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My name is Suzanne Shephard and I'm your new county coordinator for the Oldham County KyGenWeb Project.  Please send any comments or submissions to The Registry addresses listed below.   This system was set up to prevent spam from finding its way into our individual mailboxes.  We are able to accommodate just about any format document that might be submitted to us.  We would love to add your data to our pages for permanent preservation. 

For Your Information

If you have any questions, feel free to write any one of us at anytime, but we must let you know that even though we've picked up a great deal of knowledge by volunteering for these positions, we do not have all the answers.  Sometimes, the best bet when trying to find information regarding particular family puzzles, locations, or data, it is faster to simply submit your question directly to the real experts on the Mailing List or Message Boards (linked above).  Both of these tools have access to some of the best genealogical minds in the area, as many belong to the local societies and libraries.   As coordinators and volunteers to these pages, we are virtual managers on the internet and do not have ready-made access to the local institutions.   Several persons communicating on the boards and lists often DO have access to those records we do not.  Here's wishing you lots of luck in your genealogical research!


Oldham County Coordinator - Suzanne Shephard - Registry: #0000013  
Oldham County Assistant Coordinator - Rose Dailey - rosied40@win.net
Kentucky State Coordinator - Sherri Hall Bradley - Registry: #0000051

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NOTE: These records have been transcribed from several different sources, either by the coordinator or by other researchers and provided as a starting point to assist you in your research; I've verified as many as I could, but be aware that there may be errors (either mis-spellings on the original records, almost illegible writing on the records, and/or typing errors on my part), so make sure to double check them prior to assuming they're "the gospel truth". I will never deliberately include erroneous information in any part of this site.

If you have records that you'd like to see added to this site, please contact Suzanne and I'll be glad to add them to this collection.

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