William Wheelis

Source; Biographical Sketches from, "Kentucky, History of the State"
Main Author; William Henry Perrin 1887
Submitted by: Vera Burnham  September 9, 2002

Page 329

William Wheelis was born in Murray County, Tenn., in 1832, and in boyhood came with his parents Elijah and Mary (Jackson) Wheelis, to the State of Kentucky. They settled in Graves County, where they engaged in the pursuits of agriculture, and where the parents died- the father in 1844, and the mother two years later. After the death of his parents, William came to the city of Paducah, where he has since lived, and where he is held in esteem as one of the most worthy citizens. In 1857 he was placed upon the city police force, doing efficient service as a member of that body until 1869. In 1871 he was elected to the position of street inspector for Paducah,  and now holds that office. Mr. Wheelis is an honored member of the K. of H. but is not affliated with any religious denomination.