Additions to the Joseph Henry Hazotte

Submitted by: Charles Collins

Some additions to the J.H. Hazotte obit.

Note: Emma Martin married Joseph Henry Hazotte on April 18, 1865 when she was 17-years old.
He was 34-years old and professor of language at the local college. As a side line, they operated
a grocery with August Brahic below their residence at 701 Trimble (now Park Avenue). Their
oldest child, Charles Henry Hazotte (my grandfather), had to work in the grocery when he was a
young man. Joseph was 55-years old when he died on May 14, 1886.
After his death, apparently Emma married a Dalton that must have died shortly thereafter.
McCracken County records show that Emma Dalton married J. Wallace Bray on December 20, 1888.
The Paducah City Directory of 1890-91 lists Emma Bray living at 701 Trimble and operating a restaurant. J. Wallace Bray is listed at the same address - his occupation potter.
The city directory of 1894-95 lists Miss (apparently she is a widow) Emma Bray living at 710 Trimble. Emma Hazotte (she reverted to her maiden name) was living at 321 N. 12th Street during the 1900 Census ( lists her as Hayotte). She is listed as a widow, owning her home free of mortgage, and daughter Mary and family are living with her. Emma married Louis Mathurin Cornillaud on January 12, 1903. They made their home at 1132 N. 10th Street in Paducah.
According to the city directory of 1904, Emma no longer operated the restaurant. It was now operated by an Ed Pearson.
The city directory of 1916-17 lists Emma as the widow of Mathurin Cornillaud and she is still living at 1132 N. 10th Street. Emma was still living at 1132 N. 10th Street when she died on January 9, 1924.

Note: Louis Mathurin Cornillaud came from France to the United States in 1860. He and his brother Joseph are in the Augustus Daval household during the 1860 Census and are listed as laborers.
In the 1880 Census, Louis Menard is in household #146, Mathurin Cornillaud is in household #147,
and August "Gus" Legeay is in household #148. According to his obituary, Mathurin emigrated from France in 1859 and settled in McCracken County in the midst of the French settlement four miles from (down)town Paducah on the (Old) Cairo road. There he amassed a fortune as a truck gardener.
Mathurin sold his farm and retired in 1900. He and his first wife left for France on
September 6, 1900 and announced that they might make France their home. However, they returned to Paducah and built a house at 1132 N. 10th Street shortly before his first wife died on December 28, 1900. Mathurin married Emma Martin on January 12, 1903. Emma's obituary in 1924 lists her as his widow.

Note: Mathurin is pronounced mass-a-rain, Cornillaud is pronounced Corn-e-o.

Note: Louise Cornillaud, Mathurin's daughter by his first marriage to Helene Anne Reine Legeay, married Fredrick Edgar Metzger II (the 1st Fritz Metzger in Paducah). Fritz is the ancestor
of all the Metzgers in the Paducah Area.

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Wedding-To-Night: Mr. Fritz E. Metzger and Miss Louise M. Cornillaud will be married
tonight at the residence of the bride's father, four miles from the city (downtown) on the (Old)
Cairo road. Mr. Metzger is a young butcher, well and favorably known by all who visit the
market-place, and is an industrious, clever and courteous gentleman. Miss Cornillaud is the
daughter of the old gardner and florist, and is an intelligent and handsome young lady. It is a
good pair, and the NEWS is always glad to note such unions of young people.

Last Night's Wedding: A large number of people visited the suburban residence of Mr.
Cornillaud last night to witness the marriage of his accomplished daughter, Miss Louisa, to Mr.
Fritz E. Metzger. The marriage took place at 7:30 o'clock and parties from this city who
attended state that it was an exceedingly nice and pleasant affair. The bride being pretty looked
more lovely than ever, and the groom knowing that he had succeeded in capturing one of the
sweetest girls in the land, was mixing with his friends smiling and blushing like a full-blown rose.
Mr. Cornillaud and his excellent wife had prepared a feast that would have done credit to the
Vanderbilt family. The tables were ladened with the choicest of wines, cakes, fruits, etc., and
handsomely decorated with beautiful flowers, cultivated and arranged by the bride. Music and
dancing were indulged in until 2 o'clock this morning, when the hundreds who had gathered
there to witness this happy union left for home feeling glad that they had been afforded the
pleasure of being present on the occasion. The NEWS extends its hearty congratulations.

Ref: Both articles are from the NEWS in 1884.

28 years later: Louise was apparently in good health but suddenly died of a stroke at 11:30am
on January 27, 1913. She had just finished talking on the telephone. Louise was only 46-years
old. Fritz and Louise were living on (Old) Mayfield Road at the time of her death.

Ref: Obituary.
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