Marion County

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Adair County News, 1900

A bank is to be started at Bradfordsville with Mr. H.H. Rynierson as cashier. He is a fine business man and enjoys the confidence of the people of Marion county. The stockholders made no mistake in selecting him for the responsible and honorable position... (Adair County News, January 17, 1900)


In Marion County John Mills shot and killed James S. Shipp. The charge from a shot gun entered Shipp's neck and he died instantly. (Adair County News, April 11, 1900)


Judge Wm. E. Russell, who was born and reared in this city [Columbia], is lying in critical condition at his home in Lebanon. Judge Russell removed to Lebanon in 1866, and at that time he was an active lawyer at the Columbia bar. For many years he was one of the leading lawyers of Lebanon, serving sic years as circuit Judge since he has been a citizen of Marion county. He is now seventy-odd years old, and has not attempted to practice his profession for quite a while. (Adair County New, May 30, 1900)


Mr. Lev Russell, son of the late W.E. Russell, is a candidate to represent Marion county in the next regular session of the Legislature...(Adair County News, August 22, 1900)


Joe Philips, who, in Chicago, last month, cornered the market on corn and run the price up fifty cents, is a native of Meade county, Ky. His first wife was a Miss McGee, of Brandenburg, and he is related to the Philips family of Marion county. (Adair County News, December 5, 1900)


Safe blowers are making their rounds. They reached New Market, Marion county, on the night of the 6th. Entered the post-office. blew open the safe, and got $45 in cash and $30 in stamps. (Adair County News, December 12, 1900) 




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