James Augustus Montgomery Family Bible


This file was sent to me from Gene Smith of Claxton, Georgia.   He is the great grandson of James Hatfield Montgomery.   The document below is an extract from the Montgomery family Bible.   If you are connected to the Montgomery family, please consider emailing Gene.  

Gene states that James Augustus Montgomery & family left Kentucky in 1858 and settled in Northeast Missouri (Shelby County).  James had the choice of settling on the open prairie (Freeman Prairie west of Shelbyville, Missouri) or the wooded area northwest of there near a creek.  He preferred the woods in the southeast part of Taylor township, so he could have trees for fuel, building and fencing material, creek water for his stock, and wild game, nuts and wild berries for food.   This land was kept in the Montgomery family until sold in 1965.  This was extracted from "Leonard (Missouri) History", August 1989.

  One son of James Augustus, James Hatfield Montgomery, spent the rest of his life in Northeast Missouri and raised a large family there. I have a pretty accurate picture of his descendents. but would always appreciate any info on his ancestors.




First 48 pages of book are missing. Stray pencil entry on front cover _Bert  23 ‑ March_.  Title page on pg 788, end of Volume I.  _Butler and Williams Edition.

THE HOLY BIBLE containing the Old and New Testaments ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Volume II.  Philadelphia:  Published by Butler and Williams. 1845_.  Four pages labeled _Family Record_ bound between Old and New Testament in Volume Two section.  Page 4, _Family Record ‑ Memorandum_ is blank.  Page 1 through 3 transcribed as following, info in ( ) added by me.

    Page 1  Family Record ‑ Marriages

 James Montgomery & Nancy Varble was married August 29th, 1827 (pen entry, re‑inked)

James Montgomery & Mary Ann Watson was married March 19, 1843 (pen entry , faded)

James Montgomery & Mary Hantsman was married Feb the 21.1851 (pen entry, dark)

Pearson Clifford Montgomery & Sallie C. Williams was married January 20 1862 (pen, faded)

Johny Montgomery and Mert Dailey was married the November the 17. 1871 (pencil entry)

 (Entries 1, 2 ,4 and 5 in same type cursive handwriting.  Entry 3, more caligraphy style writing and darker ink. Year date in entry 1 blurred.  Examination with photographer loupe shows 1827 as original and later re‑inked entry.  Marriage date and names of entry 1 also confirmed with internet records of OLDHAM COUNTY, KY, near Louisville, KY)


 Page 2 Family Record ‑ Births

(Entries on left side of divided page)

Pearson Clifford Montgomery was born June 20th 1828

James Augustus Montgomery born March 15th, 1830

Theodore Montgomery born Nov 12th, 1831

Sarah Catharine Montgomery Born April 5th, 1833

John Young Montgomery Born December 15th, 1840

George Washington Montgomery Born March 23, 1844

Martha Montgomery Born Novem 13th 1846

Leora Montgomery was Born August the 2 1871

(Entries on right side of divided page)

James Montgomery Born Oct 27th 1805

Nancy Montgomery Born Jan 1st 1810

Mary Ann Montgomery Born 1815

Mary Montgomery Born March the 7 ‑ 18‑13

Joseph Montgomery Born Oct the 3 18‑52

David Montgomery Born September the 17 18‑54

Charles Hantsman

Charles D Hantsman was Born December the 29 18‑45

 (All entries pen, caligraphy style cursive except Leora Montgomery entry.  Leora more faded but less formal cursive writing)


                                                                 Page 3 Family Record ‑ Deaths

(Entries on left side of divided page)

Nancy Montgomery Died December 15th 1840

Sarah Catharine Montgomery Died Aug 5th 1835

George Washington Montgomery Died Sept 24th 1845

Martha Montgomery Died March 16th 1847

Mary Montgomery Died Feb 14th 1849

Theodore Montgomery Died September 11th 1862

Augustus J Montgomery Died August the 19 ‑ 1865

Leora Montgomery Died the 21 of October 1871

(Entries on right side of divided page)

John DeGaris Departed This Life in the year of our Lord 1838 25 Day of September

Charles DeGaris Hantsman Died June the 20 18‑58

James Montgomery died August the 4 18‑78

Mary Montgomery Died August the 9 1878

Lettie Montgomery Died April 14/74

John Y Montgomery died March the 2 1879

 (Entries in caligraphy style except Leora, Mary & Lettie Montgomery entries which are pencil and less formal style.)