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Martin County Marriage Records


Kentucky Birth, Marriage and Death Records Microfilm (1852-1910). Microfilm rolls #994027-994058. Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, Kentucky.


Name  Age Times Married Occupation Place of Birth Spouse Name Age  Times Married Marriage Date 1874 Place of Birth
Presley Blankenship 26 first farmer Virginia Charity Step 16 first 18-May Johnson Co. KY
Samuel Cassady 20 first farmer Kentucky Mahala J Crum 17 first 14-Jun Johnson Co. KY
Allen Castle 21 first farmer Johnson Co., KY Jane F Miller 22 second 22-Jun Lewis Co., KY
William Copley 18 first farmer Johnson Co., KY Amanda Ward 20 first 5-May Johnson Co. KY
Eli Hinkle 25 first farmer Lincoln Co., KY Sarah E Wells 24 second 2-Jul Virginia
Hensley Evans 24 second farmer Virginia Mary J Hensley 18 first 3-Nov Pike Co., KY
Lafayett Fredric 21 first farmer Pike Co., KY Tilda Fredric 22 first 2-Apr Johnson Co. KY
Samuel Davis 20 first farmer Kentucky Ibe Muncy 16 first 4-Apr Lewis Co., KY
John A Jones 20 first farmer Kentucky Thursey Cassaday 18 first 17-Sep Johnson Co. KY
Linsey Spears 21 second farmer Johnson Co., KY Louise Blevins 16 first 20-Apr Bell Co., KY
George Butcher 22 first farmer unreadable Margret M Hall 22 first 5-Jun Johnson Co. KY
James Mallett 33 third farmer Johnson Co., KY Clarinda J Gray 19 first 5-Aug Lincoln Co., KY
William Henry 23 first farmer Lincoln Co., KY Cosby J Preston 18 first 6-Sep Lincoln Co., KY
John J Mallett 29 first farmer Johnson Co., KY Rody Jones 17 first unreadable Floyd Co., KY
William Mallett 21 first farmer Virginia Callista Miller 17 first unreadable Johnson Co. KY
John H Williams 52 third farmer Kentucky Orph J Maynard 39 third 20-Aug Lincoln Co., KY
Sampson Ward 24 first farmer Johnson Co., KY Erminda Jane Mills 17 first 21-Apr Floyd Co., KY
Harvey Preast 19 first farmer Johnson Co., KY Wincy Moor 17 first 9-Oct Floyd Co., KY
William Sester 40 second farmer Virginia Bitha Step 20 first 25-Feb Johnson Co. KY
Samuel Slaney 20 first farmer Lincoln Co., KY Dartha S White 18 first


Lewis Co., KY
State of Kentucky

County of Martin

 I, J D Kirk, clerk of the Martin County Court do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the list  of marriages as returned by the Assessor of Martin County for the year ending December the 31st, 1874 . Given Under my hand this 21st day of April, 1875.

J. D. Kirk, Clerk Martin County Court






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