Selected Nelson County, Kentucky Marriages

Theodora DeFord

Brown, William & Hilton, Betsy, Bond: 30Jan 1804< Married 13 Jan. 1804
Signed Bond : William Hilton
Both over 21 Years
Married by James Rogers, From Minister return

Brown William & Green, Matilda, Bond: 21 July 1814
Signed bond: George A. Green
Both over 21 years

Brown, William & Temple, Sarah, Bond: 8 Mar. 1816, Married 14 Mar. 1816
Signed Bond: Johnathan Simpson

Consent filed with Bond: William May, guardian for Sarah Temple
Married by Isaac Taylor, from Minister return

Brown William W. & Lovelace, Matilda, Bond 11 Feb. 1814
Married 17 Feb.1814
Signed Bond: Zadock Lovelace
Consent in person Zadock Lovelace, father of Matilda
Married by Moses Pierson , From Ministers return

Browing, Samuel & Fields Mary, Bond:6 June 1815
Married 7
June 1815
Signed Bond: William  Fields
Mary daughter of Joseph Fields
Married by Isaac Taylor, from Minister return

Bruce,William , Sr. & Harris, Miss, Bond 21 May 1807
Signed Bond:Thomas Higdon, Jr.
Both over 21 years Bride, daughter of Aaron Harris

Bruington, George & Brown Polly, Bond : 24 Oct. 1805, Married: 16 Dec. 1805
signed Bond Benjamin Brown
Both over 21 years
Married by William Taylor, from Marriage register
Bruington, George & Brown , Polly, Bond: 14 Dec.  1805, Married 16
Dec. 1805
Signed Bond: James Brown
Both over 21 years
Married by William Taylor from Marriage Register

Brumback, William & Weller, Elizabeth, Bond: 3 Sept. 1812
Married: 3 Sep. 1812
Signed Bond: John Weller
Consent in Person John Weller, father of Elizabeth
Married by J. B. Lapsey, from Marriage Register

Bruner, Peter & Evans,  Rachel , Bond: 8 Apr.1815 Married 9,Apr. 1815
signed Bond: Daniel Mc Daniel
Consent Filed with Bond: Rachel Mc Daniel, Grandmother of Rachel Evans,
                                 an Orphan
Witness to Consent Daniel Mc Daniel, Polly Brumback
Married by Walter Stallard, from Minister Return

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