Hermann Hoops Family History

Contributed By: Rose Dailey, rosied40@win.net

On Liberty Lane in Skylight, Kentucky, if you go down Liberty Lane until it almost ends, you will come to a spot where there is a piece of ground in front of you and you either have to go left or right. If you take the right, on the right side of the road is a very old cemetery where the Adams family and their slaves were buried. They owned the property before Hermann Hoops bought it.  It is very old and people have slowly started taking down the tombstones.  The old home place was torn down in 1985 or 1986 when the new home off to the left was built.

Hermann Hoops came to America on November 15, 1884 on the steam ship Eider. They landed at Castle Garden because Ellis Island did not exist at that time. He had 1 trunk, my aunt Elizabeth McCaslin has the trunk but there was also a very old clock that was in the trunk and my mother, Catherine LaVerne Chambers Dailey, still has that.

Hermann Hoops owned the property at 1900 Liberty Lane and he was my great grandfather.  His wife was Elisabeth (Clausen) nicknamed "Lizzie".  They had 6 children:    

a.  Margaret Elizabeth Hoops was born 5/10/1905. 

b. Katherine Dora (Kitty) Hoops was born 6/17/08 and married Lee Barrickman. They lived on Barrickman Lane which is just down on Hwy 42 from Liberty Lane. They are both buried in the Shiloh Cemetery.

c. Richard H. Hoops was born 10/15/1912 and died 11/30/1976. 

d. William Herman Hoops was born 7/6/1915.   He lived on this farm until his death on 3/23/1997. 

e.  Robert James Hoops was born 6/10/1920 and died 12/17/1995.  Uncle Bob married Neola Rowlett.   She is still alive and living in a nursing home.

When Hermann Hoops died he gave the land to his son Robert James Hoops and was just recently sold when my Aunt Neola went to the nursing home. I am not certain now who owns the old home place.




Submitted Mar 09, 2003