Oldham County Cemeteries


LaGrange Historical African-American Cemetery

This transcription was completed by local researcher Deanna Housley

   The cemetery  is located on 3rd Avenue in LaGrange and a sign there says it was established in early 1800s and rededicated 28 May 2001.   The name for the cemetery is as claimed by the Oldham County Historical Society and listed as Cemetery 182 in the Oldham County Cemetery Book.  Please email your county coordinator if you have any additions or corrections to add regarding this burial ground.   Some death dates were derived and verified from the Kentucky Death Records.


Notes Birth Death
 Beaumont, Alex  Co E 116 USC 1
 Beard, Willie L. 1927 1927
 Browning, Leonard 1963
 Burch, George H.  OSSW Lizzie, age 73 1882 09 Sep 1955
 Burch, Lizzie  OSSW George H., age 97 1893 07 Jul 1991
 Dowton, Marshall W.
 Foree, Maggie B.  age 56 15 Dec 1947
 Gibson, Jennie 1853 1928
 Johnson, Joe  age 86   24 Apr 1924
 Johnson, Louis A.  age 48 1860 05 Dec 1923
 Oglesby, Hallie  age 58 1884 06 May 1942
 Reynolds, Mary C.   1905 19 Jan 1981
 Reynolds, Richard S.  aged 71 1902 02 Oct 1973
 Reynolds, Adrienne  killed Jefferson Co. jail, no marker
 Ross, Edward 1892 1919
 Ross, Emma  age 77 1854 1933
 Sherley, Pandora 05 Sep 1960 16 Jan 1961
 Sutton, Alice  age 45 26 Apr 1927
 Sutton, John B.
 Sutton, Richard
 Sweeney, John  age 74 04 Mar 1844 04 Jan 1919
 Taylor, Mitchell  Pvt 158 Depot Brig 17 Jun 1926
 Timberlake, Mattie  age 53 1905 30 Mar 1958
 Whitaker, Beaulah Mae   1906 03 May 1968






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