E. E. Barton Papers

Hall Marriages

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard


Samuel m. 10/16/1801 to Elizabeth Norris

Thomas G. m. 4/15/1838 to Selina F. McCarty

Ebenezer m. 5/30/1844 to Milly Riley

John W. m. L. 2/22/1848 to Mary Jane Fisher

Samuel W. m. L. 2/17/1849 to Nancy Ann Gosney

William L. m. L 10/14/1854 to Eliza Rough

Samuel J. m. 9/11/1855 to Catherine Lewis

James H. m. 4/26/1863 to Martha J. Boggess

Thomas S. m. 8/1/1866 to Mary E. Huey

F. C. m. 11/29/1866 to Sarah J. Reed

George m. 12/25/1866 to Minerva Hall

Joseph B. m. 4/2/1867 to Missouri A. Bullock

William T. m. 4/27/1869 to Mary J. Lancaster

James D. m. 11/17/1869 to Elizabeth E. Draper

William m. 1/20/1870 to Mary E. Mains

James L. m. 9/8/1870 to Mary Brock

William m. 4/15/1872 to R. A. Cornelius

Isaac B. m. 7/6/1872 to Jane Ingram

George m. 8/14/1872 to Malinda Purvis

David m. 12/19/1872 to Emma Holland

F. M. m. 1/1/1874 to Nancy A Crain

John m. L. 1/24/1876 to Jane Jacobs

John m. L. 5/22/1877 to Adda J. Wellman

Warren C. m. 7/3/1879 to Esther V. Martin

Henry C. m. 11/18/1880 to Fanny Kirby

James E. m. 10/3/1882 to Josephine Swope

F. J. m. 2/27/1884 to Ollie Swope

John m. 12/30/1884 to Jennie King

William m. 11/17/1886 to Ida Stowers

Gabriel m. 6.30.1887 to Mattie Brown

J. D. m. 10/18/1888 to Isadora Yeager

G. E. m. 10/3/1888 to Ida J. Massey

Alexander m. 8/1/1891 to Sarah Lancaster

John W. m. 12/9/1891 to Laura J. Smith

William B. m. 12/29/1891 to Katie Martz

J. E. m. 1/11/1893 to Laura E. Dunaway

Charles A. m. 10/19/1893 to Myrtle F. Cann

Bruce G. m. 5/9/1894 to Sarah M. Morton

David m. 10/20/1895 to Annie Brockley

Omer L. m. 6/24/1897 to Della M. Nance

Harvey m. 5/24/1899 to Susie E. Johnson

Otis m. 6/29/1899 to Maud Cann

Joseph L. m. 8/15/1900 to Mary Holmes

Gabriel m. 2/25/1904 to Emma Woodfork

W. R. m. 2/28/1904 to Nellie A. Fosset

Earl m. 3/4/1906 to Blanche Cline

James W. m. 4/15/1909 to Nutie Lowe

Robert H. m. 3/9/1911 to Nora Owens

Charlie A. m. 1/1/1913 to Addie E. Courtney

Walter E. m. 2/22/1913 to Hassie B. Barnard

Oral m. 3/4/1916 to Beulah Clark

Leslie m. 5/16/1917 to Ora Belle Broadus

Herbert D. m. 10/10/1917 to Gladys F. Ellis

James V. m. 3/9/1918 to Mable Edith Huff

William H. m. 8/28/1918 to Maud B. Bromback

George m. 9/13/1920 to Mamie McGee

Benjamin m. 9/24/1921 to Stella M. Smith

Charles C. m. 6/12/1924 to Ruth Ann Harney

Herald H. m. 11/19/1928 to Mildred H. Wuebker

W. M. m. 8/16/1930 to Nellie Plummer

Wilbert m. 10/14/1933 to Evelyn D. Saatkemp

William R. m. 11/27/1933 to Anna M. Brink

James D. m. 6/10/1940 to Francis Grimes

Ayrus C. m. 10/10/1942 to June Marie Norton

Melvin Lee m. 10/26/1946 to Audrey K. Martin


Hanah m. 3/2/1834 to Daniel Wheeler

Polina m. 7/9/1846 to James Hampton

Margaret E. m. 6/8/1848 to James Murphy

Martha J. m. L. 2/10/1855 to Asa L. Turner

Sarah E. m. L. 11/25/1857 to Samuel Parker

E. J. m/ 9/5/1861 to James H. McKenney

Selina F. m. 8/20/1865 to Enoch Mann

Minerva m. 12/25/1866 to George Hall

Mary m. 3/17/1867 to Allen A. Lawrence

Elizabeth m. 8/23/1867 to Jesse Sorrel

Mary Ann m. 3/10/1868 to Banister Cornelius

Mary m. 9/15/1870 to Samuel Gruell

Margaret m. 10/26/1871 to Henry Gillard

Laura m. 11/19/1871 to Perry Monroe

May E. m. 12/20/1872 to David W. Craig

Sarah m. 10/3/1875 to Jacob Cratzer

Martha J. m. 10/5/1875 to William H. Roberts

Mary E. m. 6/26/1878 to C. E. Hagemeyer

Sarah A. m. 3/9/1880 to Shelton A. Browning

Josie M. m. 1/2/1881 to Ulysses G. Willis

Maggie R. m. 10/19/1882 to William T. Wood

Lucy B. m. 3/1/1883 to George A. Colvin

Mary J. m. 8/17/1885 to Leroy Wiley

Louisa m. 4/28/1887 to P. B. Records

Mary A. m. 6/29/1890 to W. L. Dawson

May m. 3/5/1891 to Stephen M. Loomis

Annie M. m. 1/24/1892 to Alvin W. Hart

Ellen m. 3/3/1892 to John H. Sneed

Junetta m. 7/18/1895 to Joseph Jackson

Eva m. 11/28/1895 to Baker Wiggins

Nola m. 4/11/1897 to Eddie Southard

Anna m. 12/23/1897 to Charles E. Petty

Betta m. 12/29/1897 to James Ford

Maud L. m. 5/28/1898 to Albert Nance

Bettie m. 7/21/1898 to William Ewell

Dora m. 9/5/1898 to Willie Martin

Lizzie m. 9/18/1898 to James A. Massey

Minnie m. 4/4/1899 to George Sharron

Lizzie E. m. 1/3/1900 to Thomas Biddle

Ella m. 7/26/1900 to Harvey Sutton

Eva P. m. 3/3/1901 to Dennie Washburn

Bessie L. m. 3/22/1903 to J. W. Mains

Bertha m. 7/7/1903 to Daniel Debruler

Frances m. 2/13/1904 to Smith Redman

Ethel m. 3/3/1910 to Walter Sharp

Hallie m. 2/12/1913 to Alexander Wren

Helen m. 5/7/1916 to Lawrence P. Thomas

Hattie A. m. 3/13/1918 to Leonard E. Plummer

Della G. m. 9/27/1919 to Elijah Fields

Clara m. 12/22/1919 to Charles Crawford

Christine m. 2/21/1923 to Elmer P. Woods

Catherine m. 12/7/1927 to Godfrey J. Klaber

Gladys M. m. 12/1/1928 to Joe Tilman Harper

Viola m. 5/31/1930 to Bert Miles

Lauerna m. 6/18/1932 to Harold L. Starks

Audrey Fay m. 12/24/1932 to Harry M. Turner

Anna m. 10/29/1933 to R. L. Piercefield

Florence m. 1/1/1936 to Herman Hornbeck

Febeneary m. 6/10/1937 to James C. Hollon

Betty F. m. 8/28/1937 to Robert W. Coghill


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