Early Mason County Tithables

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After Mason County was formed in 1789, the tax man wasted no time calling on Mason County residents. The first tax roll was taken in 1790 and is only 8 pages. As testament to the growth of the county, the next four years were 10, 25, 23 and 41 pages, respectively. Virtually everybody had some taxable property, even if it was only a horse or cow. All years are organized alphabetically, making the list easy to search. Some years show the date the tax man visited the neighborhood, a clue to neighbors who may have been relatives.

The county tax rolls are a wonderful substitute for Kentucky's lost 1790 and 1800 U.S. Census enumerations. Taken annually, they track the movement of ancestors and their extended family groups, and provide a glimpse of the level of the family's prosperity.

The earliest original tax books are well over 200 years old. The ink has faded with age and many have extensive water damage. On some especially faded spots, I used Adobe PhotoShop to raise the contrast in an effort to interpret the writing. These are noted in the page list below. I also used Photoshop to invert (negative to positive), which may help in figuring out some names. If you can't read a name one way, try the inverse version.

More years will be put on-line as time permits, so please keep checking this site.

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Early Mason County Tithables
Photographed microfilmed originals using Nikon Coolpix 990 camera with macro lens,
formatted and contributed by Marla McCullough, Mason County KYGenWeb Coordinator.

1792 Mason County Tithables
Page 1 Cover Positive Inverse  
Page 2 Cover 2 - Edward Doburn, Commissioner Positive Inverse  
Page 3 Left: Blank; Right: A-B Positive Inverse 
Page 4 Left: B-C; Right C-D Positive Inverse  
Page 5 Left: D-G; Right: G-H Positive Inverse  
Page 6 Left: H-L; Right: L-M Positive Inverse  
Page 7 Left: M-O; Right: P-R Positive Inverse  
Page 8 Left: S-T; Right: T-W Positive Inverse  
Page 9 Left: W-Y; Right: Blank Positive Inverse  
Page 10 Cover - William Lamb, Commissioner Positive Inverse  
Page 11 Left: Blank; Right: A-B Positive Inverse Adjusted
Page 12 Left: B-C; Right: C-D Positive Inverse  
Page 13 Left: D-G; Right G-H Positive Inverse  
Page 14 Left: H-L; Right: L-M Positive Inverse  
Page 15 Left: M; Right: N-P Positive Inverse  
Page 16 Left: P-R; Right: S Positive Inverse  
Page 17 Left: T-W; Right: W-Y Positive Inverse Adjusted
Page 18 Left: Blank; Right: Tally Positive Inverse  
Page 19 Left: Blank; Right: Back Cover Positive Inverse  
Page 20 Left: A-B; Right: C - Abraham Drake, Commissioner Positive Inverse  
Page 21 Left: D-F; Right: F-H Positive Inverse  
Page 22 Left: H-L (blurred); Right: M-P Positive Inverse 
Page 23 Left: P-R; Right R-S Positive Inverse  
Page 24 Left: T-W; Right: W-Y Positive Inverse  
Page 25 Left: Blank; Right: Tally Positive Inverse  
Page 26 Left: Blank; Right: Back Cover
Positive Inverse