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In 1980 a searcher named Sandra Rae Miller sent me a layout of the burial plot, interment dates and inscriptions of the family of Elias Huffman in Cave Hill Cemetery. Reading the write-up by Connie Barnwell, made me look at the record in a new light.  She had Fanny being buried in 1880 when the Bible said she died in 1866.  I knew there were some reburials in the family so I went back to the record Sandra Rae Miller had sent and there was the proof that Fanny was the daughter of Elias and Mary Huffman and there was proof that I made an error in recording the date of birth of Catherine Huffman.  There was also an explanation of the 1880 burial. Iíd like add a footnote to the Bible Record of Elias Huffman to clarify these errors.  The footnote will point out that Fanny and Frances were the same person and that she was reburied in 1880. Also a footnote to point out my probable error in the date of birth for Catherine.


Corrections to the Bible Record of Elias Huffman:

 Information about the parents of Elias Huffman was added by me.  It was not part of the Bible records.

 Martha Ellen was b 1846 d 1847 and was reburied in Cave Hill in 1880.

Mary Frances b 1842 and Fannie d 1866 are the same person.  She was reburied in Cave Hill 1880.

 There is an error in recording the Bible record of Catherineís birth because it is too close to Martha Ellenís to be possible.  Her tombstone says born 1848.