Marion County Revolutionary War Pensioners

This list of Revolutionary War soldiers was drawn up by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry, Secretary of War to Congress in 1835 and published later by the Kentucky Society of the American Revolution. Contains all the pensioners under the Act of March 18, 1818 and the Act of June 7, 1832. If shown, the first date is when the individual was placed on the pension rolls; the second when the pension began. Age, if shown, would be age at time of application (for the act of 1818). Used with permission of Sandi Gorin These PDF files are Public Domain documents housed in the National Archives and acquired through Heritage Quest. By clicking on the names below, you will bring up a PDF file with all pages intact.

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 Pensioners from Marion Co., KY or living in Marion Co. in 1840, following Pension application

Soldier Rank Description of Service

Date Placed on Pension Roll & Stipend

Age in 1840

COCKERELL, Bennet Pvt. Artillery, PA Line Dec 1833 - $100 77
COMPTON, Edmund Lt. 1st Regiment, MD Line 19 Aug 1823 - $320  
PECK, William Pvt VA Militia 16 Apr 1833 - $20 70
RAMSEY, James Pvt Armands's Legion 20 Oct 1832 - $50 73
SPARROW, Henry Pvt VA Militia 4 Jan 1834 - $20 69
SUTTON, Richard F. Pvt VA Line 4 Jan 1834 - $80 78
THARP, Perry Pvt 8th Regiment PA Line 6 Oct 1828 - $80  
WALKER, Philip Pvt PA Line 23 May 1834 - $80 76
Also living in the county in 1840: Conrad BEAM, 82; James CORBETT, 81; Geo. SPALDING, Sr., 84; William HENDRICK, 95; James WHITECOTTON, 91; Susanne HARDIN (widow of Mark Hardin), 80, Margaret SMOCK (widow of Henry Smock), age 79. Total: 16




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