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Martin County, Kentucky

1890 Special Census of

Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines and Widows

enumerated June 1890

Contributed By: Brian Hall

3rd & 5th Precincts (Inez)

   1/1    Anderson M. Banister     Lt, Co. D, 67 Ky Infantry     kidney disease      
   2/2    Joseph James             Surgeon, Ky Infantry          none                
   3/3    Asa Williamson           Private, Co. F, 45 Ky         rheumatism          
          (Elizabeth               Infantry                                          
  14/14   John Litteral            Lt., 22 Ky Infantry           ruptured            
  17/17   Kingston F. Price        Corporal Co. C, 45 Ky         piles & rheumatism  
  28/29   Wesley White             Corporal,  18 Ky Infantry     none                
  32/33   William Vermillion       Corporal, Co. F, 45 Ky        rheumatism          
  35/36   Washington Blankenship   Private, Co. H, 39 Ky         none                
          (Sindy Ward)             Infantry                                          
  39/40   James Ward               Private, 14 Ky Infantry       rheumatism          
  43/44   Samuel Paisley           Private, Co. I, 39 Ky         rheumatism          
  49/50   Jackson Underwood        Private, Co. H, 14 Ky         rheumatism          
  54/55   Henry M. Star            Private, Co. C, 39 Ky         rheumatism          
  63/64   James D. Kirk (Arminta   1st Sgt., Co. I, 39 Ky        crippled Hands      
          Ward-widow)              Infantry                                          
  66/67   Nathaniel Ward           Private, Co. H                none                
  70/72   Gordon Williams          Private, Co. A, 70 Ill.       none                
  72/74   Joseph M. Kirk (Mary A.  Captain, Co. I, 39 Ky         paralysis           
          Dempsey)                 Infantry                                          
  73/75   Joseph B. Dempsey        Sergeant, Co E, 39 Ky         dispepsy            
  79/81   George W. Hale           Private, Co. K, 14 Ky         wounded in left     
                                   Infantry                      leg                 
  86/88   Thomas Pinson            Private, Co. I, 39 Ky         erysipelas          
 102/104  Henry Carter             Private, Co. H, 39 Ky         pain in right side  
 110/112  Presley Blankenship      Private, Co. H, 39 Ky         none                
 121/124  Henry H. Preece          Corporal, Co. H, 14 Ky        none                
 140/144  James E. Maynard         Private, Co. M, 2 Ohio        dyptheria           
          (Lorenna Davis-widow)    Cavalry                                           
 142/146  Squire Davis             Private, Co. I, 39 Ky         none                
 149/150  Oliver Kessee            Private, Co. G, 39 Ky         rheumatism          
 150/154  John H. Kessee           Private, Co. L, 1 Ky          rheumatism          
 152/156  David Bringer            Private                       none                
 161/165  Isaac Maynard            Private, Co. E, 39 Ky         none                
         (Matilda-widow)           Infantry                                          
 174/178  Thomas Polly             Private, Co. E, 2 U.S.        none                
 176/180  Lewis Fields             Private, Co. C, 39 Ky         sore eyes           
 188/192  Owen Ward                Private, Co. C, 45 Ky         none                
 195/200  William W. Fields        Private, Co. E, 39 Ky         rheumatism          
 191/195  Elisha Howard            Private, Co. H, 14 Ky         dropsy              
 209/214  Matthew Coleman          Private, Co. D, 39 Ky                             
          (Lucinda-widow)                Infantry                                          
 223/228  John B. Coleman          Private, Co. H, 39 Ky         none                
 225/230  Sampson Moore            Private, Co. C, 14 Ky         lung trouble        
 225/230  Joseph Fletcher          Surgeon, Co. C, 39 Ky         rheumatism          
 244/250  John J. McCoy            Corporal, Co. B, 1 WV         hurt by wagon in    
                                   Artillery                     breast              
 245/251  Thomas Collins           Confederate (crossed out)                         
 248/254  William Goble            Private, Co. B, 14 Ky         none                
 251/257  William Fraley           Private, Co. D, 39 Ky         piles & rheumatism  
 256/262  Allen Blackburn          Private, Co. C, 39 Ky         ruptured            


3rd & 5th Precincts (Warfield)

   4/4    George W. Jarrel         Private                                           
  13/13   James Horn               Private                                           
  14/14   John Crum                Private, Co. F, 5 Va                              
  21/21   Jessie Mills             Private, 45 Ky Infantry                           
  22/22   Jessie Crum              Private, 5 Va Infantry                            
  27/29   Randolph Salmons         Private                                           
  34/37   Thomas Chaffins, Sr.     Private                                           
  35/39   James J. Chaffins        Private                                           
  38/42   James G. Ward            Private, 45 Ky Infantry                           
  43/47   Mikel Chafins            Private, Co. F, 5 Va                              
  50/54   James Spaulding          Private, Co. F, 5 Va                              
  60/64   Thomas Marcum            Private, Co. C, 39 Ky                             
           (Jane-widow)            Infantry                                          


Precincts 1 & 6 (Warfield & Emily)

  62/66   Daniel Crum              Confederate Private, 8 WV                         
  63/67   James A. Payne           Confederate Private, 34 Va                        
  66/72   Isaac Brewer             Private, 16 Ky Militia                            
  67/73   John Bronson             Confederate Private                               
  68/74   James A. Barrett         Colonel, 10 Illinois Inf.                         
  69/75   John K. Spaulding        Private                                           
  76/82   John Hanna               Private, 14 Ky Infantry       chronic inflamed    
                                                                 eyes & rheumatism   
  78/84   Mikel Hobbs              Confederate Private, 42 Va                        
  79/85   Geo Chapman              Private, 16 Ky Militia                            
  83/89   James H. Aldridge        Private, Militia                                  
  84/90   James G. Muncy           Private, 45 Ky Infantry                           
  85/91   John Hobbs               Private, Co. F, 5 Va                              
  88/94   Jesse Perry              Private, Militia                                  
 96/102   Sampson Kirk             Captain, 16 Ky Militia                            
 99/105   Daniel Muncy             Private, 14 Ky Infantry                           
 103/109  Henry Davis              Private, 14 Ky Infantry                           
 112/118  Andrew Thompson          Confederate Private                               
 113/119  William O'Brien          Private, 2 U.S. Infantry                          
 114/120  Alexander Romans         Private                                           
 115/121  Lazerus Vinson           Confederate Private                               
 120/126  Nathan Chaffins          Confederate Private                               
 125/131  Andrew Bryant            Confederate Private                               
 131/137  Nimrod Workman           U.S. Navy, Sailor, Nipsic?                        
 132/138  Hensley Evans            Confederate Private, 36 Va                        
 133/139  John M. Johnson          Private, Militia                                  
 141/147  Bird Hensley             Confederate Private                               
 145/151  William Bailey           U.S. Private                                      
 151/157  James Marcum             Confederate Private                               
 156/162  Levi Stone               Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             
 161/167  Jackson Maynard          Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             
 162/168  John H. Maynard          Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             
 167/173  Richard Bryant           Confederate Private, 5 Va                         
 170/176  John B. Goff             Confederate Captain, 2 Va                         
 174/180  O.S.C. Thompson          Confederate Private, 51 Va                        
 185/191  Henry Harman             Private, 14 Ky Cavalry                            
 194/200  James Davis              Private, 14 Ky Infantry                           
 201/207  James Moor               Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             
 210/217  Jesse Burgess            Confederate Private                               
 201/213  Clay Farley              Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             
 223/240  James O. Muncy           Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             

Precinct 4 (Inez & Wells) 
  14/14   James M. Preston         Private, Co. I, 39 Ky         bronchitis          
 122/123  Lewis P. Allen                                                             
 110/111  Emmanuel Spence          Private, Co. H, 68 Ky         rheumatism          
          (Zelphey-widow)                Militia.                                          
 123/124  Soloman James            Private, Co. E                rheumatism &        
 139/141  Ali Aldridge             Private, Co. I, 39 Ky         rupture             
 138/140  Stephen Williamson       Private, Co. H, 39 Ky         rheumatism          
 126/127  James W. Mollett         Corporal, Co. G, 39 Ky        piles               
 125/126  Nimrod Hall              Private, Co. D, 65 Ky         rheumatism          
 149/157  John Vanhoose            Private                                           
 151/153  James Litton             Private, Co. D, 1 U.S.                            
 173/175  John J. Damron           Private, Co. K, 14 Ky         swelling in legs    
                                   Infantry                      from exposure       
 172/174  Levi Mollett             Private, Co. G, 14 Ky         dyspepsia           


Precinct 2 (Inez)

 175/177  James Davis              Private, Co. H, 39 Ky         dis. of breat &     
                                   Infantry                      lungs               
 182/184  Adam Crum                Private, Co. G, 39 Ky         piles & liver       
                                   Infantry                      disease             
 193/195  Reuben Fields            Private                                           
  25/25   William F. Cumbo         Private                                           
 216/219  Van L. Harless           Private, Co. G, 39 Ky         rupture             
 210/212  Harvey Delong            Private, Co. G, 14 Ky         relapse of measles  
 219/222  James Howard             Private, Co. H, 14 Ky         disease of lungs    
 221/224  John B. Delong           Private, Co. K, 14 Ky         chronic diarrhea    
 237/240  Samuel Delong            Private, Co. K, 14 Ky         rheumatism & heart  
                                   Infantry                      disease             
 175/177  James Davis              Private, Co. F, 45 Ky         rheumatism & heart  
                                   Infantry                      disease & shot in   
                                                                 left arm            
 248/251  Thomas Pack              Private, Co. G, 14 Ky         gunshot wound in    
                                   Infantry                      arm                 
 249/252  William R. Jarrell       Private, Co. F, 5 Va          injury to right     
                                   Infantry                      knee                
 178/180  ? Smith                  Private                                           
   2/2    John L. H. James         Sergeant, Co. A, 65 Ky                            
 122/123  Lewis P. A. Preston                                                        
   4/4    Frank Smith              Private, Co. E, 14 Ky         gunshot wound in    
                                   Infantry                      hand                
 121/122  James M. Preston (M.D.)  Sergeant, Co. F, 45 Ky                            
  19/19   Moses Damron             Private, Co. A, 14 Ky         heart disease,      
                                   Infantry                      disease of throat   
                                                                 and lungs, result   
                                                                 of fever            
 255/258  Daniel Messer            Private, Co. I, 39 Ky                             
  29/29   Henry Fannin             Private, Co. F, 68 Ky                             
  30/30   Soloman Cassel           Private, Co. F, 45 Ky                             
  34/34   William J. Johnson       Private, 14 Ky Infantry       gunshot wound in    
  39/39   John Pack                Private, 45 Ky Infantry                           
  48/48   John E. Cassel           Captain, Co. H, 68 Ky                             

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