Marion County Obituaries

Hugh Bey Phillips

Contributed By: Deb Shillo

Tuesday, October 5, 1909

Owensboro Messenger, pg 1


One of Owensboro's Most Prominent Business Men.

 Has been ill at his home for many months is survived by a widow.

Through Industry and Economy He Had Amassed a Considerable Fortune -- Funeral at Lebanon

                Hugh B. Phillips, for many years one of the most prominent business men of Owensboro and well known to the state, died of heart trouble at 10:30 o'clock Monday night at his home in Phillips court, after a lingering illness of several months.  A few weeks ago his condition was much better and he was giving some attention to his business from his bed side, but for the past few days his condition has been hopeless.

                He was born in Meade county, Kentucky, March 8, 1833.  He began his business life as a commission and dry goods, grocer and produce merchant in Brandenburg in 1857 with Captain J.M. Phillips, remaining there until 1864, when he removed to Lebanon and entered in the general merchandising and commission business, in which his brother, Jas. G. Phillips, joined him, forming the firm of Phillips & Bros.  he was a member of the firm of H. B. Philips & Co., and J.G. Phillips & Co. merchants in Columbia, Ky.  He also had interests at that time in the firm of Hiskins, Bryan & Co. in Campbellsville, and was interested in Rockcastle with his brother in 1887 and connected with mines at Livingston.

Interests in Owensboro--- His interests in Owensboro have been numerous.  He was first a member of the firm of Phillips Bros. & McAtee, which was the largest wholesale merchandise establishment in the city at that time.  This business finally became under the entire control of H.B. Phillips.  After leaving the merchandise business,  he entered the tobacco business, in which he was engaged when he died.  For a number of years he was in the tobacco business by himself, but for the past two of three years, he had been a member of the tobacco firm of Phillips, Neison & Birk. exporters of tobacco.  He was interested in the T.J. Turley company.

                Mr. Phillips was a man of extraordinary executive ability, and made a success in many of his financial deals and in his youngest days was considered one of the finest business men in the state.  He had traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, Cuba and Canada, and although denied even an ordinary education in his younger days, he gained by reading and observation a fund of information and knowledge of affairs which few men possessed.

Was first married in 1862---------- Mr. Phillips was first married in 1862 to Lizzie Seymour, who was the mother of seven children.  Four are living.  They are Mrs. John McChord, Mrs. W. H. Johnson and Mrs. Owen Thomas, of Lebanon, and Mrs. John Polk, of Louisville.  The deceased children are Mrs. Fred Hale, Hugh B. Phillips, Jr., and Austin Seymour Phillips





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