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The following Oldham County Wills were graciously contributed by Nathaniel Elliott

1st Duncan will in Oldham County

Book 2 Page 22 Ludwell Duncan

In the name of God Amen I Ludwell Duncan of the County of Oldham and State of Kentucky calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed unto all men once die being in a low state of health but perfectly sound in mind and memory do make this to be my last will and testament...I will that peace of land I bought of John Overstreet to be sold...I will that all my estate after paying my debts shall belong to my wife Martha during her liftime or widowhood...I will that my wife Martha and Alexander Duncan be my executors to settle my estate.  It is my will provided it should appear from bad management of my wife Martha that she was a waisting of or making way with the estate from the benefit of the children that my executor Alexander Duncan shall  ... the estate in hands so far as to see the estate is secured to the benefit of the children as well as to her.  In witness whereof I have ...my name and affixed my seal ...8/29/1836

Wit: Thos Pemberton, Bernard Duncan, Edmond Powell

probated 10/17/1836

1st Bennett will recorded in Oldham County

Book 7 Page 484 W. S. Bennett

I, W. S. Bennett, being of sound mind...First I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses to be paid...Second I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Evelyn Bennett and my son Walter F. Bennett the farm upon which I now reside in Oldham County containing three hundred acres...Third I will to my son Joseph H. Bennett a tract of land in Oldham County near the LaGrange and Westport Pike bought from Frances A. Cassady containing about 175 acres...Fourth I will to my daughter Mattie A. Bennett that portion of the tract of land mentioned in the third clause of this will excluded from the Cassady tract...Fifth...I will that there be rserved a passway fifteen feet wide for the benefit of an easement to said land Beginning on Brush Creek..Sixth Should my son Walter F. die...aforesaid shall be equally divded between ...Joseph H...and ...Mattie A...Seventh I have willed to my son J. R. Bennett nothing because I now hold his notes for $2000.00 or more...Eighth...Ninth...Out of the proceeds of my personal property my Exector shall pay my debts...Tenth I nominate and appoint D. H. French Executor of this will...3/27/1888

Wit D. H. French & Joseph Sauer

1st Barrickman will of Oldham County

Book 8 Page 54 Elija Barrickman

I, Elija Barrickman of the County of Oldham...1st I will and desire that all my just debts...be paid...2nd I will and direct my exeutor ... to sell and convey...all my land...3rd I have heretofore given to my following children the following sums in money...John...Judith Price...Thomas...I have given to each of my other children to wit, James Willis...Z. C. ... Lewis ...4th I request my sons each pay to my beloved wife Eliza Ann Barrickman the sum of $25.00 a year for her support and maintenance. 5th My son Lewis Barrickman owes...for the rent of my farm for two years...6th I have made charges against my said children of the amounts I have advanced to them...so that all my children may be made equal...7th After the sale ...of my land and other property....8th I hereby nominate and appoint my son Z. C. Barrickman the executor of this my last will...3/12/1887

Wit: Sandford Taylor & J. R. Adams I


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