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The following Oldham County Wills were graciously contributed by Nathaniel Elliott

1st Burton will of Oldham County

Book 1 Pages 12-13 John Burton

In the name of God Amen I John Burton of Jefferson County and State of Kentucky...1st i have given my daughter Mary Snell two hundred pounds in land and other good property. Likewise, I have given my son Reuben Burton two hundred pounds in land...Likewise I have given to my son Jeremiah Burton five hundred pounds in land...Likewise I have given my daughter Frankey Bohannon...in all worth two hundred pouds...I give my son John Burton my half of the grist and saw mills...I give my son James Burton...and after my death and my wifes Elizabeth's then I also give him the land and plantation whereon I now live containing one hundred and ninety five acres to make him equal with the rest of his brothers and sisters...that the residue of my estate be equally divided unto six equal parts amongst my six children above mentioned...Lastly I nominate and appoint my friends, Reuben Burton, Jeremiah Burton, John Burton and James Burton Executors to this my last will and testament...dtd 12/19/1809

Wit: Thomas Buckner, Ambrose Buckner & William Buckner

probated 9/20/1824

Note: the above will was written before Oldham established...by the time of his death Oldham County was on record so he may have always lived in what is now known in Oldham even though will says he lived in Jefferson

1st Field will probated and recorded in Oldham County.

Book 1 Page 73 Daniel Field

In the name of God Amen I Daniel Field of the Parish of Hamilton and County of Fauquier being week of body but of sound and perfect memory blessed be God for the same and calling to mind the uncertainty of this mortal life do make and appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form following ~ I bequeath my precious and immortal soul to God who gave it in humble hope obtaining pardon and remission of my sins and transgressions through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ my blessed Savior and redeemer. My body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named, and as for such wordly estate wherewith God has blessed me after my debts and funeral expenses are paid I dispose of the same as followeth. I give and bequeath unto my dear sons George, Lewis, John and Fielden Field four negroes to wit James, Lett, Lucy and Winney to be equally divided among them as they come of age and if any of my said sons should die before they are of age, the said negroes to be amongst the survivors of them and their heirs forever.  It is also my desire that my wifes dower after her deceased be equally divided among my said sons or the survivors of ...that my executor place the said negroes (except my dear wifes dower) on same place to be by him rented for that purpose and the profits arising therefrom to be for my said sons maintenance and schooling.  I give and bequeath all my stocks of what kind or denomination soever, and all my household furniture, plantation, utensils and all and every other thing by me possessed to be equally divided between my sons George, Lewis, John and Fielden Field, my daughters, Hannah, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary & Milley and my Grandaughter Charlotte Haddocks to them and their heirs forever. Lastly I constitue and appoint my trusty friend M- Daniel Feld of Culpepper County whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament and to have the are of my ...sons hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore made and declaring this to be my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal. Dated July 27, 1777

Wit: George Slaughter, Benj. Field, Benj. Roberts

At a court held for Fauquier County the 24th day of March, 1783 this will was proved by the oath of William Grant a witness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Daniel Field the Executor therein named who made oath and executed and acknowledged bond as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

signed by two County Clerks

Virginia Fauquer County to wit I John A. W Smith? Clerk of the County Court of the County aforesaid hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy from the records of said Court. In testimoney where of I hereto subscribe my name and affix the seal of the said Court on this 1st day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five and of the Commonwealth the 49th Jn. A. W. Smith? Clerk of Fauquier County Court Virginia ~ Fauquier County to wit J Robert Randolph eldest and presiding Magistrate of the County Court of the County aforesaid, hereby certify, that John A. W. Smith is clerk of the said Court and that the foregoing certificate and ...station of the said clerk are in due form.  Certified under my hand and seal this 1st day of July 1825.

Robt. Randolph

State of Kentucky ...At a county court held for the county of Oldham on the 19th day of February 1827 on the motion of Alijah Wright who produced in court an authenticated copy of the last will and testament of Daniel Field of the Parish of Hamilton and county of Fauquier in the State of Virginia and moved the court to have the same entered of record and the court having considered said motion do order that the said authenticated copy of the will aforesaid be recorded.

--Jon-- Berry Clerk of the Oldham County Court


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