Certify October's Inheritance Taxes



- October's inheritance taxes, collected by the state tax commission, totalled $27,101.70. it was certified to W. H. Shanks, auditor today. Five states paid more the $1,000 each: Basil,-Doerhoefer, Jefferson county, died. April 9, 1923, taxed $12,775.80: W. Glazehrook. Monroe county, died May 6, 1921, taxed $1,170.13; Williarm H. Mackoy, Kenton county, September 14, 1923, estate taxed $1,192.66: Jam. cs B. Parkcs. Madison county, died October 18, 102-1. taxed $1,137.36: and Albert B. Sawyer, Jefferson county, May 9, 1923, taxed $1.608. Payment was paid by 58 estates, the owners of which had lived in 18 states other than Kentucky. Nine New Yorkers were named in the list The remaining outsiders, with the exception of one In Illinois were all living in the east. Source: Middlesboro Daily News, November 17, 1924, Page 2



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