Oldham County

 1823 - 1851 Marriages



Groom Bride Parent or Guardian Date
Gardner, Edmund Bullock, Henrietta mother- Ann 11 Jan 1842
Gardner, John Duncan, Polly 10 Jun 1830
Garrett, Daniel Tucker, Sarah C. mother- Sarah C. 11 Sep 1847
Garrett, James Callis, Ann 06 Nov 1837
Garnett, Evan Shurley, Lucy father- William 10 Oct 1837
Garth, Samuel Coates, Philppa widow 11 Apr 1831
Gates, Edmund F. Oldham, Evaline father- James 21 Nov 1837
Gatewood, Silas Bell, Francis father- Richard 17 Jul 1835
Gathwright, John Baker, Zarilda father- Jesse 18 Dec 1832
Geltner ?, Jacob Adams, Sarah father- William 24 Dec 1845
George, Robert Bryant, Jane father- James 08 Oct 1832
Gibson, John G. Allen, Winefred mother- Susan H. 31 May 1848
Gibson, William E. Anderson, Mary E. 13 Jan 1845
Gidden, Abner Bain, Polly Ann father- Leroy 12 Nov 1835
Gilham, Samuel Coleman, Sarah father- Virgil 22 Jul 1834
Gill, James Livley, Nancy father- William 19 Jan 1835
Giltner, Jonas Adams, Susan father- William 29 May 1846
Gillispy, Geo. T. Staples, Sarah Ann father- Joseph 19 Aug 1836
Glass, Samuel White, Sarah E. father- Thomas 15 Mar 1834
Glore, Lisbon Wells, Cath father- William K. 11 May 1833
Glore, Morton Copelin, Julian father- John 16 Jan 1829
Goodman, Presley G. Hall, Eliza Jane father- Joseph 24 Jan 1848
Goolsby, William Burkley, Sarah orphan 15 Sep 1841
Goar, Simeon L. Yager, Eliza father- Jesse 07 Jan 1839
Goar, John W. Clore, Ann father- James 14 Sep 1840
Goar, William W. Vance, Lucy B. widow of Wm Vance 22 Nov 1841
Gohan, John W. Logan, Eliza J. 24 Nov 1849
Gosney, Richard Cassaway, Ann E. father- James 24 May 1849
Gough, Charles Lockhart, Lucinda father- David 06 Mar 1836
Gough, Edmond Breedlove, Louisa M. father- Francis 21 Jan 1839
Gough, Fleming F. Swinney, Matilda father- Lewis 27 Feb 1843
Gough, William Mahonny, Mary 28 Feb 1831
Gough, William Coplinger, Lucy widow of Henry 30 Oct 1834
Grady, Joseph H. Button, Lucy father- Thomas 12 Jan 1835
Grady, Thomas G. Jones, Mary father- George 27 Jan 1836
Graymer, Jefferies Kinsoloving, Jane father- James 13 Oct 1848
Green, Norville Morriss, Mary 15 Feb 1842
Greenwood, Joseph Peggs, Nancy groom father- Joseph H. Greenwood Updated, see below 01 Mar 1830
Update 06/09; Joseph Greenwood's father was William Greenwood. Information on a certified copy of this marriage record. Joseph provided his own bond for the marriage along with Culvin Foree. Julia Mortenson
Gresham, Joseph Button, Margaret father- Joel 23 Aug 1839
Gretsinger, Charles Marmaduke, Catharine father- Sampson 19 Apr 1839
Griffith, Geo. W. Boulware, Sarah A. father- Fountain 06 Nov 1847
Griffith, J. W. Oglesby, Mary B. father- Thomas B. 18 Sep 1848
Griffith, John Mathes, Peggs father- Allen 15 Apr 1828
Grimes, Samuel Pulliam, Elizabeth father- George 03 Dec 1845
Grimes, Willie Bullard, Jane 28 May 1825
Grizlay, A. M. Wheeler, Sallie 11 Feb 1851
Gwynn,James Jefferson Kinsolberry, Lucy Jane father- James 13 Oct 1848
Gwynn, Humphrey Meade, Mary father- Richard E. 11 Dec 1848

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