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I'm descended from the Martins of Mason county, Kentucky, Adams/Brown County, Ohio and Hancock County, Indiana. During my research I copied a bunch of newspaper articles written by John Q. Martin (1867-1932) in the late 1920s; They were published in the Georgetown (Ohio) News Democrat. I'm thinking I copied these articles in the Brown and/or Adams county genealogy library(ies). I have transcribed them to the best of my abilities into a more readable series of documents.

John Q. Martin researched extensively and collected a (mostly) good family history/tree. My copies are not totally complete, as the library copies weren't either, as I recall. I photocopied them all, but now am not sure what I'm working with are the original photocopies or perhaps I lost those in a series of household moves. If there is a more complete copy of them, I'd be happy to compare my transcriptions to the more originals and make corrections. My copies now have handwritten notes on them.

Edmund Martin (1745 - 1811) and his family migrated from New Jersey to the newly opened Maysville, Kentucky area sometime from 1786 or so to about 1789. His first wife Hannah (unk maiden name) died along the way and he married Susannah Fristoe Dulin, a young widow. Edmund and his extended family owned a large amount of property and businesses in Maysville in the early days, including the ferry. Some of the family moved north of the Ohio River to Adams (and subsequently Brown) County, Ohio. Local histories give details on many family members. Edmund and Hannah's son Elijah Martin was a Captain serving in the War of 1812 for the Ohio Militia.

I have also conducted further (mostly research on some of it, which tends to support and/or clarify the original John Q. reports. I also have added my personal family connections and (in the John Q. papers he states my direct line connection into the family never married, which is not quite right.) I've attached here 3 jpg copies of one of the first articles, along with a pdf copy of my "translation", a pdf family group sheet of Edmund, and a pdf descendancy chart of Edmund, Hannah and 2nd wife Susannah.

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Ahnentafel, or Table of Descendants of Edmund Martin

Family Group Sheet for Edmund and Hannah Martin

Family Group Sheet for Edmund and Susannah Martin

1927 history of the Martin family, published in the Georgetown, Ohio, News Democrat:


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