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Pendleton County Obituaries

2005 Index

Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

Last Name First Name Age at Death Residence at Death
Adkins Betty 72 Butler
Alexander Eugene 81 Crittenden
Alford Addie 74 Berry
Alford Ruth 46 Berry
Allen General Lee 79 Cincinnatti
Anderson Richard 61 Falmouth
Anderson Verneda 27 Southgate
Anderson Loretta 61 Berry
Anglin Willie 85 Dry Ridge
Antrobus Gina 35 Foster
Arnold Bill 84 Falmouth
Asbury David 28 Falmouth
Aulick Alta 96 Cynthiana
Austin Elaine 79 Ohio
Baker Lucy 84 Butler
Baker Rita 48 Butler
Baker Dorothy 76 Falmouth
Banfield Carol 58 Fordsville, KY
Beckett Oren 90 Falmouth
Belew Edna 95 Florida
Bentle Kenneth 90 Falmouth
Best Robert 73 Falmouth
Betz Gary William 48 Ohio
Beyersdoerfer Roy 62 Stanford
Bishop Raymond 81 Foster
Bivens Carolyn 76 Augusta
Black Dolly Redman 94 No City
Blackburn Lillian 65 Florence
Blades Leona 98 Ohio
Boehnke Kathy Brown 66 Illinois
Bonett Eleanor 79 Falmouth
Booher Lily 92 Walnut Creek
Booher Amanda 47 Florence
Booth Ora (Bud) 80 Ohio
Bowen Rev. Danny 55 Demossville
Bowen Reba 81 Demossville
Bowling Marie 89 Crittenden
Boyers Norma 70 Walton
Brann James 77 Latonia
Brickler Orel 89 Alexandria
Brown Larry 55 Grants Lick
Brown Emily Jo 86 California
Brown Donald 69 Butler
Brown Carl E. 83 Alabama
Browning Jewell 92 Fostoria
Brumley Jack 45 Melbourne
Bryant Edna 85 Falmouth
Burleson Norma 73 Florida
Bush Erlynne 67 California
Byrd Mary 99 Butler
Byrd Elzie 80 Grants Lick
Caldwell Mary 87 Falmouth
Callahan Katherine 86 Cincinnatti
Campbell Terrah 6 Newport
Campbell Walter (Walt) 70 Butler
Campbell Ruth 65 Crittenden
Carver Helen 80 Alexandria
Causey Isaac 76 Sparta
Caywood Wilholmina 92 Paris
Chalk Eva Moore 91 Newport
Clayton David 53 Taylor Mill
Clemons J. B. 63 Cold Spring
Coleman Bernice 71 Butler
Collins Lillian 78 Newport
Collins Pauline 59 Covington
Colvin Alicia 23 Falmouth
Colvin Martha 94 Colorado
Compton Dale 51 Dayton
Conrad Allen 94 Ft. Thomas
Cooper Charles 69 Covington
Cooper Timothy 59 Florida
Courtney Joan 51 Falmouth
Cox Edward “Buck” 71 Butler
Craig Gene 60 Falmouth
Creech Danny 61 Butler
Crowley Bernard 80 Ft. Mitchell
Croy Edman 60 Newport
Cummins Ruie 82 Falmouth
Cummins Delores 75 Covington
Cummins Delores 75 Covington
Cummins Wanda 66 Richmond
Cummins Leon 64 Berry
Deaton Pauline 71 Alexandria
Deaton Bud Alex 61 California
Delaney Ruby 80 Ohio
Dirkes Edna 73 Foster
Dischar Charles 60 Newport
Doggett Nancy 81 Falmouth
Downard Tina 85 Newport
Downard Marjorie 77 Falmouth
Dunn, Sr. John 80 Mentor
Dziadek Albert 86 Falmouth
Earle, Jr. Kelly 87 Berry
Eckenrode Hazel 67 Demossville
Eshom Euna 91 Ohio
Fardo Robert 88 Grants Lick
Fardo Cliston Blaine No Age Grants Lick
Farrar Preston 80 Falmouth
Fields Ronald 65 Alexandria
Fields Jeff 42 Falmouth
Fletcher Wesley 28 Newport
Floyd Howard 75 Highland Heights
Flynn Gladys Price 88 Covington
Fogle Rebecca 49 Morgan
Fredrick Donna 66 Corinth
Fritz Joe 82 Cynthiana
Gallagher Michael 56 Falmouth
Gallagher Lovell 59 Carlisle
Gentry Rick 44 Falmouth
Gerhard Paul Wilbur 89 Augusta
Gibbs Jason 27 Covington
Gosney Wayne “Putt” 78 Butler
Gosney Jack 80 Bellevue
Green Anna 88 Cincinnatti
Greene Phyllis 70 Falmouth
Griffin Dallas Elizabeth 81 No City
Griffith Mark 28 Highland Heights
Grubbs Inez Murphy 76 Butler
Guzauskas Cindy 43 Ohio
Haggard Eugene 80 Batavia
Hall Timothy 45 Falmouth
Hamilton Isaac 81 West Union
Hamilton Isaac 81 West Union
Hamilton Marion 77 Louisville
Hamilton Helen McClanahan 88 Butler
Hamilton Alma 56 Berry
Hamilton Evelyn 87 Falmouth
Hampton Alice 66 Falmouth
Hardin Becky 45 Falmouth
Harmon Joyce 58 Butler
Harrison Clyde 81 Alexandria
Hart Earl Vaughn 74 Falmouth
Hearld Larry 62 Newport
Heitmeier Johnny 75 Butler
Hendricks Leslie 74 Butler
Henzerling Carol 61 Covington
Herald Jeffrey 48 Newport
Herald Elizabeth 76 Newport
Hill Adrian Kenneth 81 Ohio
Honeycutt Virginia 77 Latonia
Honeycutt Janet 46 Williamstown
Houston Lytle 85 Foster
Houston Mabel 81 Ohio
Howard Linda Collins 53 Berry
Howard Ray 73 Falmouth
Huff Marvin 80 Alexandria
Huff Doris Ann 79 Alexandria
Hughes Harry 55 Butler
Hurt Raymond 93 Elsmere
Ishmael Lenox 86 Florida
Jackson Charles 97 Butler
Jackson, Jr. Gordon 70 Newport
Jaeger George 80 California
Jarvis Galen 78 Illinois
Jeannet Frank 65 Ohio
Jenkins Etnae 89 Falmouth
Johnsen Paul 43 California
Johnson Mary 74 Falmouth
Jones Janice 57 Corinth
Jones Ruth 85 Lexington
Jones Dora 84 Erlanger
Jones Clarence 81 Williamstown
Jones Janet “Jan” No Age Edgewood
Jones Emmaline 91 Williamstown
Kaeff Nevaeh U/1 Bellevue
Kaufman Howard 62 Alexandria
Kavanaugh Larry 67 Grants Lick
Kavanaugh Ray 95 Falmouth
Keeton Melissa 47 Falmouth
Keller Mike 59 Falmouth
Kelly Barbara 50 Butler
Kelly Aaron 25 Cincinnatti
Kelly Rose Flynn 82 Crittenden
Kidwell Viola 86 Butler
King Sudie Mae 82 Butler
King Joe 66 Falmouth
Kostelac Bonnie 77 Verona
Kramer Larry 55 Alexandria
Kwiatkowski June 75 Arizona
Landrum Clarita 62 Dry Ridge
Larkin Edna 89 Falmouth
Larkin Edna 89 Falmouth
Lawson Mary 77 Falmouth
Laycock Beulah 86 Butler
Leap Beulah 80 Alexandria
Lewis Helen Jean 64 Falmouth
Lewis Warren 83 Covington
Liles Florence 94 Newport
Lingar Rev. Morris “Mark” 61 No City
Lowe Ada 95 Williamstown
Lowery Lionel 46 Flemingsburg
Magee Karen 43 Dry Ridge
Magee Thomas 46 Independence
Mains Scott 35 Peach Grove
Mann Hazel 78 Crittenden
Mann Gary 52 Covington
Martin Harold 58 Erlanger
Martin Ina 63 Bromley
Massey Ernest 78 Indiana
Mattingly Hilda 80 Butler
Mattox Hazel Clark No Age Brooksville
Maxedon Penny 80 Butler
McBride Carrie 52 Falmouth
McClanahan Juanita 83 Butler
McCown Jack 64 Cynthiana
McDaniel Doris 87 Dayton
McDowell Oscar 86 Covington
McDowell Oscar 86 Covington
McDowell Kenneth 48 Falmouth
McElfresh Margie 84 Peach Grove
McNay Mary 90 Richmond
McNay Lorena 91 Florence
McNees Ira Lee 84 Falmouth
McNees Ira Lee 84 Falmouth
McNees Neppie 86 Antioch
McQueen Charlie 65 Butler
Meece Ruby 68 California
Middleton Robert 88 Williamstown
Milner Geraldine 88 Covington
Minton Larry 56 Georgetown
Mockbee Marcella 77 Arizona
Moore Thelma 86 Falmouth
Moreland Raymond 78 Owenton
Morgan Angel 28 Bellevue
Morris Julia 95 Butler
Morris Julia 95 Butler
Morris Fay 80 Foster
Mullins Gene 76 Covington
Napier George 71 Butler
Napier George 44 Butler
Nelson Herwood 84 Falmouth
Nelson Herwood 84 Falmouth
Nelson James 74 Walton
Newton Bill 72 Falmouth
Nickels Henry 55 Dry Ridge
Niesen Deborah 31 Corinth
Norton Elmer 82 Butler
Oldham Steven 47 Morehead
Owens Christine 77 Falmouth
Pack Donald 72 Alexandria
Parks Frances 82 Nicholasville
Peace Nelvia Phillips 87 Covington
Perkins Calvin 84 Falmouth
Perkins Ruth 77 Cynthiana
Phillips Dick 65 Lenoxburg
Philpot Randall 48 Ohio
Philpot Jerry 74 Cincinnatti
Polanski John 73 Falmouth
Powell Joseph Earl 84 Falmouth
Pressler Ronald 50 Newport
Price Beverly Harper 59 Ohio
Ramsey Juanita 68 Butler
Rapp Karma Jean 31 Butler
Rawlings Anna 98 Florida
Ray, Jr. Elmer 56 Falmouth
Records Martin 54 Butler
Records Martin 54 Butler
Redell Antonette 62 Florence
Redmon Carl 65 Butler
Reed Rev. Earl 69 Falmouth
Reed Gerald 62 Demossville
Reinhardt Marion 94 Alexandria
Rice Celia 63 Demossville
Rice Judy 43 Independence
Rice Joshua 21 Falmouth
Richie Carl 70 Alexandria
Riley Richard 38 Foster
Roberts Melvin 72 Newport
Rose Beulah 85 Columbia SC
Ross Kenneth 67 Versailles
Ruber Raymond 86 Falmouth
Russell Neal 47 Falmouth
Russo Salvatore 43 Florence
Sanders Jackie 60 Covington
Sawyers Lester 69 Ohio
Schalk Judith 67 California
Schlueter Ralph 77 Peach Grove
Schneider Marcella 79 Newport
Schof, Jr. Frank 77 California
Sester Mary 72 Ohio
Shay Martha 56 Butler
Shepperd Harold 72 Gardnersville
Siefering Hariett 75 Kansas
Smith Ellis 85 Carrollton
Smith Fama 82 Harrodsburg
Smith Bruce 56 Falmouth
Sorrell Winston 78 Falmouth
Sowder Oscar 89 Ohio
Sparks Robert 74 Ohio
Sparks Rev. Charles 74 Ohio
Sprinkle Jerry 44 Newport
Steinhauer James 85 California
Stephens James 89 Falmouth
Stephens Pearl 77 Falmouth
Stewart Larry 33 Alexandria
Sturgeon Lola 96 Covington
Sullivan Cecil 96 Falmouth
Swick Nancy 61 Newport
Taylor Charles 88 Melbourne
Taylor Tony 59 Augusta
Taylor Elsie Mae 77 Butler
Thomas Lillian Alene 85 Falmouth
Thomas William 41 Covington
Thompson Dorothy 86 Owenton
Thompson Mary 61 Florence
Thompson Edgar 89 Florence
Thompson Vida 107 Louisville
Thornberry Edna 78 Crittenden
Turner Margery 81 Indiana
Turner Joshua 18 Falmouth
Turner Jeffrey 43 Alexandria
Underwood Marshall 83 Newport
Vanlandingham Lytle 85 Falmouth
Vilardo Jennie Lou 48 Newport
Vogel Margaret 98 Highland Heights
Wade Paul 69 Falmouth
Walker James 42 Falmouth
Wallace Stella 90 Williamstown
Wallace Stella 90 Knoxville
Washburn Carroll 73 Covington
Wells Violet 86 Indiana
White Donal D. 79 Alexandria
Whiting Shelby Faith 6 Tennessee
Williams Mary 82 Florida
Williams Loveda 72 Falmouth
Williams Jerry U/1 Falmouth
Wilson Rosella 69 Newport
Wimsett Ann 82 Florida
Withrow Shirley 60 Butler
Wolfe Douglas 41 Taylor Mill
Wolfe Florence 101 Butler
Work James O. 74 Falmouth
Wright Beverly “J.R.” 70 Butler
Wright Nancy 60 Butler
Wright Leonard 78 Falmouth
Wright Darrel 57 Butler
Wright Leola 99 Falmouth
Wright Harold 83 Falmouth
Young Morrison “Jack” 74 Florida


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