T W 24/1st Farmer KY KY KY Pearl Adams 23/1st M KY KY 02/12/1901

Johns, D F 28/1st Farmer TN TN TN Mattie Eads 31/2nd KY KY KY 10/14/1901

Johnson, George 22/1st Painter M TN M Rachel Bird 18/1st M M M 11/30/1901

Jones, Thomas  Colored    Effie Buckhaven     05/13/1901

Lamkin, Adrian A 21/1st Farmer M M M Anna Bell Brady 23/1st M M M 02/06/1902

Lancaster, Harry 30/1st Clerk M KY KY Alathair S Hill 24/1st M M M

Luckett, John 21/1st Laborer M M M Margaret T Stillwell 30/2nd M M M

Mann, W J 66/2nd Farmer M --- VA Martha Ann Sullivan 56/2nd M M M 04/25/1901

Martin, William 21/1st Farmer M M M Lula Thompson 17/1st M M M 01/10/1901

Mattingly, Ben J 41/1st Saloonist M M M Eliza Mattingly 26/1st M M M

Mattingly, E W 28/1st Farmer M M M Mary Ida Osborne 22/1st M KY M 09/25/1901

Mattingly, G Bernard 19/1st Farmer M M M Francis M Green 18/1st M M M

Mattingly, Henry 22/1st Farmer M M M Leona Mattingly 18/1st M M M 10/30/1901

Mattingly, Hugh D 37/2nd Farmer M M M Mary Ellen Mattingly 28/1st M M M

Mattingly, John Lewis 22/1st Farmer M M M Lillie Cambron 19/1st M M M

Mattingly, J Bernard  22/1st Farmer KY KY KY Nannie Blanch Simms  20/1st M M
M 09/10/1901

Mattingly, J L 43/2nd Farmer M M M Mollie Puryear 33/2nd M M M 10/22/1901

Mattingly, J S 24/1st Farmer M M M Lizzie Lucas 17/1st M M M 01/22/1901

Mattingly, Kendrick 18/1st RR Employe M M M Teresa Kelly 17/1st M M M

Mattingly, Stiley 18/1st Farmer M M M Eliza Jane Helton 22/1st M M M

Mattingly, T B 46/3rd Farmer M M M Mary L Miles 35/2nd KY KY M 10/15/1901

Mattingly, William 26/2nd Farmer M M M Mary Lou Abell 21/1st M M M

McClure, Maj.   Colored    Minnie Booker     07/25/1901

McElroy, James  Colored    Finie Gartin     05/17/1901

McElroy, John  Colored    Alice Graves     06/19/1901

Miles, John Frances 18/1st Farmer M M M Lizzie S Downs 18/1st M KY M

Mills, Rich 24/1st Farmer M M M Emma S Whitlock 15/1st M KY KY 06/13/1901

Mitchell, Sam  Colored    Lizzie Gains     05/27/1901

Moss, T A 35/1st Farmer KY TN KY Rose S Graham 22/1st M KY KY 01/02/1901

Mullins, William H 20/1st Farmer M M M Lillian Eads 18/1st MS KY KY

Murphy, Jessie 31/1st Farmer KY KY KY Paralie Edwards 28/1st IN KY KY

Murrey, Hugh 31/1st Pharmacist KY KY KY Lucia May McAfee 23/1st M KY M

Murrey, William A 50/2nd Farmer KY KY KY Mary W Spratt 28/2nd KY --- ---

Nalley, Will 23/1st Farmer KY KY KY Sallie Elizabeth Nalley 21/1st M M M

Nelson, George A  Colored    Mary Lou Spalding     12/04/1901

Nelson, W G 20/1st Farmer M M M Jennie Hockey 19/1st M -- KY 02/13/1901

Newcomb, Isaac J 41/2nd Painter KY KY KY Mary E Bryant 23/2nd IN KY KY

Newton, C O 50/2nd Electrian WV VA VA Kate B Miller 37/1st M KY KY

Noel, James 24/1st Teamster M M M Jeanne Evans 17/1st M M M 01/08/1901

Osborne, Charles G 24/1st Boablupi? M KY M Mary Rose Ballard 23/1st KY M M

Osborne, M 31/1st Farmer KY KY M Florence Blandford 23/1st M KY M 01/16/1901

Parrot, Joe  Colored    Ethee Yates     08/12/1901

Peterson, S T 3-/1st Farmer M M M Sudie Miller 32/1st M M KY 01/17/1901

Phillips, Harry  Colored    Mary T Hodges     03/14/1901

Phillips, Logan 22/1st Farmer KY KY KY Parthena  Whitehouse 18/1st M M M

Pickerill, John 27/1st Farmer KY KY M Ella Williams 40/2nd M M M 11/26/1901

Pipes, Edgar R 22/1st R R Hand KY M KY Effie B Graham 17/1st KY KY KY

Pope, Will  Colored    Ella Penick     11/09/1901

Purdy, Leslie 19/1st Farmer M M KY Myrtie Woodrum 17/1st M KY KY 12/05/1901

Raley, Joe 29/1st Farmer M M M Rosia Warren 21/1st KY KY KY 01/08/1901

Raney, William 22/1st Painter M M KY Florence P Berry 16/1st M KY KY

Remberton, Sanil 26/1st Farmer KY KY KY Mamie Rakes 20/1st M M M 01/08/1901

Roberts, Lewis 48/1st Farmer KY KY KY Rosa Abell 19/1st M M M 02/21/1901

Roberts, Walter  Colored    Janie Burton     08/27/1901

Rollins, J G 26/1st Atley M M M Martha Landers 24/1st MD Scot Scot

Romine, A W 23/1st Teacher KY KY KY Nannie E Short 19/1st M M KY 05/09/1901

Rowntree, John  Colored    ? Cooper     12/24/1901

Sauders, Virgie 24/1st Farmer KY KY M Agnes D Cambron 22/1st M M M

Settles, W M 22/1st Farmer M KY M Mary Piney Book 17/1st KY KY KY 11/26/1901

Shuck, Slaughter  Colored    Myrtle Purdy     01/01/1901

Simms, Edward 29/1st Farmer KY KY KY Mary Ida Mattingly 25/1st M M M

Simms, Fred 24/1st Mechanic M M M Pearl Hagan 20/1st M M M 02/18/1901

Simms, Joseph Walken 23/1st Farmer M M M Mary Sallie Abell 23/1st M M M

Smalley, Henry  Colored    Mary Clark     12/17/1901

Smith, James Arther 30/1st Salesman M M M Marie C Wathen 27/1st M M M

Spalding, Ed 22/1st Farmer M M M Janie Mattingly 20/1st M M M 12/11/1901

Stucker, Warren 24/1st Laborer KY KY KY Bettie C Avertt 19/1st M M M

Swann, Sam J  Colored    Ella Bullock     10/21/1901

Sweat, L S                    (of Plant City, FL) 27/1st Fruit Grower GA GA
GA Sallie M Bradford 21/1st M M M 09/10/1901

Taudy, Ed G 25/1st Machine ---- KY KY M Josie Carr 19/1st M M M 02/14/1901

Thomas, Edward R 42/2nd Farmer M M M Mary Teresa Fields 32/1st KY KY KY

Thomas, Marion 29/2nd Mechanic IN IN --- Josie Ella Whitlock 20/1st M KY KY

Thompson, Sylvester  26/1st Farmer M M M Mary Susie Madden 21/1st M --- M

Thompson, Victor L 25/1st Farmer M M KY Jennie V Cissell 22/1st M M M

Thompson, Wilfred L 3-/1st Laborer M M M Bredget Horan 28/1st KY Ire Ire

Thornberry, R D 31/2nd Merchant KY KY Ark Mamie Hilpp 25/1st M --- ---

Tudder, James 26/1st Farmer KY KY VA Mary Bell Morris 18/1st M M M

Walls?, John Dallas 28/1st Farmer KY KY KY Lella Harmon 16/1st KY KY KY

Warden, C L 29/1st Farmer M VA KY Bettie Whitfield 28/1st M M M 03/06/1901

Wells, W P 26/1st Farmer M M M Sallie Minda 21/1st M KY KY 04/25/1901

White, Joseph 24/1st Farmer M KY KY Maranda M Purgen 16/1st KY KY KY

Whitehouse, Leslie 19/1st Farmer M WV WV Rose Lee Alford 17/1st M KY M

Willett, John  Colored    Kate Neal     01/09/1901

Wise, Hackries 23/1st Farmer M M M Sallie Cakey 28/1st M M M 04/23/1901

Wright, Buford 23/1st Howster M KY KY Nellie McBride 15/1st M M M 03/26/1901

Yates, John Lee 21/1st Farmer KY KY KY Frances E Purdom 22/1st M KY M

Yates, W M  Colored    Laura Dudgeon     02/21/1901




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