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BARRICKMAN, KATHERINE DORA "KITTY" (HOOPS)  63 yrs old, married to Lee Ross Barrickman, b. 17 June 1908 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY,    d. 21 July 1971.  She died of heart complications following a pace maker implant at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. Her parents were Hermann and Elizabeth (Clausen) Hoops. Burial was at Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY.
BRYANT, MARY EVELYN (HEAD), 23yrs (married).  b. February 21, 1901 (Oldham, KY),   d. November 17, 1924 (Henry Co, KY).  Death cert # 27437.   Informant: Mrs. Joseph Head.    Passed from: miscarriage / typhoid fever.  Daughter of Joseph L. Head (Oldham, KY) and Mary Sammie Williams (Oldham, KY).
CHAMBERS, MARGARET ELIZABETH (HOOPS) 79 yrs old, widowed, b. 10 May 1905 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY,   d. 26 Dec 1984 at St. Anthonyís Hospital in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY of a heart attack. Margaretís parents were Hermann and Elizabeth (Clausen) Hoops. Burial was at Valley of Rest Cemetery in LaGrange, Oldham Co., KY.
CLAUSEN, DORA, 75 years old, widow, b. 27 March, 1841 in Germany, d. 13 April 1916 of senility. Death certificate # 10748 signed by Siegel C. Franklin, MD. She passed in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. Place of burial was Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.
CLAUSEN, ELIZABETH MARGARETE (KOENIG), 72 years old , married. Death certificate # 10184. Daughter of George and Margarete Koenig. b. 28 June 1851 in Germany d. 1 April 1924 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY. Informant was Mrs. Robert (Alma) Shrader of Goshen, Oldham Co., KY. Passed of Apoplexy. Place of burial was Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery in Skylight, KY.
CLAUSEN, KATIE , 37 years old, never married. Occupation listed as housework, b. 5 February 1886 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY d. 10 June 1923 in Skylight, KY.  She passed away from gall stones which she had for the previous 3 years. Death certificate # 11577 (?) signed by a Dr. Smiser. Parents were John Clausen and Elisabeth Koenig Clausen. Place of burial was Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY.
FENDLEY, GEORGE WASHINGTON,  George is listed as having committed suicide. It is known he had a terminal illness which contributed to this. He died on 26 Dec 1918. It lists his birth as 13 Apr 1871. His profession is listed as farmer and his birthplace was Oldham County, Kentucky and resided at Westport Voting Precinct. Both parents are listed and are also from Oldham:  John Fendley and Harriett Kelley. The informant was listed as a James W. Fendley who resided at Westport.  Burial date was listed as 28 Dec 1918 by G. W. Peak & Son Funeral Home of LaGrange. Burial was at Collier's Cemetery.   J. W. Oglesby, M.D.   Vol 84, Cert 41541.  Died at residence at age of 47.   
HEAD, A. M. 86yrs (Wd).   b. August 24, 1839 (KY),   d. December 3, 1925 (Oldham, KY Old Confederates Home).    Parents unknown.  Death cert # 30475.  Informant: records of Conf. Home.    Passed from: cirrhosis of liver.
HEAD, BENJAMIN F.81yrs (Wd).   b. April 11, 1840 (KY),  d. February 27, 1921 (Oldham, KY).   Death cert # 4156.  Informant: unable to read.   Passed from: labor pneumonia.  Son of Jesse Head (KY) and Ann Sutton (KY).
HEAD, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 54 yrs (Married).    b. August 4, 1890 (Logan Co. KY), d. June 7, 1945 (Logan Co KY),  Death cert # 13150.  Informant: Mrs B. F. Head.    Passed from: acute infection of throat.   Son of Abraham Head (TN) and Delia Penrod (KY).
HEAD, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN71 yrs (Wd).    b. October 7, 1854 (KY),  d. July 15, 1926 (Graves Co KY), Death cert # 17336.  Informant: Mrs M H Douthill.    Passed from: cardiac asthema.  Son of Lewis Head (KY) and Cordie Buffin (KY).  
HEAD, BETTY JANE,   4yrs  b. September 4, 1927 (Oldham, KY),   d. December 14, 1931 (Oldham, KY).   Death cert # 39771. Informant: Lawrence Head.    Passed from: acathetic jaundice.    Secondary: gastric hemmorage.   Daughter of Lawrence Head (KY)  and Ethel Baber (KY).
HEAD, CHARLES, 73 years (married).   b. Jun 16, 1832 (TN), d. Dec 19, 1915 (Jefferson County),  Death cert # 30318.  Informant: Mary A C Head.   Passed from chronic infected neploitis.  Son of Charles Head (Italy) and a mother's name unknown, but says she was born Italy.
HEAD, CHARLES CRUTCHFIELD, 75yrs (single),  b. September 15, 1866 (Oldham, KY),  d. July 12, 1942 (Oldham, KY).  Death cert # 16874.   Informant: Lottie McRoberts.   Passed from: chronic mylerilis due to arteriosclerosis.   Son of Lawrence W. Head (Oldham, KY) and Susan Mitchell (Shelby Co. KY).
HEAD, DORA BELLE77yrs (single),  b. February 23, 1859 (Oldham, KY),  d. September 27, 1936 (Oldham, KY) Death cert # 25606.  Informant: Lottie McRoberts.   Passed from: chronic myocarditis.   Daughter of Lawrence W. Head and Susan Mitchell.
HEAD, HARRIETT (NAY),  78 yrs (married).   b.  May 1, 1841 (KY),  d. February 26, 1920 (Oldham, KY).   Death cert # 5963.     Informant: Mrs Warner Coons.    Passed from: bronchial pneumonia,  secondary: bronchial asthma.   Daughter of Joel Nay (KY)  and Rebecca Jett (KY).   
HEAD, JAMES MITCHELL, 74yrs (Married),   b. March 4, 1861 (Oldham, KY), d. February 29, 1926 (Oldham, KY), Death cert #8969.  Informant: W. W. Head.   Passed from: can't read main cause but contributory cause was Hemophilia.   Son of Lawrence Head and Susan Mitchell.
HEAD, JENNIE MITCHELL, 85 yrs.,  b. July 17, 1841 (Oldham, KY),  d. May 25, 1927 (Oldham, KY), Death cert # 14223.  Informant: John Head.    Passed from: myocarditis.  Daughter of Wm Mitchell (Oldham, KY) and  Lucy Webb (KY).   W/o Wm Head.
HEAD, JOANNA,  58 yrs (Wd).      b. January 1, 1856 (KY),  d. March 24, 1944 (Oldham, KY), death cert # 7958.  Informant: M. T. Boulware.   Passed from: mitral leak,  secondary: chronic arthritis result fall from bed.  Daughter of Jack Malin (KY) and Margaret Ellis (KY).    
HEAD, JOEL, 68 yrs (Wd).    b. April 20, 1847 (Henry Co, KY),  d. January 9, 1915 (Henry Co, KY),  Death cert # 1227.   Informant: Mrs Wm Thompson.    Passed from: blockage of bowel.   Son of Frank Head and (unknown) Luaretia  
HEAD, JOHN81 yrs (Married).   b. July 23, 1837 (New Haven ),  d. October 7, 1919 (Davies Co KY), Death cert # 17946.   Informant: Mrs John Head.   Passed from: chronic valvular insuffiency.   Son of William Head (New Haven) and Rose Spalding (New Haven).
HEAD, JOHN84 yrs (Wd).    b. November 24, 1835 (Davies Co KY), d. June 2, 1919 (Little Sisters of the Poor), Death cert # 18593.  Informant: Little Sisters of the Poor.    Passed from: can't read.  Son of James Head and Suzanna Emerson.
HEAD, JOSEPH B.,  59 yrs (Wd).   b. April 7, 1854 (Breckinridge Co KY),  d. July 31, 1913 (Jefferson Co KY), Death cert # 19207.  Informant: central state hospital.   Passed from: epilepsy.    Son of William S. Head (KY) and Min Norris (VA).
HEAD, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, 65yrs (married).   b. April 15, 1868 (Oldham, KY),  d. February 10, 1934 (Oldham, KY).  Death cert # 4920.   Informant: Mrs Alfred Hoffman.   Passed from: hemonhagig panuahas.   Son of Lawrence Head and Susan Mitchell.
HEAD, LILLIAN (WOODSMALL),  76yrs (Wd).    b. October 2, 1869 (Oldham Co KY),  d. April 8, 1945 (Oldham Co KY),  Death cert # 8924.  Informant: W. W. Head.    Passed from: heart disease aortic regurgitation.   Daughter of William Woodsmall (Oldham Co KY) and Sue Maddox (Oldham Co KY).
HEAD, ORILLA B., 84 yrs (Wd).    b. March 21, 1831 (IN),  d. November 24, 1915 (Oldham, KY), Death cert # 28039.  Informant: J C Haffler.   Passed from: tuberculosis.   Daughter of (parents unknown).
HEAD, PEYTON SAMUEL 79 yrs (Married).    b. September 8, 1849 (Oldham, KY),  d. November 28, 1928 (Oldham, KY). Death cert #32055.   Informant: Louise Dodge.   Passed from: arteriosclerosis.   Son of James M. Head (Oldham, KY) and Margaret McMakin (KY).
HEAD, ROBERT F.70 yrs (Wd).   b. February 10, 1843 (Harrodsburg, KY),  d. October 24, 1914 (Oldham, KY Old Confederates Home),   Death cert # 29737.   Informant: none.    Passed from: chronic lead poisoning (his occupation is listed as Painter).    Son of C. B. Head (Harrodsburg, KY) and Pauline McCarty (VA).
HEAD, SARAH SUSAN23yrs (single),  b. January 15, 1894 (Oldham, KY),  d. January 27, 1917 (Oldham, KY), Death Cert #2582.   Informant: Miss Dora Head.   Passed from:  Phlhisis pulmensus (very hard to read).   Daughter of Joseph Lawrence Head (Oldham, KY) and Sammie Williams (Oldham, KY).
HEAD, SUE (DUNCAN), 73 yrs (married).    b. September 29, 1858 (KY),  d. October 17, 1926 (Oldham, KY).   Death cert # 26417.   Informant: Susie Head.    Passed from: Diabetis Millefase.   Daughter of Elexander Duncan (KY) and Millicent Jones (KY),  w/o W. O. Head.  
HEAD, SUSAN EMILY (MITCHELL), 89yrs (Wd)    b. September 13, 1834 (Shelby Co, KY), d. August 9, 1924 (Oldham ,KY).   Death Cert # 19340.  Informant: Mrs. J. L. Head.  Passed from Senility.   Daughter of Joe A. Mitchell (Va) and Sarah Young. 
HEAD, W. O.82yrs (Wd).    b. August 30, 1847 (Oldham, KY),  d. November 12, 1929 (Oldham, KY).  Death cert # 33166.  Informant: Miss Susie Head.   Passed from: cerebral hemmorage or apoplexy complete coma.  Son of James M. Head (Oldham, KY) and Margaret McMakin (KY).   
HEAD, WILLIAM B.,  85 yrs (married).    b. February 11, 1837 (Oldham Co KY),   d. October 8, 1922 (Shelby Co KY),  Death cert # 23198.  Informant: H. M. Head of Shelbyville, KY.     Passed from: Senility.   Son of Richard Head (VA) and Miss Button (Oldham Co KY).
HEAD, WILLIAM M.50 yrs (married).    b. January 12, 1880 (KY),  d. July 13, 1930 (Oldham, KY).  Death cert # 20819.  Informant: Lawrence Head.   Passed from: kicked by mule in left lower quadrant of abdomen,  secondary: ruptured bowel.  Son of J. W. Head (KY) and  Joanna Malin (KY). 
HEAD, ZACHARIAH 78 yrs. (married).   b. Sept 9, 1859 (Davies Co KY),  d. Sept 25, 1932 (Jefferson County KY),  Death cert # 21711.   Informant:  Miss Maud Head.  Passed from hyperteurine heart disease, secondary: cerebral hemorrhage.  Son of Joseph D. Head (KY) and Margaret M. Montgomery (KY).  
HOOPS, ROBERT JAMES,  75 yrs old, married to Margaret Neola Rowlett. They were married 43 years, b. 10 June 1920 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY d. 17 Dec 1995 at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY of heart failure. His parents were Hermann and Elizabeth (Clausen) Hoops. Burial was at Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY.
HOOPS, WILLIAM HERMAN,  81 yrs old, never married, b. 6 July 1915 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY d. 23 March 1997 in the Shelby County Hospital mainly of natural causes and age. His parents were Hermann and Elizabeth (Clausen) Hoops. Burial was at Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY.
LEET, JAMES H., 72 years, 11 months and 22 days old, married. File number of death certificate is 22060. b. 1 September 1841 in Virginia d. 23 August 1914 in Oldham Co., KY. Unable to read the cause of death on the death certificate. Father was Jeptha Leet and mother was Fannie Jett. Burial was at the Jeptha Leet Family Graveyard. Undertaker was G. W. Peak of LaGrange, Oldham Co., KY.
MORRIS, EMMA CARLISLE, Certificate states that Oldham County was the place of death. It lists her informant as son William Morris of Prospect, Kentucky. She is listed as a widow. Her date of birth was unknown and her date of death was 13 Jul 1934. Neither of her parents were known. Cause of death was chronic diarrhea? Undertaker was G W Peak & Son of LaGrange, Kentucky. Her date of burial was 15 Jul 1934.   S. Hancock, M.D., Vol 042, Cert 20915, "Emma died at home."
SHIELDS,  AMELIA C. CLAUSEN ,  69 years old, widow, b. 23 September 1880 in Oldham Co., KY d. 10 September 1950 in Skylight, Oldham Co., KY. Leading cause of death was myocarditis which she had been suffering with for 5 years, she was also suffering from arthritis. Informant for the death certificate was T. T. Shields of Prospect, KY. Place of burial was Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery.

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