Clausen Family History

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Submitted Mar 09, 2003

Three brothers came to America from Germany.  They were Hermann (nmi) Clausen, John Vincent Clausen and Hermann Christopher Dietrich Clausen.  Hermann Hoops (Seperate family history listed in these Family Pages) was the step son of Hermann Clausen.


John Vincent Clausen Family

John Vincent came over from Germany in 1870.   He was born in Bremen, Germany on 7/1839.   His wife was Elisabeth Margarethe Koenig.  She was born in Lindhum, Germany June 28, 1851. They bought a farm somewhere in Skylight, Kentucky but none of the family has any idea where. They had 9 children.  One died at birth and Henry died at a young age. From our understanding most of these children lived in or close to Oldham Co, KY.

1. Elizabeth “Lizzie” was born in Oldham Co. 10/19/1877 and married Hermann Hoops 12/1/1896.  She died 8/3/1956 and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery.

2. Frederick “Fritz” Henry Clausen was second-born 4/12/1879 and married Mabel Hensley on 1/20/1902.   He died 10/3/1958 and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery.   Mabel died on 1/14/1963 and is also buried at Shiloh.   They had 4 children: 

a.  Elizabeth Clausen was born 5/08/1903.   She married Lee Fendley on 6/4/27 at Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.   She died 4/26/1997 and is at Shiloh Cemetery. They did not have any children (no other info).

b. Ella Mae (no info).

c. Mary (no info).

d. Frederick (Buddy) Thomas (no info).

3. Amelia was born 1880 and died in 1950.  She is in the Shiloh Cemetery. She married a man with the last name of Shields and they had 3 children:   a. Mae Lucille, born 1924 and married Byrd Saylor, Jr. (no other info).  b. Frederick T., born 1914, died 1981 in Shiloh Cemetery and married Mary F. (no other info), and c. Mary Elizabeth married Robert Barron (no other info).

4. Minnie was born 12/1882 and married Jim Leet . I know that they had 8 children Bessie, John, Fannie B., Elmer, Oscar, Gertrude, Louis and Flora Marie.  I do not have any birth or death dates for any of them and I do not have any information on their children.

5. Katey (Katharina) was born 2/1886 and died 1923.   She is buried at Shiloh Cemetery. (no other info)

6. Richard E. was born 7/1887 and married Lula Ross.   He died in 1965 and is buried at Shiloh Cemetery.   They had 4 children named John Elbert 5/27/1913 who married Alvine (Alvina) Adams,  Howard R. who received the CW4 US Army Bronze Star Medal & 3 LC who married Elizabeth A.., and Helen Elsie C. born 4/11/1932 and married R.M. “Bob” Roberts.

7. Alma was born 7/1887 and married Robert Shrader.   She is deceased, but do not know the date of death. They had 6 children:   Vincent, Alberta, Douglas, Gale, Virginia and Norman (no other info).


Hermann (Christopher?) Dietrich Clausen Family

Hermann Dietrich Clausen was born Sept. 15, 1847 in Bremen, Germany.   He came to America by ship in the 1880’s. He married Mina (Minnie) Kuckman born July 1847.   No date available on their wedding date.  He passed away on Sept. 12, 1903 and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY.   She is also buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, but there is no date of death. From this marriage came 7 children:

a. Conrad J. Clausen, Sr. born Feb. 1874

b. Dora Frederica born Dec. 1875

c. Anna born Nov. 1878

d. John Dietrich born March 1880. He became a lawyer.

e. Pauline born Nov. 29, 1881, died in 1980 and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY.

f. Mary born March 11, 1886. Married a gentleman by the name of Charles Schupp.

g. Florence (no information).


Hermann Clausen Family

Hermann (nmi) Clausen born March 2, 1837 married Margaret (Maggie) Hoops.  Their children are as follows:  

a.  Herman Hoops - step son from Maggie's previous marriage

b. Johann (John) Hermann

c. Hermann Henry or Henri 

d. Anna Katherina “Dora”.


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Written 2004 by Rose Dailey