Philip D. Yeiser

Source; Biographical Sketches from, "Kentucky, History of the State"
Main Author; William Henry Perrin 1887
Submitted by: Vera Burnham  September 9, 2002

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Philip D. Yeiser is a native of Lancaster, Garrard Co., Ky., and was born November 14, 1817. His early education which was limited was obtained in the village schoolhouse of his native place, where he remained until he reached his seventeenth year; was then apprenticied to the trade of house carpenter serving four years. He followed this pursuit until 1852, when he decided upon a radical change in his life pursuit. During the years while plying his trade, he had found time for mental improvement,and occupied himself in the study surveying and reading law. In 1853, having passed the required examination under Judges Bullock and Goodloe, he was admitted to the bar. He then opened an office in Eddyville, Lyon Co. Ky., and while establishing a practice, supported his family by surveying. Then he struggled upward
until the outbreak of the war, when, in consequence of his adherence to the Union, he became unpopular with the masses in his vicinity. He went to Smithland, Ky., and recruited a large portion of a regiment of soldiers for the Federal Army, which was taken to the field by Col. S. D. Bruce. In January, 1862, Mr. Yeiser removed to Paducah, and in the same year was
elevated to the office of commwealth attorney for the First Judicial District; served three years, and resigned to devote his time to his own private business. He is still in the law practice and one of the oldest of the profession in Paducah. In 1842 he was married to Miss Ellen Durham, of Boyle County. She died in Danville, Ky., leaving one child a son D.A. Yeiser, now a druggist of Paducah. He then contracted a marriage with Miss Margaret Craig
of Danville, Ky.,; she died in Eddyville, leaving three children; Ella,  Florence (deceased) and Henry C. Yeiser, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Yeiser is a Republican in his political preferences, and has been for fourty years a member of the I.O.O.F.