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What is the Mason County Attic?

Did you ever play in your grandmother's attic? imageIt was a mysterious place where she kept old fashioned clothes and shoes that she let you dress up in. It's where she kept those dusty old trunks filled with papers, books and photographs. You didn't recognize the people in the photographs or the names on the papers, so Grandmother would sit down and patiently explain each one to you. Some would bring a tear to her eye. This one was a picture of her grandmother in her wedding dress. That one was your father when he was only three months old. And that yellowed piece of paper is Grandfather's Army record. Now that you're the family genealogist, what would you give to have Grandmother narrate your journey through those old albums just one more time?

Welcome to Mason County's Genealogical Attic! This is the place on the Mason County KYGenWeb where we keep--and share--our Mason County family files. Here you'll find our biographies, old letters and photographs, records painstakingly enscribed in old family bibles, and other priceless and rare memorabilia that time would otherwise leave behind.

What's Already in the Attic?

The Degman and Akles Families - Records Contributed to the Mason County KYGenWeb by George Edmondson, including:

A Collins Family Portrait - Contributed to the Mason County KYGenWeb by Collins descendant Jimmy Berry

Tombstones in the Mt. Gilead Cemetery - Records Contributed to the Mason County KYGenWeb by Kathy Hines, including:

Mason County Pioneers - Biographies of early settlers of Mason County who made the trek through the wilderness to Kentucky

Put Your Family Records in the Attic!  Here's How.

Start your own trunk in Mason County's Attic with your family history treasure!

Do you have Mason County family and school photos, images and transcriptions of old family bible records, birth, death and marriage certificates, unpublished family biographies, and public domain records that you have amassed in your research? Other researchers will appreciate your contributions to the Mason County KyGenWeb.

Maybe someone browsing through the trunks in our Attic will recognize those people in that mysterious old group photo you found. Maybe your shared family bible record is a vital clue for another researcher who will be inspired to put their family treasures in our Attic.

One fact is true: If you keep your genealogical treasures hidden away in your attic, the only thing they will gather is dust!

Contact me if you'd like to contribute materials to the Attic on the Mason County KYGenWeb. Due to space and time limitations, contributions must be genealogical in nature, relate to a Mason County family, not under copyright, and useful to other researchers. We value and protect personal privacy, so please NO records of living persons.

In keeping with the policy of providing free genealogical information on the Internet, data presented on this website may be used freely for personal research. While copyright may not be claimed on public records, copyright does apply to the compilation and formatting of the materials for presentation. These electronic pages may not be reproduced or distributed in any format. The contributor of materials from private and unpublished sources retains copyright on their submissions. Persons or entities wishing to use such materials for profit or presentation must obtain the written consent of the contributor. When using data found on this website, this copyright notice and an appropriate citation of source should appear with the information.

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