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Palin Cemetery

This is a listing as provided by Kathy Reeves, an out-of-state researcher with ancestry here, with the photos contributed by your county coordinator.   The cemetery is located in Westport on 4th Street alongside the Woolfolk Cemetery.   This one is # 124 from the Oldham Cemetery Book.  The family cemeteries are enclosed by a large wall and it is divided in middle by another wall separating the two burial grounds.   If you have any questions or additions to add to this cemetery or even know it's history, please email the county coordinator.


Notes Birth Death
 Allison, Harry  no dates    (Allison stones not found in 2003)    
 Allison, Matilda  born in Ireland, mother of Harry (dates from Cemetery book) 30 Mar 1827 06 May 1904
 Palin, Richard E.  born in England  31 Jul 1812 04 Jan 1881
 Palin, Sarah A.    20 Jun 1825 07 Jun 1908
 Palin, Jimmie  s/o Richard & Sarah, stone says daughter  01 Dec 1845 15 Aug 1869
 Palin, George W.  s/o Richard & Sarah  16 Sep 1849 22 Aug 1881
 Palin, Dr. Thomas E.  s/o Richard & Sarah  09 Sep 1841 15 Jul 1879
 Palin, Frank E.    06 Nov 1852 15 Sep 1859

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