1878 - 1879 Deaths

This database submitted by Nate Elliott while doing some of the local research he does for others.   If there are any questions, contact him or your county coordinator.

C - Color, DOD - Date of Death, COD - Cause of Death, POB - Place of Birth, POD - Place of Death, BP - Birthplace, OCC - Occupation, RES - Residence

All deceased members were Residents and died in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Name of Deceased


Age Sex Status OCC DOD COD POB Parents BP Father BP Mother
 H. J. Lewis  W  45  M  Married  Doctor  08 Oct 1878  Heart  Louisville  William  Louisville Louisville
 Lena Garrett  W  5 m  F  Single  None  01 Jan 1879  UNK  Oldham  Wm. & Dorothy Garrett  UNK  UNK
 Eliza J. Duerson  W  60  F  Married  UNK  28 Apr 1878  Nervous Prost?  Danville  Thomas & Anna Harrison  Virginia  Virginia
 Annie Bennett  W 22 m  F  Single  UNK  16 Oct 1878  Lung  Oldham  John & Susan Bennett  Oldham  Shelby
 Samuel B. Steele  W  78  M  Married  Farmer  UNK  UNK  Virginia  Anderson & Margaret Steele  PA  Virginia
 William Wilhite  W  2 m  M  Single  None  UNK  Croup  Shelby  James & M. Wilhite  Missouri  Shelby
 Susan Tharp  W  1 m  F  Single  None  06 Oct 1878  UNK  Oldham  James & Susan Tharp  Ohio  Trimble
 Annie Johnson  W  20  F  Single  UNK  03 Mar 1878  Consumption  Oldham  M. F. & Eliz. Johnson  Oldham   Spencer
 Mary C. Cassady  W  28  F  Married  UNK  12 Oct 1878  Heart Clot  Oldham  Levi & Eliz. Barnhill  Oldham  Henry
 Ida Smith  W  24  F  Single  UNK  24 Feb 1878  Inflam. of Brain  Oldham  Wm. & Unknown Smith  Oldham  UNK
 Willis Snyder  W  78  M  Married  Farmer  16 Apr 1878  Softening Brain  Virginia  UNK  Oldham  UNK
 Unknown Barker  W  baby  F  Single  None  14 Jul 1878  UNK  Oldham  John Barker & Mary Staucel  Georgia  Georgia
 Mary Barker  W  40  F  Married  UNK  02 Nov 1878  Consumption  Georgia  UNK  UNK  UNK