Desire Duflot

Submitted By : Jane Slaughter

Friday May 25, 1888:

"Death of Mr. Desire Duflot, Yesterday, shortly after 4 o'clock p.m.,
 Mr. Desire Duflot died of pneumonia at his residence north of the city.
He had been ill for several weeks and at times was considered as in a dying
 condition, but he rallied two or three times sufficiently to leave his bed
and his friends were left to hope for his final recovery. He was in the city
 only a few days ago and from this visit took a relapse which ended in his death.

 Mr. Duflot was born in France February 25, 1837 and was consequently in the
fifty-second year of his age at his death. When about twelve years old, he came
to this country and in early life went to steamboating. At the breaking out of
the war, he joined the Confederate service and served four years. He was with
Gen. Morgan most of the time he was in the army. After the war, he married in
Georgia and came here to live and engaged in farming and by his industry and
frugality had saved a nice competency.

He was a very social and reliable gentleman, and had many friends who will regret
 his demise. Mr. Duflot left a wife but no children. He also left two nephews,
 Albert and Ed Duflot, but no other relatives, he being the last member of his
immediate family. The deceased was a member of Champion Lodge, K. of II., of
Ingleside Lodge, I.O.O.F. of the Encampment and of Canton Atkins, P.M. and will be
 buried by the latter order.

The funeral is set for Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The burial will be at
 Oak Grove Cemetery. All friends are invited without further notice."