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Lookup volunteers provide their time and resources. Please limit your queries to no more than three, no more often than once a month. Please remember that these are volunteers so be mindful of their time and guidelines. We don't want them to change their minds about their offers. If there are copy charges, or any other charges related to the "Lookups", details will come from the Volunteer. Never forget to be thankful for the effort they have provided and send them an email letting them know! If you have any additional questions, please contact your county coordinator.
Resources & Comments Volunteer Name Email or Website Address
Vital Statistics for KY- CD lookups Mary Bishop mbishop@kih.net
Death Certificates for KY- to Frankfort once weekly and pick them up. I charge $2.00 which just covers my expenses. Vital Certificates are 1911-1952. Mary Bishop mbishop@kih.net
Oldham County Kentucky Records Book, Cemeteries, Vol. 1 Maggie mcgen@cinergymetro.net
My name is Nathaniel Elliott.  My services include (but are not limited to) U.S. Census LookUps, Kentucky Death Certificate LookUps, Courier Journal Obituary LookUps (Louisville, Ky.) and Louisville Times Obituary LookUp.  I also offer complete genealogy research, if it is needed. Nathaniel Elliott nate_elliott@bellsouth.net  Click here 

My Family Roots & Nate Poster

Nathaniel Elliott
P.O. Box 306
LaGrange, Ky. 40031
Rosie is presently transcribing Kentucky Births for Oldham County 1911-1999. If you need a lookup for a surname you don't yet see online, feel free to have her look for you. She has the CD for the entire state for this time period. She also has a CD for Kentucky Marriages 1973-1999 and Kentucky Deaths 1911-1999, if you need some of that data. Rosie Rosie Dailey
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Kentucky Death Certificate Photocopies

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If you have records that you'd like to see added to this site, please contact Suzanne and I'll be glad to add them to this collection.

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