John G. Fisher

Source; Biographical Sketches from, "Kentucky, History of the State"
Main Author; William Henry Perrin 1887
Submitted by: Vera Burnham


John G. Fisher is one of the pioneers of the city of Paducah. He was born in Germany in the year 1816, and there attained his eighteenth year, coming to the United States in 1834. He first located in the city of Philadelphia, Penn. where he completed his trade that of baker, having served an apprenticeship in his native country. He engaged at his trade in various places until 1838, when he removed to Paducah which place has since been his home. In Paducah, Mr. Fisher engaged in the bakery buisness for several years, but in 1857 he established a brewery, which he conducted for some sixteen or more years. He is now the proprieter of a bakery and confectionary store on the corner of Court and Locusts Streets. Mr Fisher is a gentleman of good discriminative powers, of public spirit, and is one of the most worthy citizens of Paducah. His administrative ability was early utilized in the management of the public matters of this City, and his name is found among the first boards of trustees of the town of Paducah; later as a member of the city council for four years; then in 1863 he was elected to the office of Mayor of this city,
serving two terms and ending 1867. in 1874 he was a third time honored with the mayoralty of Paducah, acquitting him self with credit in all his various public services including the responsibilty of the office of the city tax. Mr. Fisher was married in McCracken County in 1842, to Miss Mary F. Greif.
Of the nine children born to them, five are living.