Marion County

8th Regiment Cavalry, KY Vol., CSA, Co. "K"

Contributed By: Mary Beth Cooper Abordo

The following muster roll appears in "Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky, Civil War, Vol. I Confederate", pages 746 -748


All of the men upon this roll are listed as having enrolled at Springfield, KY on 10 September 1862

1. Patrick Simms, Captain
2. Joshua B. Reed, 1st Lieut.
3. John M. Bevill, 2nd Lieut.
4. Benjamin J. Lancaster, 3rd Lieut.
5. M. V. Moody, 1st Sergeant
6. E. O. Walker, 2nd Sergeant
7. John Kelly, 3rd Sergeant
8. R. L. Thompson, 4th Sergeant
9. B. J. Cooper, 5th Sergeant
10. Lee Gran Bruner, 1st Corporal
11. William L. Thompson, 2nd Corporal
12. Benjamin F. Bowman, 2nd Corporal
13. Lanham, Hilary, (as it appears), 2nd Corporal
14. D. C. Walker, 3rd Corporal
15. Benjamin F. Bowman ( yes same name as #12), 4th Corporal
16. Stephen Gray, 4th Corporal

The remained of the men upon the list enlisted at the rank of Private
17. Adams, John A.
18. Beall, S. W.
19. Bowman, J. M.
20. Burgess, G. L.
21. Brannon, T. W.
22. Bowles, Alvey
23. Bowman, W. M.
24. Burnett, John
25. Beaven, Samuel
26. Bowling, Duncan
27. Bowman, Barlow
28. Bland, James
29. Brannon, Joseph
30. Carter, W. H.
31. Croomes, A. H.
32. Coulter, Preston
33. Cambron, B. D. E.
34. Clarkson, Henry
35. Cleaver, James
36. Cooper, B. J.
37. Claybrook, J. D.
38. Cleaver, W. W.
39. Cooper, L. H.
40. Duncan, J. L.
41. Davenport, James
42. Dorsey, G. W.
43. Edelin, J. F.
44. English, N. P.
45. Florence, Manuel
46. Fairleigh, W. Q.
47. Foutch, W. H.
48. Gardiner, Clay
49. Graham, John S
50. Gray, Stephen
51. Hagan, Thomas C
52. Hutchinson, Z. R.
53. Hall, B. J.
54. Hamilton, Robert
55. Hopkins, James
56. Jeffries, Hamilton
57. Jackson, W. H.
58. Lanham, H. F.
59. Lanham, C. T.
60. Lewis, William B
61. Masterson, Stephen
62. Mobley, Napoleon B
63. Montgomery, John
64. Montgomery, James
65. Montgomery, R. H.
66. Montgomery, Parker
67. McCormick, William
68. Mudd, William D.
69. Mudd, Samuel A
70. Mays, William
71. Morrison Thomas
72. Mitchell, William
73. Manly, John
74. Nevitt, John H.
75. Overton, Edward
76. Pope, WIlliam D
77. Purdom, John
78. Price, Thomas W
79. Peak, James
80. Ryan, Davis
81. Rapier, Richard
82. Rhodes, W. T.
83. Shockency, Raphiel (as appears)
84. Shaunty, Joseph D
85. Smith, Fielder
86. Schooling, Joseph
87. Stanfield, John
88. Thompson, W. L.
89. Thompson Wm. R
90. Thompson, John P
91. Thompson, S. F
92. Van Cleave, J. B.
93. Vancleave, J. W. (as appears)
94. Walker, Caldwell
95. Walker, Wilson
96. Wheeler, Allen
97. Woodword, J. H.
98. Wathen, Robert
99. Wathen, Benjamin
100. Walker, S. L
101. Wright, Parker
102. Wright, Washington
103. Yoacum, George

*REMARKS [numbers refer to the number of the man on the list]
2. Served 12 months enlistment previously.
15. Promoted to 2nd Corporal
17. Served one term enlistment previously
20.Served one term enlistment previously
35. Never reported for duty
40. Transferred to Capt. Ash's company, Sept 18, 1862
43.Wounded in Kentucky; died at Knoxville, Tenn., Oct 30, 1862
52. Transferred to Orphan Brigade
53. Deserted in 1863
54. Deserted near Smithville, Tenn., January 1863
56. Captured in Kentucky in December 1863
58. Deserted near Smithville, Tenn., January 1862 (as appears)
63. Captured in Kentucky, Dec. 30, 1862
64. Captured in Kentucky, Dec. 30, 1862
65. Captured in Kentucky, Dec. 30, 1862
66. Captured in Kentucky, Dec. 30, 1862
67. Captured in Kentucky, Dec. 30, 1862
68. Joined General Buckner's bodyguard without leave or transfer
69. Joined General Buckner's bodyguard without leave or transfer
70. Joined General Buckner's bodyguard without leave or transfer
73. Killed at Cave Creek, Va., in 1864
77. Never reported for duty
79. Missing on Christmas raid; never reported for duty
80. Died at Monticello, Ky
82. Captured in Kentucky, December 30, 1862
89. Never reported for duty; deserted at Perryville
93. Missing on Christmas raid




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