Marion County

Marriage Records - 1904

Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

1904 Marion County, Kentucky Marriages. Some of these were very hard to read
because of writing and fading of the pages. I included Colored marriages
also in this listing, unfortunately it only included the names and the date
of the marriage.  I have but did not include the place of residence, and I
put KY if it was another county other than Marion. The place of the marriage
was also included. The headings include the Groomís name, age # of
marriages, occupation, the Groomís birthplace, his fatherís birth place, his
motherís birth place. The Brideís name, age, # of marriages, Her birth
place, her fatherís birth place, her motherís birth place, and the date of
the marriage.  If KY is put in the birth place column, it means it was a
county of Kentucky other than Marion, I have the information if you need it,
M in this column means Marion County. If it list another state, in some
instances, it gives the town but I did not list them because of space. If
anyone needs this information let me know and I will be glad to send it to
you, Vickie


Abell, John R 23/1st Farmer M M M Mary Mattingly 15/1st M M M 12/20/1904

Abell, Lee 23/1st Farmer M M M Emma May Caldwell 18/1st M M M 10/24/1904

Alford, George 18/1st Farmer M KY KY Lillie Williams 21/1st M M M 05/10/1904

Anderson, Arther  Colored    Katie Hurt Col    09/07/1904

Anderson, William E  Colored    Teresa Hamilton Col    04/16/1904

Arvin, R E 21/1st Farmer KY KY KY Effie Carlile 18/1st KY --- KY 12/21/1904

Ballard, Hilory 25/1st Farmer M M KY Josie Brady 29/1st M M M 04/26/1904

Beaven, F K 23/1st --- Operator M M M Cora Abell 18/1st M M KY 02/16/1904

Blanford, J M 30/1st Farmer KY KY M Mary E OíDaniel 21/1st M M KY 01/20/1904

Blanford, J R of IN 20/1st ---Fitter KS KY KY G Molohan 20/1st M M M

Blanford, Walter H 24/1st Oil Business KY KY KY Mary C Buckler 20/1st M M M

Booker, Ben T  Colored    Ella Shuck Col    09/24/1904

Bradford, F 22/1st Bartender M M M Mary Joe Sapp 17/1st M M M 01/08/1904

Brady, Ralph 2-/1st Farmer M M M Belle Mattingly 28/1st M M M 09/10/1904

Bright, W E 26/1st Miller M M M Lissie A Buckman 23/1st M M M 05/05/1904

Burenell, L B 52/2nd Cooper NY --- --- Kate Barrick 26/1st KY --- ---

Cabbell, John 27/1st Farmer M M M Mattie Clements 30/2nd M M M 01/27/1904

Carrall, Ed P 29/1st Carpenter KY VA VA Ada Mobley 22/1st KY --- ---

Carrico, John W 24/1st Farmer M KY KY Effie May Lanham 19/1st M M M

Christie, J N 25/1st Farmer M KY KY Lilie B Pardom? 29/1st M M M 10/26/1904

Cissell, J B 22/1st Farmer M M M Mary Agnes Spalding 21/1st M M M 09/14/1904

Cissell, Lawrence 24/1st Farmer M M M Lizzie C Thomas 18/1st M M M

Cissell, Will  Colored    Sallie D Cowherd Col    05/30/1904

Clark, W N 53/2nd Farmer IN --- --- Mahala Wilson 21/1st KY TN TN 10/18/1904

Cowherd, J H 20/1st Farmer M KY M Josie Tandy 21/1st KY KY KY 12/01/1904

Crawford, John 22/1st Painter ? ? ? Janie Gaddis 21/1st KY --- ---

Crouser, Leo of IN 32/1st Laborer OH M OH Nora Wise 22/1s M M M 01/08/1904

Cull, J F 27/1st Farmer KY --- --- Maggie A Cooley 23/1st M --- KY

Cutner, R U of Miss 2-/1st Attorney MS VA VA Elizabeth Lewis 19/1st KY M KY

Davis, Alexander  Colored    Katie Swann Col    08/18/1904

Davis, William 27/1st Farmer M M KY Rosie Devers 18/1st M M M 01/13/1904

Devers, Mike O 25/1st Merchant KY M KY Ersula Harris 25/1st KY --- ---

Dudley, Burk  Colored    Lena Pope Col    04/26/1904

Edwards, Debo 18/1st Farmer M M KY Carrie Young 22/1st KY KY KY 12/20/1904

Edwards, Edgar 22/1st Farmer ---- --- --- Stella Inmann 19/2nd KY KY KY

Elmore, John C 22/1st Farmer M M --- Sallie B Mattingly 21/1st M M M

Ewing, James 22/1st Farmer M M M Ethel Clements 16/1st M M M 02/03/1904

Fallowell, William 22/1st Farmer M M M Ida Taylor 17/1st M M M 01/01/1904

Farris, J T 21/1st School Teacher KY KY KY Cora James 19/1st M M KY

Firman, Ben  Colored    Lizzie Hagan Col    01/25/1904

Garrett, Andrew 21/1st Cooper M KY M Nannie L Willard --/-- --- --- ---

Gilkerson, H 20/1st RR Clerk M --- M Sophie C Penick 21/1st KY KY KY

Grammer, John 22/1st Laborer KY KY KY Hattie L Burress 16/1st KY KY KY

Gray, William 22/1st RR Employee M M M Mattie Skidmore 18/1st KY KY KY

Greer, C D of TN 24/1st RR Employee M --- --- Nora Polley 2-/1st M M M

Guest, David  Colored    Ellen Gartin Col    11/23/1904

Hall, Robert 25/1st Farmer M M M Willie Esther Boarman 19/1st M M M

Hartfield, Ernest 28/1st Farmer KY KY KY Eliza Thornton 40/1st M M M

Hasty, Leo T 18/1st Farmer KY KY KY Clara McMahone 16/1st KY --- ---

Hazelwood, Thomas  Colored    Janie Harmon Col    05/13/1904

Hedspeth, Henry R 17/1st Farmer KY KY KY Meffie L Dezann 16/1st M --- ---

Hill, John W  Colored    Lou Duncan Col    08/29/1904

Hughes, Francis N 39/1st Farmer M M M Mary F Burnnell 36/1st KY KY KY

Hughes, G E 21/1st Farmer M M M Mary Belle Cissell 20/1st M M M 09/13/1904

Ingrave, Albert  Colored    Puddy Cooper Col    02/13/1904

Isaacs, E C 19/1st Farmer M M M F Glasscock 20/1st M M KY 10/24/1904

Isaacs, Willie 18/1st Farmer KY KY KY Maggie Zimmer 24/1st M --- ---

Jarvis, Paul of NY 39/1st Bond Salesman Can Can Can Caroline E Beeler 26/1st
OH KY OH 11/23/1904

Johnson, Percy H 25/1st Banker M M VA Mary B Rogers 20/1st M KY KY

Key, Joe R  Colored    Teresa Osborne Col    05/31/1904

Lancaster, Sam  Colored    Mary Goattey Col    04/02/1904

Lee, J A of IN 30/2nd Conductor M M M Lula Abell 19/1st M M M 11/19/1904

Logan, George  Colored    Minnie B Johnson Col    09/14/1904

Logsdon, Herman 23/1st Farmer M KY M Susie Thompson 21/1st M M M 11/14/1904

Lucas, Will 25/1st Farmer M M M Mary B Settles 24/1st KY M TN 12/16/1904

Luckett, E A 33/1st Wa-nousman M M KY Gertrude Mattingly 25/1st M M M

Marcum, James 26/1st Farmer KY KY KY L Newton 18/1st M --- --- 10/31/1904

Martin, Jesse 23/1st Farmer M M M Lula Cravens 21/1st M M M 11/17/1904

Mattingly, Ben 24/1st Farmer M M KY Ethel McLee? 18/1st KY KY --- 10/19/1904

Mattingly, Owen 22/1st Farmer M M M Florence Smith 26/1st M M KY 05/18/1904

McElroy, John E  Colored    Etta Sansberry Col    10/12/1904

McFarland, Smith  Colored    Amanda Willis Col    03/01/1904

McLee, Samuel A 43/2nd Farmer --- --- --- Emily J Peak 54/2nd KY M ---

McNear, Charles 21/1st Laborer KY KY KY Alice Batehis 14/1st M KY KY

McNear, W G 27/1st Farmer KY --- --- Myrlie Micheal 18/1st --- --- ---

Milburn, J H 32/2nd Farmer --- --- KY Ella -annes 25/2nd M M --- 10/18/1904

Miles, Benedict 22/1st Farmer M M M Anna Mary Hamilton 17/1st M M M

Miles, James E 23/1st Farmer M M M Fannie ----- 19/1st M M M 02/09/1904

Miles, James M 32/1st Farmer M M M Agnes Cross 29/1st M M M 04/18/1904

Miles, John R 22/1st ? M M --- Lula Jane Mattingly 21/1st M M M 09/20/1904

Miller, J W 4-/3rd Farmer M M M Minnie Boarman 2-/1st M M M 07/27/1904

Minor, James W 23/1st Farmer M KY KY Elvina Pollowell 21/1st M M M

Morgan, Edward  Colored    Lizzie Short Col    12/26/1904

Moore, James A 30/1st Farmer M M KY Prudie G Buckman 20/1st M M M 01/13/1904

Moore, William 58/7th Farmer M M M Lee Williams 48/2nd KY KY KY 02/09/1904

Murphey, Charles T 49/2nd Real Estate MD DE MD Anna F Murphey 25/1st M PA KY

Myers, Robert T 21/1st ? M M M Bessie P---- 22/1st M KY M 01/20/1904

Nelson, Frank L 23/1st Farmer M MS --- Nannie E Underwood 13/1st --- --- ---

Nelson, J T 20/1st Farmer M M M Lida Lanham 18/1st M --- --- 11/02/1904

Newton, C D 21/1st Farmer M M KY B Flowers 20/1st M M M 11/14/1904

Nugent, E A 31/1st Cooper TN --- TN Mary G Bickett 17/1st M M M 06/22/1904

OíDaniel, T J 38/2nd Farmer M M M Annie E Hagan 35/1st M M M 11/21/1904

Osborn, W L 27/1st Farmer M M M Sallie Thompson 22/1st M M M 11/23/1904

Overstreet, Reese 22/1st Farmer M M M Ellen Ramsey 21/1st M VA KY 03/23/1904

Parrott?, Edward  Colored    Mattie Dunn Col    08/24/1904

Parrott, Eugene 24/1st Laborer KY KY KY Maggie Druenn 17/1st M M M

Payne, Sam 36/2nd Farmer Eng Eng Eng Ova T Ridge 29/2nd M M --- 11/10/1904

Pendergraft, Sam 23/1st Farmer M KY KY Nannie Mullins 23/1st M M M

Penick, Walter T 23/1st Sales Cand-- M M KY Lovie G Isaacs 22/1st KY KY KY

Raney, Dave 20/1st Farmer M KY TN Lillie Whitehouse 19/1st M M M 11/25/1904

Roaner, James 51/4th Architect KY IRE IRE C A Clayton 51/2nd M M M

Robinson, Joe 23/1st Farmer M M MO Annie Hagan 19/1st M M M 01/07/1904

Shuck, John  Colored    Margaret A Graves Col    10/18/1904

Smith, Charles  Colored    Rosa Osborn Col    02/01/1904

Smothers, Ephram 26/1st Farmer M M M Lessie Wright 16/1st M M M 09/29/1904

Spalding, J T 21/1st Farmer M M M Mary Abell 21/1st M M M 02/09/1904

Spalding, M J 20/1st Farmer M M M Florine ------ 17/1st M M M 10/24/1904

Spalding, William 25/2nd Engineer M M M Bettie Lee Thomas 15/1st M M M

Stone, Will  Colored    Mary Grady Col    03/07/1904

Taylor, Charley  Colored    Annie M Edwards Col    12/17/1904

Taylor, E W 28/1st Farmer M M M Mary B Wathens 26/1st M M M 08/15/1904

Tharp, M F 21/1st Miller KY KY KY Nora Hagan 22/1st KY KY KY 02/24/1904

Thomas, J 26/1st Farmer M M M Nora Mattingly 20/1st M M M 01/26/1904

Thomas, W R 21/1st Laborer M M M Miss Peyton 16/1st M --- M 02/07/1904

Thompson, D H 26/1st Farmer KY KY KY Victoria Calver 21/st KY KY KY

Thompson, Edgar 37/1st Farmer KY KY M Mattie Thompson 30/1st M M M

Thompson E W 23/1st Farmer M M M Mary Alice Buckler 1-/1st M M M 07/20/1904

Thompson, G O 22/1st Farmer ? ? IN Ermine Hash 22/1st M M M 08/22/1904

Thompson, Joseph 18/1st Farmer M M KY Bettie Joe Settles 17/1st M M TN

Thompson, Pinkney 18/1st Farmer KS M M Mary E Boarman 15/1st M M M

Vaughn, Otis  Colored    Maud Calhoun Col    11/08/1904

Ward, Forrest 33/1st Engineer KY GA M Octavia Bickett 18/1st M M M

Warner, William  Colored    Mattie Pope Col    12/29/1904

Wathen, W N 40/2nd -------- M M M Edna Ford 26/1st M M M 10/24/1904

Wells, W T 49/2nd Farmer KY VA KY Florence Walls 24/2nd KY KY KY 04/27/1904

Wetzel, Joseph E 23/1st Train Worker KY Ger TN Mary M Bean 32/1st M M M

Whitehouse, J B 27/1st Letter Carrier M KY M Mary Lingle 22/1st IN --- ---

Williams, Edgar 22/1st Farmer M -- -- Pearl Glasscock 18/1st M M ---

Witchen, George 22/1st Farmer KY M KY Lula Devens 20/1st M M M 09/08/1904

Witchen, Grant 18/1st Farmer KY KY KY Nannie Adams 17/1st M M M 07/27/1904

Wright, H W 21/1st Farmer M M M Annie I Bickett 27/1st M M KY 05/20/1904




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