Reflections on a 1906 life of a young woman - The Diary of Madge Overstreet Pearce

This file was contributed by Mary Haunreiter, granddaughter of Madge Overstreet Pearce.  Madge was the daughter of Frank and Melissa Earp Overstreet.  Her mother was the daughter of James Earp, a cousin of Wyatt Earp.  The Earps, James and Isabelle Foster Earp, were from Sullivan/Lovington, Illinois.  Frank and Melissa left Lovington to settle in Anthon, Iowa where Madge and her brother Charles were born.  Madge would later marry Harry L. Pierce of Piero, Iowa.  In Anthon, the Overstreets raised cattle and ran a livery stable.

"This is an section of a diary written by my grandmother, Madge Overstreet Pearce, in 1906.  Most of her diary is written in her home town of Anthon, Iowa, but during the summer she has an exciting trip to visit relatives in the Louisville and Lagrange area of Kentucky.  It is written much as a young girl would do in a diary sentence fragments, thoughts and some awkward grammar.  Im sure if she had known I would publish and share her diary, she would have taken more time with it."- Mary

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