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Raywick is located in western Marion County at the junction of KY 84 and KY 527 about nine miles west of Lebanon.. Settled in 1778 by Henry Prather and James and John Ray. In 1811, after the marriage of Lloyd Ray and Nancy Wickliffe, the town became known as Raywick. State legislature established Raywick in 1838. The Raywick post office opened in 1833. The population was 144 at the 2000 census.

The following information was contributed by Sherri Bradley with permission from The Kentucky Explorer magazine.


Editorís Note: In 1879 a state gazetteer was published for the entire state of Kentucky. The book included a description of most every community from the smallest to the largest. Agents for the book must have traveled to all parts of Kentucky collecting names and advertisements. The book does not contain any photographs. Most every month The Kentucky Explorer reprints portions of this very interesting book. Different communities, some now extinct, are featured just as they appeared in the 1879 Kentucky State Gazetteer.



             In the northwestern part of Marion County, 12 miles west of Lebanon, the county seat, five miles southwest of Chicago, itís nearest shipping point, on the Knoxville branch of the L. & G. S. R. R.; and 60 miles southeast of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail. Population, 160. G. H. Miller, postmaster.

Note: The town of St. Francis, Ky was formerly named Chicago. The town's name was changed in the early 1900's from Chicago to St. Francis, Ky.  The name change came about because some of the mail was being delivered to Chicago, Illinois instead of Chicago, Ky.

My thanks to Linda Lee for giving me the above information!

Business Directory

 Blair, J.J., blacksmith

Brady, G.W., blacksmith

Clark, T.J., druggist

Head, W.H., distiller

Healy, John H., physician

Kelly, George, constable

King, Rev. G.L., Methodist

McConnell, Rev. A.T., Catholic

McKune, J.H., shoemaker

Malone, J.M., justice

Martin, R.E., Druggist

Miller, G.H., notary public & dry goods

Millen, Z.T., city marshal

Peterson, H.B., physician

Samuels, Thomas, shoemaker

Scott, James, tanner





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