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Oldham County Family Albums



Thanks to Rose Dailey  rosied40@bellsouth.net and Ruth Hagen RAHagan39@aol.com for the photos contributed to this page.


John H. Clausen John H. Clausen, Age 15 Bud, Emma, Margaret Clausen John Clausen and sisters
John H, Henry and Dora Clausen John Herman Clausen, Sr. John Herman and Herman Henry Clausen Katey Clausen
Minnie Louise Clausen Daughters of Dora Clausen Unknown Clausens - Can anyone identify? More Unknown Clausens
John D. Clausen, Floyd Broaddus, Charles Schupp, Conrad J. Clausen,
Mary Clausen Schupp, Ann Marie Clausen Broaddus, Pauline Clausen & Dora Clausen Kuhn
These are children of Hermann Christoph Diedrich (Dick) Clausen & their spouses

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